Ethereum will be the first in the capitalization of cryptocurrency, this year

Roger Ver, one of bitcoin's early supporters, and now an ardent supporter of Bitcoin Cash, believes that the probability that Ethereum's capitalization will exceed bitcoin's capitalization is much higher than the probability of the reverse.
"Just look: Ethereum only needs to double its price once again to circumvent bitcoin's capitalization," Ver said.
"Ethereum was worth about $ 100, maybe about a year ago, and now it's worth $800. I mean, last year it went up 8 times. I'm thinking about another doubling of Ethereum... developments and things like that don't stop."
In fact, Ethereum was worth about $15 a year ago, when It began its rapid ascent, rising above the $420 level, after which it spent much of the summer in correction and began to grow again in the fall.

According to Vera, bitcoin has already passed the leader's position on a number of metrics.

"For example, with regard to the number of transactions per day, Ethereum already handles much more transactions than Bitcoin Core. Some days altcoins Bitcoin Core bypassed in trading volume on the stock exchanges.
Thus, for a number of indicators, Bitcoin Core is no longer the leading cryptocurrency. When he loses the first place and the overall market capitalization, I think it will be the signal that will make people Wake up," adds Ver.

In response to the question of whether Ethereum will pass bitcoin in market cap this year, Wehr said:

"Yes, I think the probability that this will happen is much higher than the probability that it will not happen."
Meanwhile, the gap between the two cryptocurrencies ' capitalizations began to widen again. Theory flappening, whose supporters expect Ethereum capitalization exceeds the market capitalization of bitcoin has become especially popular last summer, when the difference between the two indicators of cryptocurrency was only a few billion dollars, but prepending happened, and the gap between the two cryptocurrencies only increased with time until it began again to decline this year.

The Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee, in turn, expects that flipping this year will not take place, but there may be a flappening — excess capitalization Litecoin Bitcoin Cash.
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