Brian Kelly spoke about the reasons for the growth of bitcoin in the near future

The beginning of the year cut off from the capitalization of bitcoin to more than $119 billion Decline occurred against the background of the activity of regulators of different countries and waves of the advertising restrictions from major Internet companies. However, the CEO of the investment firm BK Capital Management Brian Kelly believes that bitcoin is ready for rebound.
1. The end of the tax season in the United States
Until April 15, us crypto-investors and traders must report and pay taxes on profits that were gained in December 2017. This may be due to the active exchange of bitcoins to Fiat in March. Cryptocurrency sales “ "tax-related", will end in just over a week.

Kelly also noted that the” ICO-blockbuster " Telegram with an estimated cost of $2 billion could delay from bitcoin a serious part of the investment.

2. Sale Of Coinchek
Japanese crypto-exchange, which lost about $ 530 million as a result of hacking, was able not only to organize the payment of compensation, but also found a buyer in the face of the brokerage firm Monex. The latter also controls the largest American company TradeStation and publicly traded on the stock exchange.

Brian Kelly thinks this deal is a big shift for the industry.:

It's a huge confidence boost. Now in Japan there are public adjustable the company that buys the crypto currency exchange.
3. Historical data
Despite the drawdown in price, trading performance repeats the trends of previous years. According to Fundstrat, only in 2013 bitcoin was able to show growth in March. At the same time, April five times over the past seven years has been successful for the main cryptocurrency.

In addition to these factors, there are others. The CCN publication believes that the forces interested in the growth of bitcoin far exceed the number of those who will benefit from its fall.

Also, many market participants are waiting for final decisions from regulators of large countries to remove uncertainty from the equation. As long as the developed countries have not clearly outlined their position and have not begun to act, there is always a place for speculation and panic that undermines the crypto market.
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