3 most interesting variants of Ethereum blockchain application

Why is the emergence of bitcoin has attracted such attention to the blockchain? The answer is simple: because many consider the existing banking system ineffective. Today, to conduct a financial transaction, you need to contact an intermediary in the form of a Bank, and he will take a percentage for it. At the same time, if the money crosses the borders of States, the transaction can take three or five days.
Blockchain has three important advantages:
It is a decentralized network, that is, a single server that stores transaction data does not exist — copies are distributed around the world, which guarantees the stability of the network.

Blockchain allows you to bypass traditional financial institutions, and without an intermediary transaction fees should be lower.
Check transactions in the blockchain continues around the clock and seven days a week, allowing you to carry out transactions in seconds or minutes.
But in recent years, the General attention is attracted not bitcoin, but the second market capitalization cryptocurrency, ether on the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum supports protocols for smart contracts-these are programs that help you sign, verify, and enforce contracts. These protocols allow businesses to customize the Ethereum blockchain according to their needs, and it is believed that they obligate parties to fulfill conditions more strongly than paper contracts.

In addition, the protocols of smart contracts allowed blockchain to find application not only in the field of Finance.

In February 2017, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) was established, which allows enterprises and international organizations to test and develop Ethereum blockchain within the framework of projects of various scales. EEA now has about 200 members, including a number of leading companies from different industries testing the network in demonstration and small projects.

Consider the most interesting and unique applications of Ethereum blockchain.

1. Identifier of the person on the blockchain

A blockchain-based identity ID can make our life and travel much more convenient. For example, at the passport control at the airport, you will not be able to extend the employee's passport, and give him access to secure information about your identity and the direction of flight, located in the blockchain, which will simplify the verification and release a lot of financial resources and labor.

Apparently, the widest experiment of this kind takes place in the Swiss city of Zug. Uport company, which develops a platform for digital identification of users, has made it available to the citizens of Zug, and today Switzerland is working on a pilot project of digital ID based on blockchain.

2. Supply chain management system

Probably the widest application of Ethereum blockchain at the moment is related to logistics and supply chain management. As already mentioned, the blockchain allows to exclude from the process paper, which often becomes a source of errors or gives opportunities to fraudsters. The data in the blockchain can not be changed, and in addition, it is likely to be more effective.

The use of Ethereum gives trading companies two important advantages:

The transparency and consistency of the data allows us to understand at what point the problem occurred — no need to view endless stacks of documents.
This solution allows you to track products, to understand where they are at the moment and how they have passed certain checks — for traditional retail is very important.
3. Management of "the Internet of things»
Internet of things

Finally, Ethereum blockchain combined with" Internet of things " (IoT) is capable of creating real miracles. For those who do not know: "Internet of things" is a collection of wireless devices that can work together, sending and receiving data.

For example, in the Ethereum blockchain, you can create smart contracts that allow devices to order spare parts on behalf of the user. If the device is broken or knows that some part of it is faulty, it can order a part and program this command using a smart contract. In fact, it is an extension of the supply chain management idea to transactions between machines.

In addition, Ethereum blockchain can be used to determine the reliability of connected devices. Imagine an environment in which various wireless devices — for example, cars passing through a smart city — arise and disappear, and the blockchain allows you to manage them, determining which of them is credible.
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