John McPhee will tweet with your Twitter crypto project for $ 105,000

The founder of McAfee antivirus, John McAfee, spoke about his earnings on advertising tweets about cryptocurrencies and ICO. Each message costs the customer $105 thousand. As writes the CCN, based on the number of subscribers McAfee on Twitter (811 thousand) the cost of one sign in the message costs $437.
The McAfee Crypto Team website, which is dedicated to the new direction of John McAfee's activity, indicates that the project team is a full-featured ICO promoter and offers technical support, web optimization, marketing and strategic advice to startups. Also it says that McAfee tweets are most influential in the field of cryptocurrency.

"John McPhee's tweets are by far the most influential in the field of cryptocurrencies. Very few leaders of the crypto community can come close to achieving Mr. McAfee," reads the website.
McAfee himself rejects accusations of "corruption", stressing that all of the advertised apps are under audit.

John McAfee?
They say I sold out ' cause I use my tweets to promote, but the last 200 ICOs that lined up, we rejected 195 and nose 5. I only promote what I believe. In addition, all ICOs that we promote, since Finacoin, are audited by Crypto Connection. And I limit to 2 promos a day max. So..
"They say I sold out because I use my tweets to promote, but of the last 200 ICOS, we rejected 195 and chose 5. I promote only what I believe, " he wrote.

We add that due to the increased demand for McAfee Crypto Team services, the company had to introduce a registration fee of $750.

Recall that in late March the social network Twitter has announced its intention to ban advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO.
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