Cointext starts the application to send BCH without Internet access

This week, the Cointext messaging platform announced the public launch of a new application that provides sending transactions to Bitcoin cash (BCH) from a mobile phone without Internet access. The beta release is already available for testing in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK.
Now Bitcoin Cash users can send cryptocurrency via mobile phone without having to connect to the Internet. This was made possible through the use of SMS. On March 27, Cointext developers launched a public beta version of The platform. The launch of the application was announced by the leading developer of Cointext VIN Armani( VIN Armani), who is also co-founder and head of the company.
"The Cointext platform is the easiest and most effective way to distribute and use Bitcoin Cash as it works with all mobile phones and you don't need any special knowledge of cryptocurrencies to use It," Armani explained on the day of launch.

Since Cointext works with the SMS telecommunication layer, the platform's wallet can provide features unavailable for most traditional cryptocurrency wallets. For example, you can use Cointext BCH to send to simple mobile phones. This contributes to the spread of Bitcoin Cash in developing countries.

About 2,000 users who want to participate in closed testing have already registered on the platform. In addition, thanks to contributions from members of the BCH community, free coins are available on the platform. Until the reserve is exhausted, Cointext issues $0.50 in Bitcoin Cash to new users who sent the word "CASH" during registration . More information about Cointext instructions can be found on The company's website.

"Cointext provides people without a Bank account worldwide with long-promised uncontrolled and cross-border money."

The development team explains that Cointext does not store user funds, and all SMS transactions are sent through the BCH network in the blockchain. SMS-client cannot change transactions or censor them, as well as restore funds in case of loss of phone number. For sending messages, the company charges a flat fee in BCH equivalent of about $ 0.05.

Armani says that Cointext is waiting for feedback from BCH users who have decided to experiment with the platform. The company plans to use the app in 54 countries around the world and attract the attention of billions of people.

"If everything goes as planned, we will launch the next wave of access codes in April or may," Armani adds.
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