The growth record of the week Nano and Monero have the top 20 cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin "returned" the market capitalization to the highs of the week, increasing the share of dominance to 41%. In the list of top 20 crypto-currencies, nano +16% and Monero, which added 10%, have growth records.
The increase in capitalization is not confirmed by the continued increase in trading volumes, which can prevent the formation of directed dynamics and lead to the "lateral movement" of the market.
News background consists of the positive events:
• In Japan, the state regulator the FSA reported on a hundred submitted bids to the opening of bitcoin exchanges
* There is an insight into the preparation OF its first launched futures Bitcoin, to the possible organization of trading in other digital currencies
• The widespread introduction of SegWit led growth speed of transactions, Bitcoin, and the platform Bitfinex has reduced the Commission to 0,006 BTC (25%)

Negative messages come from Asia:
* The people's Bank of China began total control of transactions from the accounts of citizens to identify the facts of speculation in cryptocurrencies through offshore
* The Bank of Singapore has stated the need for additional measures to control the turnover of digital currencies
• Exchange of cryptocurrency India BTCXIndia and ETHEXIndia closed, accusing the government of putting pressure on the business

During the last session, the leader of the auction was altcoin Nano, the rate of which is growing in anticipation of the mobile wallet on IOS. Launched on February 21, the beta test wallet on Android is successful, transaction speed exceeds any similar system.

Monero team released on the first day of spring announcement, which announced plans and current news. In addition to promises to remain on the "frontline of anonymity", expanded the composition of the developers, which will lead to rapid expansion of the functions of the client program.

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