Bitcoin will break new records in the next few months - Google analysts

Analysis of search queries in Google indicates that the downward trend in the price of bitcoin may have reached the lower threshold, and may again turn towards growth.

The price of bitcoin reached record heights in mid-December, getting close to the mark of $ 20,000. The chart of bitcoin search queries has also reached peak values at the same time. Google tracks trillions of requests per year, and is therefore one of the most important indicators of public interest by region and category.

It is noteworthy that last January's data assumed a sudden and rapid growth. The prediction was correct, even with a short lull in the first two months (similar to what we are seeing now). According to analysts of search queries, now we see a repetition of last year's trend. The graph shows the reversal to the upside in February.

Thus, if you believe that the price of bitcoin is formed partly based on the level of public interest in the phenomenon, it is highly likely that bitcoin can break new records in the next few months, according to some analysts ' predictions.

"I believe that regulators will excite the market several times a week in the next two months, until the SEC is determined to regulate, and institutional investors begin to invest... at this point, prices will go up. I believe that it will happen in March or April," says President of LDJ Capital David Drake.
In addition to the expected decline in transaction costs and technological updates this year, another factor for possible growth is that the last fall left behind the so-called "weak hands" of investors who are hurrying to get rid of their investments in the short-term falls, panicking.
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