Ford wants to build a road traffic system based on blockchain

Americans can soon make cryptocurrency transactions from their cars and get to their destination faster. A subsidiary of Ford Motors Dearborn received a patent for technology based on cryptocurrencies. The system is called Managed Cooperatively Merge and Pass (CMMP). The patent application was filed in 2016 and has recently been approved for Ford Global Technologies.
CMMP is a token-based system that works in its own environment and helps to drive the car on the road. It is a platform for communication between vehicles in which, using GPS technology, drivers can inform each other about the intensity of traffic on the roads. The system will also monitor and collect driver data.

"The CMMP system works with individual token - based transactions, where commercial vehicles and consumer vehicles agree to carry out transactions in cryptocurrency," the patent reads.

This gives the consumer vehicle "privileged access to the road" during periods of heavy traffic routes, avoiding traffic jams and faster access to the destination, paying a certain price. The patent explains:"commercial vehicles voluntarily occupy slower lanes so that the customer's vehicle can occupy a more advantageous position on the road."

Commercial vehicle services are paid in CCMP tokens. The price depends on the amount of time the customer's vehicle requests. The patent application explains:

"For example, a driver of a customer's vehicle who is late for an appointment may ask for commercial vehicles to assist the passage on a specific road or highway within 10 minutes for 60 CMMP tokens at the rate of 10 seconds of privileged access per token."

The application does not specify whether other cryptocurrencies will be supported.

Such a project could well be the subject of ICO of some startup. However, Ford seems to have left startups "with the nose" and she took a promising niche. Ford is going to invest $ 11 billion in electric cars by 2022 and has invested heavily in mobile technology, and over the next 5 years will invest more than a billion dollars in artificial intelligence.
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