Minds will become a blockchain alternative to Facebook

A decentralized social network of Minds is taking steps to implement the Ethereum blockchain. After launch in 2015 Minds.com quickly reached the figure of one million registered users and received more than 73 million unique page views.
Now the project aims to achieve even greater decentralization by launching Minds Crypto Social Network. This step will make the platform a full-featured decentralized application (dApp) running on the Ethereum blockchain, both for mobile and web devices, according to white paper, which emphasizes this goal and defines the next steps of the project.

"This is the biggest update we have ever made," said the founder of Minds bill Ottmann (Bill Ottman). "We've updated the UX for the web and completely rewritten all mobile apps in React Native to make them work with high efficiency. We have made a number of major changes in our work."

One of the most such changes was the creation of the minds token within its own premium system. Minds tokens will enable users to monetize their content through a reward system. They will be able to use tokens to subscribe to content creators on the platform, and network members will receive their share of Minds Daily Reward Pool in proportion to the popularity of their posts. The token model will work in the Ethereum test network until the team is confident of its functionality and reliability.

In addition, Minds.com add a built-in token wallet so users can freely manage their earnings, subscribe to exclusive content, and make deals with each other on the platform. Among the many additional tools, the network will also add message encryption and anonymous accounts.

In addition, Ottman expressed hope for the future, when social networking platforms will be completely decentralized and free from the monopoly of such giants as Google and Facebook. He said, " I'm a big idealist and I think we can use fully decentralized social networks. According to Ottman, Minds is working on a" hybrid"approach that allows users to select, use, or ignore minds tokens."
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