Trading platform TMall from Alibaba implements the blockchain ICO and Walmart

Online shopping platform T-Mall, owned by Chinese company Alibaba, will start to use blockchain technology in cooperation with the firm Cainiao. The main goal of T-Mall is the introduction of technology into the supply chain.

According to the Chinese news Agency Xinhua, companies plan to move data on goods, their imports and exports to the blockchain. This will allow you to track their path throughout the supply chain - from the country of origin, through the port of departure to the port of arrival.

The advantages of the blockchain and new developments
Representatives of Cainiao, the company whose investor is Alibaba, expressed confidence that the blockchain technology has a huge potential for international e-Commerce.

Residents of Chinese cities in which there Cainiao, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will be able to get using the blockchain logistics information about 30 000 products from over 50 countries through a mobile app.

This step is part of Alibaba's anti-counterfeit program, which aims to increase customer confidence in the service.

In March last year, Alibaba has partnered with PwC to develop a system that could track using the blockchain technology of food products to combat fraud in this area. The system was called the Food Trust Framework.

Walmart uses the blockchain into a smart system for tracking shipments
American retail giant Walmart has patented a way to use blockchain technology to create a smart system for tracking shipments.

On Thursday, the U.S. patent and trademark office announced that Walmart had patented a “smart package”, which includes devices for recording information on the blockchain, depending on the content of the package, surrounding features, location, and other factors. It is also assumed that the package can be used in tandem with other new technologies, such as drones.

The application for the patent was filed in August 2017. The patent, in particular, can be based on the blockchain-based tracking system of drone deliveries introduced last year.

According to Walmart, online shopping has set new challenges for retailers in the supply sector, especially the supply of perishable products that require preservation of a certain temperature regime.

"Online buyers often seek to buy goods that require certain conditions of carriage. Security during the movement of goods is also of great importance to them.”

The blockchain component will be encrypted into the device, containing information about “key addresses in the supply chain, hashing with the address of the seller's, courier's and buyer's key”.

In addition to supply chains, Walmart plans to use blockchain technology in other areas.

Last year, the trading giant teamed up with Kroger, Nestle and other food producers. so, in partnership with IBM, to use the blockchain to improve the process of tracking products. In December, on the initiative launched by the Chinese company
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