How to find profitable cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, ether, Ripple, litecoin and some other relatively major cryptocurrencies have brought to their early investors very large and quick money. They can enrich even more investors, provided that their growth does not slow down their feverish pace — once invested, the holders are now tearing down the daily jackpot.
But popular investments do not eliminate the possibility that the cryptocurrency on the horizon, the rise of a new star. Cryptocurrency investments are a lottery: potential lucky winners need to take risks and try their luck in other cryptocurrencies while the whole world is focused on bitcoin.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to guess with the next generation of "winners" in the world of cryptocurrencies for several reasons. One of them is that from diversity the head goes around — is it a joke, choose from 1426 cryptocurrencies. Another reason is that there are no fundamental indicators for determining the intrinsic value of any coin, as in the case of conventional assets. The only reason why cryptocurrency in General is valuable is the promise of a revolution in the capitalist world in the case of replacing national currencies in everyday transactions.

Professor of French business school KEDGE Eric Pichet put it this way about the fundamental value of bitcoin (however, the quote is applicable to any other cryptocurrency): "Bitcoin has some attributes of an Autonomous currency.

"Bitcoin has some attributes of an Autonomous currency. However, it has no intrinsic value, even as a collector's item, as it is intangible. It is also not a financial asset on par with shares or bonds, because it does not bring dividends. Its only investment value lies in the appreciation given to it by the holders themselves: it is a financial instrument without a underlying asset."
Yet the role of behavioural Finance and technical analysis cannot be denied. Guided by these five tips, you can begin to explore the cryptocurrency maze in search of potential treasures.

1. Look at the coins that cost less than a dollar. This is important for several reasons. One of them is that this price creates the illusion of a "low cost" of cryptocurrencies, especially for investors who have not so much money. The other is that smaller numbers are more easily doubled and tripled — much lighter than larger numbers. Thus, the excitement will increase and eventually can lead to an incredible takeoff of value. Cryptocurrencies, which cost several tens of cents more than once showed astronomical growth. For example, Roublebit, which is trading at 0.038, has grown by 522% over the last seven days, and CYDER, which is trading at 0.082 — by 7412% (see table).

2. Check cryptocurrency sites to know which coins are more likely to be accepted as a real currency. In fact, this method can be used to estimate the intrinsic value of any currency when it reaches a certain implementation volume, guided by quantitative money theory.

3. Look on Reddit to see which currency tracks cryptologist. Among Reddit users there are many innovators and pioneers. In General, their groups are small, but they help to create a buzz and stimulate demand for certain coins amongst the larger groups. This means the rate increase along with a fixed offer.

4. Look for a cryptocurrency with a high level of treatment in relation to the maximum offer. The reason is obvious: it is likely that the appreciation of such a currency will be directly proportional to the growth in demand for it, since its reserve is limited.

5. Check with the data on the volume of a cryptocurrency and price charts. You need charts that reflect the growth of the exchange rate and volume, as they clearly demonstrate the movement and prospects of these currencies.

Of course, this advice should be heeded with extreme caution. To invest, relying on the universal admiration, and not on the fundamentals is extremely risky — it's hard to predict when the enthusiasm subsides, and every value of these coins will evaporate.
Today it is quite difficult to predict what cryptocurrencies in the future can bring good interest to their owners. There are several selection criteria that will help you make the right choice.

In the pack time bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple brought investors good profits. And the owners of these virtual money is still making great money, but only taking into account the fact that the price of coins continues to grow. If something changes, then most likely the relevance of these currencies will decrease significantly.

Despite the fact that at the moment there are no prerequisites for the fall of popular cryptocurrencies, anything can happen on the market and the old assets will be replaced by new ones. Now we will understand which of the existing species is really profitable to buy.

How to calculate the most profitable cryptocurrencies
Attention to cryptocurrencies, the price of which is less than a dollar
Pay attention to the coins, which are now cheaper than $1. They are more affordable than other types of digital assets. At the same time, when the currency is cheap, it grows faster. A vivid example RubleBit, which could grow if the price of 0.038 at a staggering 522% in just a week.

A careful study of the cryptocurrency
Each cryptocurrency should be carefully studied before buying. That is why visit sites about digital money and look after those assets that have the most opportunities to go to the level of the real currency.

The stock market and cryptologist
Do not forget about the advice of the crypto community. On Reddit a lot of topics for discussion and mostly studying them, you can find out what currency is now popular and what is really worth investing in. The opinion of the majority is not always true, but it gives enough material for the analysis of the crypto market.

In the search for new coins, try to identify those who are at a high level of treatment in relation to the proposal. It is obvious that this option will be beneficial, because with high demand, the price will grow.

Cryptocurrency charts
Prospect of this or that currency perfectly show charts of increase in volumes and cost. If you watch these charts, you can easily keep track of the most profitable options.

Naturally, these tips can not guarantee that you bought digital coins in the future will bring a lot of money. Very often, investors rely on their own delight from a particular asset. Accordingly, if the hype around the currency subsides, it will become useless and the owner will definitely not receive benefits from the purchased coins.

Crypto funds
It is also quite profitable and appropriate to entrust your financial assets to professionals with extensive experience and technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market. Crypto Fund is a team of professionals who will help to reduce risks from rash, emotional decisions and will bring Your profit to the maximum
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