How To Earn A Billion: Twenty Best Ideas

How to earn a billion-12 profitable ideas + 10 tips from wealthy people.

What do you need to take into account the person who asked the question of how to make a billion?

What steps to take?

What kind of person does it take to make a billion dollars?

The rich invest in everything in their projects, banks, in themselves, and this makes them even richer.

A person who has read a lot of books on business, visited a dozen seminars and started his own business, will not be able to remain poor.

Investing in yourself always pays off.


Billionaires spend almost all their time at work, create new projects, control the work of departments and invest money.


The ability to set goals and chart a path is very important for a person who wants to earn a billion.


The easiest way to increase your IQ is to read a lot of books on business development in the industry in which you plan to operate.


Those who know how to attract the attention of the audience will always find themselves in business.

The Manager should be able to interest people.


A millionaire with complexes is nonsense.

A billion will seem an unreal sum to a poor person, but the one who has embarked on the path of change, opened his own business and earned the first million, begins to understand that "money attracts money", and where there is a million – soon there will be a billion.

12 best ideas for those who want to earn a billion

The best way to earn a billion is to establish a megacorporation.

However, it is very difficult for a person who is not familiar with the business.

Write some best-selling books.

A year really to write 2-3 books subject to the availability of literacy and literary skills.

Become a famous blogger.

Today is actively developing nobility and earn even try is lazy.

However, to get a billion, will have to invest a lot of time and effort.

Open an online store.

It has to be a high level.

We will have to invest a lot of money, but soon these investments will justify themselves.

Business at home-handmade.

You can earn a lot of money by making natural cosmetics, toys, clothes, notebooks, and books.


The first year will have to be spent on improving the rating, but in the future, when the price for 1000 characters will be 700 rubles, earn a lot of money will be more than real.

Film shooting.

If you have talent, you can make a film that will collect at the box office a billion rubles.

Construction of an apartment building and sale.

Not the easiest, but a very profitable option.

Sale sketches infamous fashion houses.

Those who have a good command of pencil and paints can offer their creations to fashion designers.
First, you need to create a portfolio and put it on the Internet.

Creation of apartment and house designs.

Provided the quality of the work you can get to the rich people and get a lot of money for projects.

Work on television.

Journalists, operators, Directors with a particular vision, are becoming popular.

The creation of architectural and urban projects.

If you know how to draw beautiful drawings of buildings and finished engineering and architecture faculty-you have a chance to get rich.

Open a book publisher.

If you know how to select from the whole mass of works those that really attract the attention of readers, try to establish a small, but his publisher.

15 ideas for small business with minimal investment

There are many answers to the question: how to make a billion.

Everyone should make a choice based on their own interests and opportunities and invest all their strength in the business.

How to earn a billion via the Internet?

The best way to make money on the Internet is to create your own website, which will gather a large audience of users and attract advertisers.

Posting ads on your page you will hardly earn a billion, and if you promote your site and yourself, create your own style, then you can begin to receive offers for self-advertising of the goods.

You will receive a copy of the product by mail, take a photo with it or shoot a video.

It is best to create a blog on YouTube or Instagram.

Another way to earn money online is an online store.

Even trading Chinese goods can earn a lot, provided that you have gained a large audience of buyers.

Internet-a great tool for promotion and earnings provided that a person knows how to use it correctly.

Millions of people are wasting their time sitting on social networks, while they could develop their website, attract visitors and earn money.

How to make a billion a year?

A year is 365 days.

If you make the most of each of these days, you can achieve success and earn a billion.

The best business ideas for big money:

Opening the quest in reality.

A popular trend today games for adults. The price of one visit is 10 dollars per person.

On average, people come to the quest in groups of 4-5 people. Earnings per hour are 2000-2500. And if you have several rooms at your disposal?

Travel agency.

People will always rest. Businessmen often book tours in the winter season, and in the summer the travel Agency collects huge profits.

Beauty shop.

The beauty industry is actively developing.

Every woman wants to be the most beautiful, and the masters of the salon are ready to help her.

The most popular treatments – nails, botulinum toxin cleaning of the skin with a laser.

Mini-hotel chain.

Once invested in a hotel you will receive money throughout your life.

The center for the study of the English language.

To start a business does not require a lot of investment, and the profit will be high enough.

Course price on average– 10 000 – 15 000 mmm.

In the next video, you'll see what $ 1 billion looks like:

How to earn a billion tips from the richest people

Analyzing interviews with rich people, the founders of megacorporations, actors and Directors, writers, we can conclude that the rules of success for all are the same.

How to become a rich person:

Dress very well, as expensive as you can.

Clothing is the first component of the status.

She says a lot about a man before he opens his mouth.

If no one in your circle advises good coaches, don't hire them.

Do not listen to anyone's advice, do what is best for you.

Read a lot of books.

To become an expert in your field, you need to read 300 – 500 books.

Trust your gut.

Internal "flair" is a very powerful thing, and it rarely fails.

Learn to stand up for yourself.

Don't let anyone wipe their feet.

Get to know the people.

Read books on psychology, ask provocative questions, studying the reaction of the interlocutor.

Think optimistically.

The money goes only to the smiling people.

Take care of your health.

Lying in the hospital, you will hardly be able to earn a billion.

When entering into marriage, do not neglect the marriage contract.

Even the greatest love can fade away, and with it will fade away and half of the savings, if you do not take action.

Work to the limit, but do not forget about the rest.

With severe fatigue, concentration is disturbed, and the person becomes counterproductive, even if sitting in the workplace.

To start your own business you need to choose the area that really attracts and likes.

You should be ready to spend 12 hours a day in the office, including weekends, to start earning a lot.

Anyone who really wants to get rich will find not one, but several ways to earn a billion.

The faster you want to get the money, the more time you have to devote to work.
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