The official wallet and Ethereum browser will receive an instant sync option

Official wallet and browser Ethereum Mist do not enjoy the love of users. The reason for this is the need to keep a full host and a copy of the blockchain on your computer, which is provided by one of the two Ethereum clients – Geth.
Even if you have an SSD drive and a powerful processor, it can take several days to fully synchronize with the network, and during this time the user does not have access to their funds. The newly added ability to sync with a light wallet solves the problem only partially, because it is at the stage of early beta and works unstable.

Social networks and forums are literally overflowing with the same type of user complaints about slow synchronization, or even the inability to start Geth. Solving problems is not helping and the lack of Geth GUI – not all love and know how to use the command line.

Here's a typical story of frustration: guided by the Ethereum Foundation's official Website, the user downloads Mist or Ethereum Wallet and launches it. Synchronization starts, which lasts for many days. Finally, in desperation, the user imports the keystore file in the online wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW), or Metamask, and then forgets Mist like a bad dream. Adds confidence and stern warning in the Mist of existing browser vulnerabilities (in Ethereum Wallet it is not).

Of course, everyone likes the absence of the need to keep a full node of the network, however, if the user does not, then it should be for him to do someone else. In the case of MEW and Metamask, it is an Infura company providing a variety of Ethereum network projects with virtual nodes. Not only does dependence on third-party infrastructure providers increase the surface of a possible attack, but wallet developers are also deprived of the ability to respond quickly to code problems of other manufacturers.

In the message of the Mist developed by Mark Harry (Marc Garreau) says that the team is aware of synchronization issues, network with full nodes, and takes measures for their elimination. According to him, in the near future, Mist users will be able to use their account immediately after the launch of the program.

The details of the message
The team is going to move to a "multi-layered" architecture. When started, Mist will immediately connect to the remote nodes that contains Infura. At the same time, the local Geth client will continue normal synchronization with the network in the background. Once it is fully synchronized, Mist will switch web3 calls from the remote to the local node.

The Ethereum Foundation's policy is that while Infura provides excellent service, it is essential for the overall health of The network that as many users as possible keep full nodes on their computers. However, we understand that the node size is becoming too large and expensive for many computers. For these users, we are going to offer the option to support Mist entirely on remote nodes.

Another innovation – Mist users will be able to choose a client , it will no longer be Geth (now the alternative is one – Parity, but in the near future there will be others), although the Mist team will continue to work closely with him. At the same time, the Geth team is working hard on the problem of host efficiency – new features will be implemented in Geth 1.8. After its release, the next version of Mist will be released with a new architecture.
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