How to make money on Instagram: 9 profitable business ideas 2019

Anyone can start a business on Instagram. Minimal investment, quick training, remote work. The problem is one-to choose the right direction in which you will be able to succeed.
Today Instagram is The most popular social network. It received a special development in 2015, and in three years has become a powerful platform for communication, but also for earnings. In Germany, more than 25 million users use this social network. The main audience is people from 18 to 29 years. According to statistics, about 60% of users check their feed at least once a day. Therefore, the business, which uses the capabilities of Instagram, is so popular and profitable.

Income from the social network can be obtained in various ways. You can earn using your account in Instagram or providing services for maintaining someone else's account. The most common option of earnings in Instagram is the placement of advertising posts in the profile. However, this is not the only way to profit from the popularity of the social network.

Advertising effectiveness of Instagram is increasing every year. Unfortunately, many budding entrepreneurs cling only to the idea, but quickly lose motivation. This happens for various reasons: they want a quick return and are not ready to wait, do not have enough experience, exceeded expectations, mistakes are made at the start... to warn against this, we offer to read General tips for those who want to build a business in Instagram.

Learn the basics of SMM (online promotion) to promote your business on your own. For this there is a special literature, courses, online schools.

Do not cheat subscribers. Very often in the recommendations for business in Instagram you can find advice to cheat subscribers. But we want to warn you: this manipulation will not give you any benefit! First, what's the use of an inactive audience, if most Instagram businesses are tied to the actions of subscribers. Secondly, the wound subscription visible to the naked eye. If you want to cooperate, the wound subscribers scare any adequate person. Thirdly, the followers are free. You will spend money on a " disservice." Better channel these funds to the correct promotion and advertising from bloggers targeting (will tell more about it), etc. It will bring you much more benefit. 

Attention! Now there will be shocking news – in order to earn on Instagram, it is not necessary to have a crowd of subscribers. It is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the audience. And in some areas of Internet business do not have to talk about attracting subscribers.

If you want to develop your account, you need to take care of quality content: useful, interesting posts, good visual design, attractive concept. Creating an Instagram product that many users will like is not easy. However, if you feel the strength to do it, everything can happen. Please note that you can not only keep a personal blog, but also be an administrator of thematic publics – for example, publish funny videos, book reviews, show business news, news articles of your city, etc.  Just do not forget about copyright: using someone else's material, specify its author.

Be prepared for the fact that the cash returns from the business will not come immediately. In most cases, investments in Instagram pay off over time. The maximum profit you are unlikely to get here. Although such business ideas are in our collection. It is also worth considering that the business in Instagram requires your constant participation. This social network is constantly developing, the competition is already quite large and continues to grow. Business Instagram-not the easiest thing, but it can bring significant income with the right organization.

How to properly implement 9 ideas, and let's talk more.

How to make money on Instagram: 9 profitable ideas
Idea 1-Selling your products or services

Instagram is a very effective trading platform. There is a very interested, active audience here. Promote your product or service, while earning decent money, can even accounts with a small number of subscribers.

What do they sell on Instagram?

Goods: food, clothes and shoes, flowers, handmade products, accessories, decorative items and utensils, cosmetics, etc.;

Ready-made ideas for your business

Services: designers, copywriters, webmasters, photographers, artists, psychologists, business coaches, lawyers, programmers, beauty salons, sports complexes, entertainment projects.

Today, almost any product or service can be sold using Instagram. The most important thing is to submit it correctly. If you have some hobby-you can sell your work. If you have entrepreneurial skills – open an online store. If you are a specialist of a narrow profile, for example, a lawyer or a makeup artist, create an account where you will share your experience, give useful advice, answer subscribers ' questions. People are drawn to free information if it is useful. This way you attract new subscribers, inspire confidence in yourself – and in case of real need, your subscriber can ask for real help to you.

For each type of account focused on sales, different requirements are put forward. For example, visual content is important for an online store-the better the photos are, the more attractive the product itself, depicted on them. For an account focused on the provision of any professional and consulting services (legal, medical, psychological) is much more important useful texts. But it's good when the blog combines both components.

