How To Earn A Billion: Twenty Best Ideas

How to earn a billion-12 profitable ideas + 10 tips from wealthy people. What do you need to take into account the person who asked the question of how to make a billion? What steps to take? What

Mining toothbrush or mining cryptocurrencies while driving

Startup 32 Teeth suggested motivating the process of teeth cleaning by the extraction of cryptocurrencies, but this is only one of the functions of a "smart" toothbrush that fully controls this
Investments in cloud mining of bitcoins is the most reasonable step in saving and multiplying your cryptocurrency savings. If in a nutshell - it is a simplified mining of bitcoins, freeing you from the cost of electricity, round the clock. Farm for mining cryptocurrencies (bitcoins), Assembly and configuration. About Bitcoin (BTC) on Habr wrote a lot (recently, even too much). How it works, about interest in it from the government and intelligence services. Bitcoin has repeatedly tried to bury and then dig back. Even guided tours at the ostrich farm.