Golem starts working in the main Ethereum network

After almost two years of development, one of the first ICO projects in the world, which gathered about 820,000 ETH in 2016, finally began to work in the main Ethereum network.
"The road to the main network was complicated and heavy, more than the Golem team expected. After 14 major (and some smaller) software iterations of the Golem Alpha version supporting multiple OSS, including MacOS, Windows and Linux, combined with more than two years of research and development, the Golem team decided to launch a beta version called Brass on Ethereum Mainnet, " Trustnodes writes.

This is a beta version that has just seen the light, so at this point you should expect possible bugs and the Golem team States :

"In order to move forward, we need to get out of this comfort zone and make sure that the elements we have been working on and continue to work on are responsive and work well in a decentralized environment."
Thus, the developers have launched an experiment, the participants of which can lease the computing power of their computers to anyone.

"Beta Golem Brass will be focused on the primary application, CGI rendering for open source rendering software Blender. This year, other rendering engines will be added, as well as the integration of external rendering (machine learning and other applications that require significant computing resources)," the project reports.
The idea of Golem developers is to create a super-computer that will combine the computing power of computers of users who want to sell them, and will subsequently redistribute this power in favor of those who need them.

The first area of application of Golem will be rendering of computer graphical interfaces (CGI). Typically, this task requires significant computing resources that Golem is willing to provide at significantly lower prices than its competitors.

"Brass Beta is a huge leap forward, but it's not the ultimate goal. Our short-term goal will be to complete and launch Concentration on the core network. In addition, we have an ambitious long-term plans, which include new applications, support our own software, support for GPU computing and the further development of the Golem as a platform for developers," — said the CEO and founder of Golem Julian Zawistowski.
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