Thanks SegWit bitcoin exchange reduces the Commission to a conclusion, and it's cool!

Several large cryptocurrency exchanges almost simultaneously stated that the implementation of the Segregated Witness Protocol (SegWit) allowed them to significantly reduce commissions on withdrawals.

So, on Thursday, March 1, the reduction of commissions by 25% announced the exchange Bitfinex.

Since SegWit adoption we have managed to decrease our BTC withdrawal fees by 25%, to 0.0006 BTC.

We are working hard to reduce this number further in the increasing weeks and we are excited by the improvements made possible by SegWit.
18:58 - 1 Mar 2018
As noted in the message of the Hong Kong exchange, at the moment this amount is reduced to 0.0006 BTC, but Bitfinex does not intend to dwell on This: the company plans to further reduce the commissions.

Also, representatives of Kraken announced the reduction of commissions – for bitcoin, this amount is 0.0005, for Bitcoin Cash — 0.0001.

Kraken Exchange?
Effective immediately, withdrawal feed on Bitcoin (XBT) are reduced to 0.0005, and withdrawal feed on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are reduced to 0.0001.
00:38 - 2 Mar 2018
The same amount of withdrawal commissions — 0.0005 BTC — was set by the Binance exchange. However, unlike Bitfinex, the decrease was 50%.

# Binance is happy to announce a 50% reduction in $BTC withdrawn fees. Effective immediately, BTC withdrawals are only 0.0005 BTC!
20:00 - 1 Mar 2018
On the beginning of support for the Protocol SegWit exchange Bitfinex announced February 20. Soon her footsteps went to Coinbase and GDAX. This week, the number of SegWit transactions exceeded 30% of the total number of transactions in the bitcoin network.
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