Charlie Lee is taken away from the project Nano and predicts crazy growth

On Twitter, the Creator of the cryptocurrency litecoin spoke positively about the Nano project:

"Rather elegant. Each account has its own blockchain. The main focus is on fast and free payment transactions. Use PoS to protect against double spending and PoW for spam-fighting. The main thing is that it remains decentralized."
At the end of the message, Lee noted that he has several tokens of the project.

Charlie Lee [LTC]
I look a look at Nano currency recently. Pretty neat. Every account has it's own blockchain. It focuses on fast and free transactions for payments. Uses PoS for double spend protection and PoW to fight spam. The challenge is to keep it decentralized.

Disclaimer: I own some NANO
21:31 - Feb 28.
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In comments to the tweet immediately began discussing why Charlie sold all his litecoin, citing the desire not to influence the price of the cryptocurrency, but now panic cryptocurrency another project. Li replied that the difference is that in the case of Nano he does not have insider information about the project and does not work for them.

28 February
So basically you Sold Ltc not to manage price But now you are twitting about other nt it also a manipulation of some kind

Charlie Lee [LTC]?
The difference is that I don't have insider news on Nano and don't work on it.
21:43 - Feb 28.
Later, Charlie posted another tweet for those who are disappointed that he is promoting "rivals". According to Lee, the crypto market will have enough space for more than one project. And recalled that also positively he recently spoke about Monero and Decred.

Charlie Lee [LTC]?
For those of you that are upset that I posted something positive about a "competitor", all I can say is too bad. There's room for more than 1 coin. I call it as I see it. If you have been following me for a bit, you've that I also like Monero & Decred. Now, back to Litecoin! …
0: 32 - 1 Mar. 
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