Mark Zuckerberg still launches Facebook Coin cryptocurrency(FBC)

ICO Facebook can beat the Telegram record of $ 1.2 billion.

A reliable source confirmed Finance Magnates that Facebook is monetizing its own line of products using the crypto - currency-Coin Facebook (FBC).Users will need to sign up to use the coin, but Facebook makes sure that wallets and transactions are completely anonymous.

Recently, Facebook has noted negative rhetoric against cryptocurrencies. However, the situation of the social network-a decrease in the number of users, the drop in capitalization from 538 to 464 billion dollars - forced the company to change its views on this sphere.

Facebook Coin (FBC) - an Anonymous coin
According to the source, the technical details are missing, but it can be said that FBC will be an anonymous coin like Monero. In order to hold the coin, users will be required to provide the following data (as part of the SEC regulations on KYC): full name, address of actual residence, mobile phone number, mother's maiden name and first pet's name. How such conditions are combined with anonymity is not reported.

It is noteworthy that the source reports that Facebook will advertise ICO on the feeds of users in Facebook. It's interesting, because the company recently banned the advertising of crypto-currencies on its platform. Presumably to get rid of competitors.

"Facebook banned advertising of crypto-currencies , because too many of these companies were scams. It's completely different-Facebook's ICO is legal, so there's no reason it couldn't be advertised on the platform."
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