Mining toothbrush or mining cryptocurrencies while driving

Startup 32 Teeth suggested motivating the process of teeth cleaning by the extraction of cryptocurrencies, but this is only one of the functions of a "smart" toothbrush that fully controls this process. Mining car Lexus is side effect sports riding - more speed, more coins.
Cryptocurrency mining becomes a way of creative marketing, an interesting find for promotions and a "free" loyalty program, in which the company is not spent on bonuses.
The 32 Teeth toothbrush is a device that records brushing videos, monitors its schedule with an alarm clock, and provides information about the state of the teeth to a personal dentist. In order to motivate the user to purchase such a device, the startup charges Aya tokens during each hygienic procedure. The collected cryptocurrency can go to pay for dental services.

If this project has obvious advantages, the initiative of Lexus engineers to embed the mining of 10 cryptocurrencies into the onboard computer of the sports car is a controversial idea. To get more coins the owner of the model Lexus is should accelerate as much as possible and exceed the speed. The company introduces payment for branded services and maintenance with the help of extracted cryptocurrencies.

The latest know-how is very convenient for the driver not to think where to spend the extracted coins. Many countries of the world also accept cryptocurrency to pay fines, there are probably even funeral homes that arrange burial for Bitcoin or altcoins.
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