Coinbase reported on the possibility of withdrawal of coins of bitcoin forks

The largest us cryptocurrency platform Coinbase has announced that in the coming months will provide its users with the opportunity to display the coins that appeared as a result of the forks of the bitcoin network.

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Adding support for Bitcoin Forks to Coinbase / adding-support-for-bitcoin-forks-to-coinbase-c4bee020898c …

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"This innovation will simplify the process of withdrawing assets related to bitcoin forks in all Coinbase services. As usual, we thoroughly review the technical, operational and legal issues when making a decision on support of those or other forks of bitcoin, and will always announce on our website what assets are supported", — stated in the message.
At the same time, it is noted that "Coinbase currently does not announce support for any particular assets."

The report also States that the platform intends to work on the support and future of bitcoin forks in the Coinbase Custody service "and, most likely, there will be more assets than on GDAX or Coinbase in the foreseeable future."

It is noted that users of cryptocurrency exchanges GDAX and Coinbase will be able to remove coins from bitcoin forks, but not to trade them. Note, focused on merchants service Coinbase Commerce announced in February that it will not support the resulting forks assets. In turn, Coinbase Index Fund will not add any assets to the listing, if they are not available for trading on GDAX, the report said.

Also on the eve of the American platform has announced the launch of the program Coinbase Ventures aimed at supporting start-blockchain-related startups.

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Introducing Coinbase Ventureshttps: / / / introducing-coinbase-ventures-c67865a1d2fe …

Ventures Introducing Coinbase – The Coinbase Blog
Here at Coinbase, we're committed to creating an open financial system for the world. We're hard at work building our own set of products…
"Our goal is to help the most promising companies in this sector succeed," the announcement says.
Earlier, Coinbase announced that In the coming months it will implement support for the technological standard ERC20. In addition, it became known about the termination of support on the storage platform for cryptocurrencies, an additional level of security which is provided by the multi-signature function.
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