TON the second time coins sells in excess of 1.7 billion - he revealed plans of Pavel Durov to attract additional funding for the startup TON in the amount of $ 1.7 billion, during the planned second round of percale. The fees of the first ICO in early February amounted to $ 850 million, when filling out the book of applications for $3.8 billion of potential investments.
The TON project is a decentralized network of infinitely scalable blockchain, with high transaction speed, smart contracts, social networks and payment systems.
Under the terms of the second round, the minimum amount of investment:
* Private investors - $1 million
• A legal entity is $10 million

Investments are collected on behalf of Telegram Group Inc. and TON Issuer Inc., registered in British offshore, accountable to the us sec regulator. Crowdsale is divided into two stages of holding a and B, the first started yesterday – the price of the GRAM token is $1.3, the conditions of the second are still unknown. As a bonus to compensate for the price increase (in February it was $ 0.38), the rule of "freezing" of acquired digital assets does not apply to new investors.

As it became known, Durov brothers committed themselves in the event of failure to launch the network TON October 31, 2019 to distribute back to buy GRAM at the price of the primary accommodation, although skeptics doubt the luck, calling the startup bench.
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