ASRock confirms plans to release crypto-miners

Manufacturer of motherboards ASRock intends to release 4 graphics cards designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining.
The company reported on preparations for the launch of Phantom Gaming Phantom Series last week. The devices will be based on graphics cards of the RX line from AMD. The representative of ASRock America in a conversation with CoinDesk confirmed that all 4 cards, which are modifications of the RX570 series, are "exclusively for mining".

First about the possible launch of the line graphics card from ASRock announced the portal in his Twitter late last month.
Aaaand the reason why ASRock enters the 'graphics' card market is...
They could've waited at least a week with 'Phantom Gaming Mining' announcement.

The latest decision of the company indicates that ASRock, which presented its motherboard designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining, intends to increase its own sales due to the interest of miners in the GPU, which are used for calculations in the process of mining cryptocurrencies. AMD and Nvidia have already experienced the positive impact of this phenomenon, although both companies claim that miners make up only a small part of the consumer base on which they focus their business.

According to the PCGamer, the RX570 series will be used by Radeon software Adrenalin Edition, which is of particular importance, since it was recently updated by AMD itself to better meet the needs of miners.

Information about the creation of a new line of mining GPU was confirmed on the same day, when it became known about the release on the market of ASIC miners for mining Ethereum cryptocurrency from Chinese manufacturer Bitmain. Antminer E3 quickly dispersed among interested consumers after the start of official sales on the Bitmain website. The first devices they will receive in July this year.
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