Exchange Bithumb launches payment platform P2P SNS Pay for social networks

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, Bithumb launches the payment p2p platform SNS Pay and adds to the listing 12,500 types of mobile vouchers from 600 brands also available for cryptocurrencies.
According to the developers, the payment platform is designed to optimize social networks, including platforms and blogs.

"SNS Pay is a service that combines support for sharing, billing and marketing products registered on social networks. In particular, we are implementing a system that allows you to make payments using the same graphical interface (UI/UX) and social networks", – said the representative of Bithumb.
Bithumb also explained that customers can use the platform to buy popular products on social networks without having to search for them in online stores.

SNS Pay is positioned as a service that can improve the conversion rate, improve the convenience of payments and reduce transaction costs South Koreans, which is one of the countries with the highest share of active users of social networks – 84%.

Recently, Bithumb announced a partnership with Korean service Wincube Marketing, offering coupons. As part of this partnership, Bithumb will sell 12,500 types of mobile vouchers from 600 brands through gift vouchers.

According to representatives of the crypto-exchange, customers will be able to buy gift certificates and gifts for Korean won and 15 available cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

"Cryptocurrencies go beyond the concept of 'investment mechanism'. Now they perform the functions of real money", - concluded the representative Bithumb.
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