China will launch its cryptocurrency DCEP in a year - The head of the Central Bank of China

Testing of digital currency electronic payment (DCEP) – China's digital, sovereign currency will begin in 2019, according to the statement of The head of the people's Bank of China Zhou Xiaochuan. The Minister explained that the policy of" Stripping " in relation to other cryptocurrencies, caused by their deviation from the course of technology development in the direction of market speculation.
Yesterday it became known that the" black list " of blocking in China hit the site Bitfinex,, BitMEX and Binance, and OKex announced support for a ban on digital asset trading for Chinese.

In the fight against over-the-counter speculation in the country, the authorities took full control of Internet browsers, social networks and Bank accounts, blocking advertising and payments related to cryptocurrencies.

Sovereign DCEP will be distributed through the state exchange, perhaps the Chinese government will allow placement under the supervision of ICO tokens. National altcon developed with its own blockchain research Institute of the PBOC. It took 3 years to find a solution to issues of security and speed of payments, that they were superior to existing development.

According to Zhou Xiaochuan, the Institute's experience will be used for certification and licensing of ICO projects in order to prevent unfair attraction of investors ' funds.
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