The President and Vice-President of the Foundation NEM left their posts

President of the nonprofit organization NEM Foundation LON Wong and Vice President Jeff McDonald left their posts. Christoph van de Reck has been appointed acting President, the official statement reads.
At the same time, Wong and McDonald will continue to cooperate with the organization as advisers. During the closed beta testing of the Catapult blockchain engine, they will focus on working with business partners, the NEM Foundation notes.

"Many of you have heard about the launch of the ProximaX project designed to increase the nem ecosystem. The XPX coin itself is a mosaic in the NEM blockchain with XEM as a transaction fee. This is not a competitor to NEM, as ProximaX should extend the utilitarian aspects of blockchain.

After much thought, I decided to resign as President of Foundation and focus all its energy on the development of ProximaX and the expansion of the nem ecosystem, " said long Wong.
Former Vice President of the NEM Foundation spoke about his plans for the future.

"I plan to work more actively with LuxTag and Kchain, and to improve the protocols of Voting and Apostille with the development of the Catapult. I am also working on other ideas for additional protocols that Catapult allows you to bring to life. For me, these are exciting things that I want to work on, which I will do right from today," Jeff McDonald said.
Recall that in late March, the NEM Foundation, developers of the P2P platform NEM and Tech Bureau announced the start of closed beta testing of the Catapult blockchain engine, also known as Mijin V. 2. Partners, clients and individual community developers will be able to take part in it.
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