Thomson Reuters will create a market analysis of the cryptocurrency on the basis of rumors

Thomson Reuters – the largest market-analytical portal will release confidence indicators for cryptocurrencies, based on the processing of news from 400 sources. To prevent bias, the indicator values will be calculated by artificial intelligence.
The calculation of mood indices will be carried out by MarketPsych, a company that explores the basics of "behavioral Economics", created by Thomson Reuters and a team of scientists of psychologists, philosophers, analysts and traders.

This approach shows the phenomenon of the digital asset market, which does not lend itself to the standard methodology of fundamental analysis, responding differently to the same corporate and global news.

High volatility of cryptocurrencies does not allow the use of technical indicators, leaving traders the opportunity to predict trends with the help of graphic constructions and "candlestick figures". But the problem with this approach lies in the variety of choice of quotes 10,000 sites that sell digital currencies.

Trading history has shown that reliable indicators lie outside the plane of conventional market research. For example, analysts have shown a correlation between the intensity of the search for digital currencies in Google trends with the growth of the cryptocurrency market or the relationship of the increase and decrease in the share of Bitcoin with the total capitalization.
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