Business in Europe: features, how to start it, ideas for implementation

People who are seriously thinking about immigration to Europe, but do not know how best to do it, should think about how to do business there.

Europe is oversaturated with foreigners and is very reluctant to accept new staff, but this applies only to those who are going to sit on the neck of honest taxpayers, but those who are ready to fill the state Treasury, are always welcome.

Business in Europe is not so difficult to start as it may seem. This was confirmed by many Ukrainians and Russians that they started their business in Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, etc.

But even if you are not going to leave your homeland and want to make it richer, it can be done with the help of business ideas that have already been successfully implemented by European businessmen.

Business in Europe: advantages and disadvantages

The European Union cannot be called an earthly Paradise, which is happy for everyone. If we take into account the number of immigrants who fell on the heads of prosperous European countries, it is not surprising why foreigners are somewhat biased.

Business opened by foreigners in Europe has both disadvantages and advantages.

1) Open a new business in Europe or not - that's the question
Of course, we are all attracted to a rich and prosperous Europe.

Ardent patriots can, of course, object to me: "it is Good where we are not!", "Yes, and we have great to get!"They also have their own problems!"but that's just why?

Yes, in the UK and in Germany, you can get a good job, Yes, in Europe, too, there are some problems, but European countries live much better.

This proves the number of those wishing to immigrate, if not to the UK, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, then at least to Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Is it real to move to Europe to do business? Really, especially if you are a high-class specialist in some field or are willing to invest in the budget, doing business.

Honest businessmen and unsurpassed minds in Europe are always welcome. If you prove your usefulness to the new state, you will soon be able to get not only a residence permit, but also citizenship

Of course, only you can decide whether to open a business in Europe or not, but if you have enough financial resources and have an interesting idea for implementation, why not try it. If it doesn't work out, you can always go back home.

2) business Advantages in Europe
Business in Europe is often not set up to earn super profits-small and medium-sized businesses cannot expect huge profits anywhere else – but for other reasons:

loyal tax code;
the ability to work honestly, without bribes and cronyism;
lack of bureaucracy, etc.
But the most important reason for business in Europe is the desire to settle in a richer and more developed country than the one in which it happened to be born.

And it is entrepreneurial activity-a chance to become a citizen in a fairly short time, while having a stable source of income.

Business in Europe has other advantages:

Simple registration procedure.

If we, and our neighbors need to go through 7 circles of hell to become a businessman (the procedure for closing a business is no less difficult than opening), in Europe, registration requires a minimum of effort.

Opportunity to enter the international market.

The planned economy of the European Union does not allow "nonresident" businessmen to break into the international market so easily. But it is much easier for European entrepreneurs to do this.

Mild tax climate.

Alas, the amount of taxes withdrawn by the state, and their number, forced more than one businessman to abandon business.

European officials, unlike domestic officials, know what tax breaks are and what they are for.

Low business taxes are not available in all European countries, so consider this before starting a business.

Availability of loans for a new business idea, including – state.

Our banks are very reluctant to lend to a new business, considering it a risky venture. It is foolish to say that European bankers are lining up, wanting to offer their money to foreign businessmen, but with loans in Europe is really easier.

The lack of bureaucracy.

Unified registers, systematic information about each, the ability to provide almost any online help, the lack of arrogant clerks – all this attracts foreign entrepreneurs in Europe to do business.

3) the shortcomings of the implementation of business ideas in Europe
No matter how sweet you do not seem Nightingale trill recruiters that open a business in any European country is easy and simple, there are no shortcomings of this idea, but there are solid advantages – do not get fooled.

Of course, any business has both pluses and minuses. You will know about them, avoid a number of troubles.

Disadvantages of business in Europe:

Expensive labor.

Europe is not Asia, where you can hire labor for 5 cents. Europeans do not want to work for a miser, and to take cheap illegal immigrants means to get problems with the police.

Difficulties with adaptation.

Whatever the reason may have led you to a European country (business, employment, study, etc.) the adaptation period will be difficult. You may face a number of problems, nostalgia, rejection of new orders, etc.

Possible changes in the migration legislation.

Who knows how quickly Europe will block access to its benefits for foreigners. Perhaps this will happen even before your business gets on its feet, and you get citizenship.

How to open a popular business in Europe?
If you are really interested in business, through which you can settle in Europe, you should study in detail all the conditions for the opening of business. And you need to know specifically the place of your new residence.

The legislation of European countries is similar in many ways, but still each power has its own nuances that should be studied.

1. What to remember if you want to start a new business in Europe?
When implementing a business idea in Europe, it should be remembered that:

Not every idea that you could easily implement at home, will be relevant here.
Human rights in the European Union-the Foundation, the exploitation of workers here severely punished, forget about the domestic traditions: wages in an envelope, irregular working day for the same pay, no paid leave and sick leave, etc.
Do not keep a double – entry bookkeeping and do not try to hide income, and in General attempts to cheat-a bad idea if you really want to settle in Europe.

