Blockchain-audit is a new service of PwC

Blockchain-audit is a new service of PwC the PwC company of the "Big Four" global auditors, have offered a unique service total check blockchain-technologies for business. Experts suggest from the beginning to the end to evaluate the meaning of blockchain implementation for business, check the security code of smart contracts or "accounting payments" without violating the anonymity of transfers.
New technologies are not a panacea for all areas of Commerce, and decentralized application code errors repeatedly increase vulnerability, instead of "perfect crypto protection".

PwC is one of the leading companies developing blockchain technologies implementation in its own business incubator, as well as by order of individual companies, for example, Alibaba Group. Therefore, specialists of the multinational Corporation will help the client to determine the degree of need to use the closed blockchain, to use existing algorithms of networks, or to continue doing business in a "traditional manner".

Automation of calculations and programming of contract terms with the help of decentralized applications eliminates the business of "accounting routine", tracking logistics chains – from the human factor. But the input is the decision on sending of the transaction, the arrival and shipment of goods, transfer of information into the database of the blockchain is not without human intervention.

PwC after receiving remote access will audit these operations, identify errors, act as an arbitrator in the disputed settlements, at the same time checking the security of smart contracts due to errors that increase the number of losses of funds and information leaks.
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