Course Verge is growing on the background of rumors about the partnership with Amazon

Cryptocurrency Verge of beginning its growth on the background information about the "secret partnership" of the company with Amazon. In just 24 hours the value of the coin Verge (XVG) increased by 30%.

Confirmation of cooperation between Amazon and Verge is supposed to appear on April 16. Cryptocurrency developers hint at the fact that the Verge project will become a potential partner of Amazon.
However, the representatives of the trading platform Amazon refrain from comments. Information hype is one of the methods used by the organizers of the ICO to attract attention to projects and increase the value of the token. Often the victims of such manipulations are large companies.

Last week, a similar incident occurred with the German automaker BMW, which was named a partner of the cryptocurrency project CarVertical.

Representatives of the automotive giant has published an official statement that there is a contractual cooperation between the projects, but not partnerships. However, managers CarVertical refused to amend the information.

Earlier, the same scheme was used to advertise the Russian cryptocurrency RusGas, which was issued for the official coin — the crypto-ruble issue of which is scheduled for 2019.
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