Experts told, what is the reason for the sharp fall in the exchange rate of bitcoin

The sharp depreciation of the world's most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC) and the rise in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is associated with market factors, in particular the news from the stock exchanges.

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In the night of Wednesday, BTC has fallen by more than 15%, and the Cash value of Bitcoin has risen by almost half. According to CoinMarketCap, as at 13.50 GMT traditional bitcoin (BTC) became cheaper by 4.77%, to 17,574 thousand dollars. On the stock exchange Bitfinex cryptocurrency when it was reduced in price by 8.06% to 17,389 thousand dollars. The value of Bitcoin Cash on CoinMarketCap when it has grown by 39.56%, to 3.25 thousand dollars, and on Bitfinex — by 44.72%, to 3.11 thousand dollars.

Experts believe that the impact on both trading cryptocurrencies — BTC and BCH — rendered and speculation in the market.
The most obvious explanation for this dynamic trading of cryptocurrencies is the correction of the price of traditional bitcoin. In the beginning of the week the price of bitcoin has reached new record prices in 20 thousand dollars, and then began to gradually drop to 18 thousand dollars in the correction.
"Bitcoin is growing rapidly since the end of September, and correction is inevitable was to come: the earlier correction on bitcoin took place every two months, but in September it grew steadily".

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The Matsuk said that corrective reduction of the cost of traditional bitcoin increased the demand for BCH. "When you start correction of the bitcoin for Cash Bitcoin a good time to bring good news about their achievements and future positive plans. That's the news and given the flow of money from bitcoin in Bitcoin Cash, resulting in increased cost BCH", — he said.
Such good news was, for example, the launch of BCH trading on cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Gdax. Against this background, the Cash value of Bitcoin has increased, however, soon corrected.

Market news
Simultaneously, the interest in BCH fueled negative news about BTC. So, co-founder of Emil Oldenburg on Tuesday said that bitcoin has no prospects as a trading currency. He said that he had sold all of its bitcoins, making the choice in favor of Bitcoin Cash.

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"It is a fork of bitcoin, so it is logical that the speculators began to sell the falling bitcoin and transfer the bitcoin, which is a direct "competitor" of bitcoin",

"Information attack on bitcoin has been a few days. In particular, the negative news from Japan and Singapore. The Minister of Finance of Japan, one of the few countries where bitcoin is legal, said he did not consider bitcoin to be a reliable asset. Monetary authority of Singapore has issued a warning stating that investing in crypto currencies carry higher risks for investors, as the cryptocurrency is not backed by any real assets and are not officially allowed as a payment unit", she said.

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As the Director of investments in the investment Fund CryptoLife Mansur Guseynov, the impact on traditional trading bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash had and gamble with bidding.
"This is the result of major players that stimulate the interest of Bitcoin to Cash, periodically buying it on exchanges and selling BTC. In this case, it coincided with the beginning of trading Bitcoin on Coinbase American Cash and Gdax, which is now more than 20 million users. Since bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash is built on one algorithm, they are fighting for power miners and cannot peacefully coexist. Moreover, the makers of Bitcoin Cash course want their currency dominated," said he.
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