Is it possible to profit from bitcoin mining in 2018 year?

The prospect and benefits of mining bitcoins in 2018-th year depends on how much money you are willing to invest in it. You need to understand that the level of profit mining this cryptocurrency depends on a number of factors. To calculate this indicator, set up a special ROI calculators of mining.

In the calculation they take into account not only the cost of electricity and equipment, but also other variables:

the power with which the calculations are performed is the hashing process is essentially a problem of mathematics, which needs to be solved computing system;
the number of bitcoins on the block – after completing a task creates a limited number of bitcoins. The initial value of this parameter is 50, but approximately every 4 years it is reduced by half. Today the award for the block is 12.5 BTC;
the level of complexity of production – in connection with the peculiarities of the functioning of the Bitcoin network the difficulty of the task increases regularly in proportion to the increase in computing power. Thus, the difficulty of mining bitcoin is directly proportional to the number of miners in the network;
energy costs – in the process of bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity therefore, to calculate its profitability need to know the cost of electricity;
energy consumption – this figure is different for each device, it can be found on the device or on the Internet;
the fee for the connection to the pool – in order to begin mine bitcoins, the member must first join the pool (miners who combined their efforts for more efficient mining cryptocurrency). This can be done on special platforms – mining-pools, which charge a Commission for their services. After the bitcoin mining platform itself distributes them among the members of a pool, given the computing power of each of them;
time frame – this parameter is also important in calculation of profitability mining, since the number of bitcoins earned depends on the amount of time devoted to their production;
the yield decrease during the year – this variable is the most important. There are two reasons why it is impossible with certainty to talk about the profitability of bitcoin mining: the first – the inability to predict its complexity, and the second is the market rate of the digital currency. So, this variable will help to determine the approximate complexity;
rate – this indicator is very important if the user intends to exchange the mined cryptocurrency for Fiat money, not saving it.
The choice of the yield calculator mining
As already mentioned, to determine whether cost-effective mining bitcoins calculator is used the yield of mining. The following is the simplest example of such a computing system from 99Bitcoins.

But there are other examples of calculators that are able to consider more options.

So, today a leading position among the miners Antminer belongs to the S9. It is ASIC mining resistant and has a computational capacity of approximately 14 TH/s. Calculations made on the above calculator shows that, given the current difficulty level of mining, per month, you can get one BTC.

But it is worth noting that it does not take into account the cost of equipment and electricity, Commission for the services pool, and other important variables.

This is an example of a more complete mining calculator. When calculating the profitability of production and takes into account almost all the parameters:

the fee for the connection to the pool – 2 percent;
the reward for a block is 25 BTC;
the power with which the calculations are performed – the 14 TH/s;
the consumption is 1375 Watts.
Thus, after a year of mining income will be 6,000 American dollars. But since in this case also does not take into account the price of equipment purchased, the income will actually equal to about 3 to 400 dollars. In addition, the calculation of profitability was made before the reward per block was reduced by half.

Please note that this sample only and its value can vary depending on the indicators all the variables listed above.

It can be concluded that to make a fortune by mining in the home without purchasing a huge amount of equipment and the establishment of cryptotermes unlikely. Now let's consider some of the Bitcoin miners with the highest performance. Note also that their range is not so great, as the mining bitcoin at home is almost not possible.

Cloud mining as a way of bitcoin mining
Experienced miners surely know such a thing as "cloud mining". The essence of this method of bitcoin mining is that the user does not need to spend money on expensive equipment, and simply rent the necessary amount of power from the company. Yes, this production is very tempting, because it frees producers from not only the equipment but also removes problems concerning its placement, cooling, etc. But pitfalls exist everywhere.

So, no need to be a great mathematician to understand that none of these services will not be profitable for a long time. Those companies that offer the most favorable conditions are likely to be financial pyramids, not even with special equipment. In this case, the payout is from those funds that pay for power, other users of the platform.

But if you decide to take a chance and try to cash in on cloud mining, it is highly recommend you to use Genesis Mining, since this is the only resource whose work is carried out for several years. However, it is still worthwhile to start with a small investment amount.

Altcoins instead of bitcoins
Should consider the option of mining altcoins. In today's world of e-currency there are hundreds of altcoins, which are a good alternative to bitcoin. In addition, many of them can easily mine. The only problem is that it is very difficult to determine what cryptocurrency really profitable. Among the most profitable, you can allocate Litecoin, Dogecoin and Peercoin.

To understand what Althingi can replace mine bitcoins, will help sites like CoinChoose, which presents detailed statistics of each digital currency. In addition, this resource can be found the performance of the current difficulty level of mining, data on options of electronic currency exchange, as well as information about the probability to earn bitcoins mining altcoins.

So is bitcoin mining profitable?
Likely to have long-term earnings from bitcoin mining is possible only in case, if you invest a significant amount of money in high-quality and powerful cryptodira, or if you possess the makings of a trader.

It is also worth noting that in the absence of time or money for mining with mining bitcoins is better not to contact. The best way out of such a situation would be to buy this cryptocurrency and waiting for its next rise in price.
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Investments in cloud mining of bitcoins is the most reasonable step in saving and multiplying your cryptocurrency savings. If in a nutshell - it is a simplified mining of bitcoins, freeing you from the cost of electricity, round the clock. Farm for mining cryptocurrencies (bitcoins), Assembly and configuration. About Bitcoin (BTC) on Habr wrote a lot (recently, even too much). How it works, about interest in it from the government and intelligence services. Bitcoin has repeatedly tried to bury and then dig back. Even guided tours at the ostrich farm.