Carefully study the rights and obligations of private companies in the country in which you want to start a business – it only seems at first glance that the domestic statutes are no different from the European ones – in fact, there are many nuances.
Remember corporate and social responsibility in Europe (CSR). More details about this can be found here at this link: 
If you are going to do business in the service sector, be careful not to violate the rights of consumers. Any European state-the ability to easily run into a lawsuit.
To insure your business, it is desirable to find out how it is in the state of intellectual property chosen by you for business, registration of the name, company logo, obtaining patents, etc.
If you are targeting industrial production in Europe, adjust it so as not to pollute the environment, otherwise clashes with green activists are guaranteed.
2. How to start a business in Europe and how much does it cost?
When starting a business, it all starts with an come up with a promising idea, which is easy and inexpensive to implement, make a business plan, and then proceed to its implementation.

Entrepreneurial activity in Europe should start on the same principle. One of the mandatory items is a detailed study of the registration procedure and peculiarities of doing business.

People who do not have a legal education, it is difficult to understand the wilds of the legislation of another country. Do not risk trying to do everything yourself, when you can ask for help.

Many law firms accompany new business of foreigners from start to finish in different European countries.  and other.

Naturally, their services are paid, but it is better to pay a qualified lawyer once than to make mistakes at each stage of business registration and as a result to waste money.

It is difficult to talk about what documents are needed to implement a business idea in Europe, because each country has its own nuances of the registration procedure. But in any case you will need:

It is also difficult to clearly answer the question of how much money you need to implement a new business in Europe. Here a lot depends not only on what power you choose for business, but also on what business you decide to do.

For example, if we talk about the institution of public catering, one of the cheapest countries for this – Poland, it is enough to have a capital investment of 10 000 euros. But in France to open a small restaurant you need at least 5 times more expensive.

In any case, before you decide to move, you should collect enough money not only to start a business, but also to live in the first few months in Europe, until your business gets stronger.
3. "How did I start my business in Europe?»
A year ago on vacation I met with an interesting couple Igor and Alena.

They are originally from Western Ukraine, but in 2009 moved to Poland. That's where they keep the restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine. They had a similar institution in their hometown, but things went down, taxes choked and did not allow the business to develop, and a variety of checks were not in order to really check something, and then to get "on the paw".

Young people are thinking about moving to Europe. To go to distant distances did not want to, and here at hand – Poland.

Igor and Alena decided that this is a great option, but there was a problem: what to do there to live with dignity. "And why not business-they thought - that prevents us to open a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in Poland?".

With the support of an experienced lawyer, they engaged in the registration procedure of business, simultaneously finishing all the cases in Ukraine. Six months later, the sign of their restaurant shone with bright colors, and after 8 months, they fully paid off the capital investment.

Igor and Alena claimed that the idea to transfer business to Poland-the best of those that visited them. They often come to Ukraine, visit relatives, like to relax in the Carpathians, but prefer to do business in a European country.

Business ideas from Europe that can be implemented in your country
Don't want to leave your homeland? Well, it is not necessary – it is possible to do business in your home country.

But to take advantage of business ideas from Europe, which brought good money to European businessmen, no one will disturb you.

5 promising business ideas from Europe:

Smart technique.

Today, the mode of saving water, electricity, gas is acute in front of every adult.

Firstly, tariffs make us shake over every kilowatt of electricity and every cube of water, and secondly, if we want to leave our children the land in a normal state, we should save its wealth.

Help this clever technique is one that is maximally economize on water and electricity. You can sell it.

Candle heater.

It was invented by Italian M. Sugahara. Inexpensive candles are used to heat the room. In a few hours the temperature in the room rises by 2-3 degrees. Very economical way of heating.

Advertising on Windows and balconies.

Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to advertise products and services. In the course of all went-even the Windows and doors of houses.

You can do this business, as in Europe: act, for example, an intermediary between an advertising Agency and ordinary people who are willing to rent their Windows and balconies for advertising products.

Production of laminated veneer lumber.

Glued beams today won Europe: it is made of almost everything, but in Russia and Ukraine this wonderful material is not in demand.

To establish production – it is easy, although not cheap, for the manufacture of any wood used with low quality-the same pine is ideal.

Implementation of environmental project.

We are still very far behind Europe in terms of environmental awareness, but we will have to think about how rapidly we are destroying the planet and how it can be stopped.

You can do European business: to produce alternative fuel (e.g. briquettes from waste), biodegradable packages, and coffee cups, etc. And you can still sell it if the production run is not enough money.

Business in Europe can become a reality for you if you carefully study and collect the necessary amount of capital investment.
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