Nvidia begins to produce video cards specifically for cryptocurrency mining

Nvidia launches the production of Inno3D P102-100-a special GPU designed for the production of digital currencies. The system built on the GeForce GTX 1080 t platform will be presented at the GPU developers conference later this month.
Starting from the third quarter Nvidia will fully share in the mass production of mining equipment and production of gaming graphics cards.
GPU is equipped with 5GB GDDR5X lake, on the site there are no video inputs, clock frequency 11 Gbit/s, chip is assembled on 3200 cores CUDA, cooling system is equipped with a radiator VRM and dual-slot cooler. On the site there are additional connectors for power supplies, the limit of power consumption of 250 watts.

Nvidia's new strategy is linked to the results of Q4 2017 reporting, the company gave AMD a significant market share, reducing its positions from 72% to 66% coverage. Production of competitors is cheaper and more productive therefore miners chose competitors.

The issue of cards in a special configuration with increased reliability of the element base will help the Corporation to maintain the pricing policy on cards for gamers and increase sales by attracting miners.
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