The network of bitcoin have been working for 35 nod Lightning Network-the Future of cryptowall came

The number of active nodes in the main bitcoin network supporting Lightning Network Protocol has already reached 35. This was announced in his Twitter technical Director Stampery Spencer Truman.

Ad?n S?nchez de Pedro en?
There are already 29 insanely brave Lightning Network nodes running on #Bitcoin mainnet. Exciting times! ?I
23:54 - Jan 17.

"29 incredibly brave nodes have already launched Lightning Network in bitcoin's mainet. Interesting time!, "wrote Truman.

Note, since the message in the bitcoin network, six Lightning Network nodes have been launched. In real time, the emergence of new can be monitored on a special tracker.

Earlier, the magazine ForkLog details of how Lightning Network may be the answer bitcoin's low fee altcoins. As it was reported then, the exact timing of LN launch in the main bitcoin network is unknown, and before that releases of beta versions of applications are required, however, as the developers are convinced, the full-scale activation of the Protocol can become one of the most important events in the history of the existence of "digital gold".

This has become especially relevant against the backdrop of sharply increased commissions in the bitcoin network in 2017: in addition to instant payments without waiting for confirmations and a potentially higher level of user privacy, one of the main advantages of LN is the reduction of transaction costs.

Just before the new year, another important step towards LN implementation was made: Bitrefill developer Alex Bosworth announced that he had made the first Lightning transaction in the main bitcoin network, adding his own phone account using the Protocol.

Alex Bosworth
Mainnet Lightning Network paying my current phone bill with actual funds on Mainnet @bitrefill. Speed: Instant. Fee: Zero. Future: Almost Here.
2: 28 - 28 Dec.

"Speed: instant. Commission: zero. The future: almost came", - he wrote then.
Recall, the first Lightning-transaction with zero Commission in the Litecoin network was carried out in September 2017. In addition, the company Blockstream has launched a new online store supports payments LN.
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