Four ways to make money on falling bitcoin exchange Rate

Are you worried every time he drops the price of cryptocurrency? This causes panic among most investors. Many immediately begin to say that the bubble burst and it is necessary to sell everything before it is too late. However, some people know that this is a great opportunity to earn, and it's time to buy coins, and not get rid of them. Below are four opportunities to earn on the fall of the bitcoin exchange rate.
Buy at a low price
The chart of bitcoin prices for the past year shows that after the fall, the price rises again. Although the beginning of 2018 is not like 2017, the price of bitcoin is still relatively stable. This means that many investors continue to believe in the digital currency, despite all government regulations, the closure of exchanges and other bad news.

Falling prices should not scare you. Buying at a reduced price is a simple way to succeed in the world of cryptocurrency trading, the main thing is not to overdo it. If the price falls without any negative news, it means that it will rise and you can buy.

Consider promising altcoins
Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, but you will expand your opportunities to earn by learning about other coins. It is necessary to understand which coins are the most promising. There are times when bitcoin falls in price because investors decide to invest in a new coin with similar features. You also need to learn more about the company that produces coins, and the development team.

Don't sell coins
Hodling is the retention of coins at home regardless of their course. Even if the price falls below the price you bought it for, you can just wait for it to rise again. You have to understand that fluctuating rates doesn't mean you have to do something. Sometimes it's best not to do anything. Hodling coins with the largest market capitalization is often a safe investment decision.

Think about renting bitcoin
This option is more difficult than others, but it is also possible. You can borrow bitcoin from the owner for a while, sell it for a higher price, buy it back when the price drops and return it to the owner, keeping the difference. Many traders use this tactic with varying degrees of success. If everything is done correctly, you can make good money.

As you can see, some of the options are riskier than others. You decide what to use
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