Investing in Bitcoin profits and risks

I would like to begin by saying that any investment is in some sense an informed risk. You should understand that the expected profit from the project you are investing in can be huge, but in practice it is not always as smooth as we would like.
 You should understand that if you invest in a project related to bitcoin, the risks are waiting for you in any case, since this technology is very young, it is only 7 years old. But the most important thing that every investor should understand is that the risk will be present even when the project will discourage your investments and bring money. Below will be described projects related to bitcoin, and which bring a very large profit, despite the fact that the investor in life could not imagine that the profit will be so huge. – this is a Russian-language cryptocurrency exchange, which began trading in 2011 and allowed its clients to make exchange transactions not only with bitcoin, but many other crypto-currencies. Also, this exchange has put the lowest percentage of exchange operations 0.2%, this caused a stir among users of cryptocurrencies and a month later, the exchange generated income of more than a million dollars a day. According to the owners of the project, they expected that the project will begin to make a profit in at least a year. Now this exchange is in the top three among the world cryptocurrency exchanges by the number of exchange transactions.

BitPesa is a payment system based in Kenya that allows people to make easy money transfers in bitcoins, and the recipient of the transfer can withdraw money in the national currency in any financial institution. The startup paid for itself the battle, after the creators began to look for investors for the project, there were many willing and in the first three months BitResa collected more than a million dollars of investment.
Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a multifunctional decentralized platform based on blockchain technology.

Ethereum is still only in development, work on this platform has been underway for more than two years, but this has not prevented the founders and developers from selling the so-called esters. Ethers, in the words of the developers, is the fuel that will be used in decentralized Ethereum applications as fuel. Because Ethereum, as a rule, did not compare with digital gold, digital fuel. Already in the first months, the startup has collected more than 10 000 bitcoins, and in the first half of the year already had capitalization at the expense of investors more than half a billion dollars. This despite the fact that the platform as such is not yet, but the esters, that is, the fuel for the platform is already sold. Ethereum now has a capitalization of about a billion dollars.

As an example, you were given three projects out of thousands of similar, creators and investors, who were unaware that they would bring them such a huge amount of money in the early stages of work. According to a large number of reputable hedge funds, it is very profitable to invest in projects related to cryptocurrencies, which will be further time will show.
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