Brian Kelly: Now is the opportune time to buy bitcoin

Brian Kelly, Manager BKCM Digital Asset Fund and head of BK Capital Management, recommends investing in bitcoin right now, at low price:

"Many are talking about the fact that it's over and bitcoin, once again, died – a great time for a decision on the purchase" - the analyst has declared in interview CNBC.
According to him, during the tightening of sanctions against cryptocurrency regulatory bodies in China and South Korea, digital assets began to migrate from Asian investors to their colleagues from the USA, Japan and European countries. Kelly stressed that "the flow has not stopped" and the process continues.
The most dangerous step for the Kelly investor considers the purchase of bitcoin at a high price:
"Talk about bitcoins, raised to $20 000 a concern for all. At this time you need to use extreme caution»

It is known that at the moment bitcoin is trading between $10-12 thousand dollars, but Brian Kelly believes this decline is very favorable to the ecosystem and shares three Golden rules of captainvalor:
  • Keep the level of risk no more than 1-5% of their assets;
  • do not rush to sell before;
  • don't panic when the market drops by 50%.
Another financial analyst, Tom Lee (Tom Lee) said $9000 a Grand opportunity for shopping and shares his forecast that the price of bitcoin to the end of the year will rise to $25000.
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