Dave Chapman: Bitcoin will survive many traditional structures

Over the past week, users of cryptocurrencies have been concerned about a number of statements by the governments of Pakistan, India and the Central Bank of China.

Hong Kong businessman, Dave Chapman, who has been engaged in digital currencies for years, urged all not to worry about the rate jumps and tightening of regulators.

BTC will survive many traditional structures.
He noted that the lack of stability is a common thing when something new comes along. Similar processes were observed when the Internet became available to the majority of users, and also when launched Facebook and Twitter.

Everyone says that cryptocurrency is bad, but the same is said about almost any innovation. Do I need to stabilize BTC? Yes. Will it be regulated? Yes.
He worked for Credit Suisse, Bear Stearns and HSBC from 2007 to 2012 and is familiar with the consequences of the financial crisis.

In 2013, Chapman co-founded ANX, which works with blockchain technologies, and ANX Pro. He recently launched the cryptocurrency platform Octagon Strategy.

Crypto-currency cannot be stopped
While technical billionaires like Mark Cuban are bitcoin bears, Dave Chapman supports the cryptosystem because of its decentralized nature.

One of the really fascinating things that made me do Bitcoin is that Central government and power doesn't exist, so no one can stop it.  he said.
Many Chapman's colleagues at first thought he was crazy because he left a successful career to go play with “magic Internet money.”

According to the CCN, Chapman predicts a target price of $ 100,000 for bitcoin at the end of 2018. However, the real price is far from his forecasts.
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