In order for your services or products to be in demand, you need to gather your target audience in the blog. Before you promote your account, develop its design and plan posts, you should clearly present a portrait of your subscriber: how old is he? What city does she live in? What does he do? What's his income level? Interested in what? When you have an accurate idea of your subscribers, it will be easier for you: to promote your account, to form an offer, to determine the price, to interact with your audience. These are very important parameters for targeting-an advertising mechanism that allows you to select from the entire audience only those who meet the specified criteria (the target audience), and show advertising to it. Currently, targeting is one of the effective ways to promote.

How else can you promote your products and services?

Provide them to bloggers on a barter basis: you are a product/service, they are advertising your products.

To organize sweepstakes, contests, promotions, Instagram.

Use the right hashtags, popular geolocation.

Competently make a profile cap with the mention of keywords, which you will be easy to find. For example, if you sell homemade cakes and are in Saratov, write in the name of the blog "Cakes Saratov" - something like potential users and will look for similar services.

Use targeting-a built-in feature in Instagram business accounts or contact professionals. This is not an exhaustive list of promotion methods. More details on this topic can be found on the Internet – in the public domain there are many useful materials.

Life hacks for Instagram sales:

Share with your subscribers the process of creating your product. But do not overload the details – posts should be entertaining.

Always respond to comments.

Write the price of your product/service. Very often in online stores you can see the magic phrase "write to direct" - this is for those who suddenly want to know the price of products. No price can scare away the customer. First, not everyone wants to spend time on correspondence in direct, just to find out the cost. Secondly, it suggests that the prices of this seller are higher than those of competitors. And thirdly, there is a myth that sellers adjust prices, assessing the wealth of a person who asks a question in direct. Your task as a seller is to simplify the purchase process as much as possible. So specify the price immediately.

Encourage your subscribers. Post their photos with reviews.

Idea 2-Advertising posts

This is perhaps the easiest and most common way to earn money on instagram. The only important condition is that you must have enough subscribers to earn on advertising posts. Usually, the admission ticket to this "source" begins with 10 thousand subscribers, however, with a smaller audience, you can earn on advertising – only the income will be more modest. The main thing that your entire audience was real, not artificially inflated by cheating.

Earnings algorithm:

 Place for your business proposal

You create an advertising post (it can be a photo or video)
You insert a brand hashtag, mention or link to promote your brand
You share it with your audience
Receive money
The scheme is quite simple, but there are a number of important questions that need to be answered.
Where to find customers?
You will be lucky if customers come to you themselves. This is not uncommon. People view your account, rate it, make sure the target audience is the same, and write to you. If you want such a story to happen more often, then mention such a service in your account. Or create a separate account for a set of advertising. Just do not overdo it with the number of advertising posts. In the pursuit of money, you can forget about the quality of content. You can lose a large number of your own subscribers if you overload your profile with advertising posts. So think carefully about this point.

Today, there are many platforms that help bloggers and advertisers find each other. Adstamer, Epicstar, Sociate – all these services for social promotion. Here you can find jobs about advertising in your account and calculate how much you get for it. On average, for 1 ad post you can get from 500 euros to infinity (it all depends on rescuenet account).

Here are some German exchanges advertising in Instagram:

Epicstars. Terms of cooperation: the number of subscribers on the channel must be at least 1000 and it must not contain content that violates the rules of the social network. Commission 20%

Plibber. The terms of this exchange are as follows: your account must have at least 30 posts and at least 150 subscribers. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 euros. System Commission-15%

SpellFeed. It is a catalogue of advertisers and advertising profiles. The service does not charge a Commission, you can use the catalog for free and without registration.

Adstamer. Commission 10%. The minimum number of subscribers is 1000 people. There are no restrictions on withdrawals.

A label. You must have 10,000 subscribers and 20 posts in the feed. Commission 5%. Withdrawal from 250 Euro

How to make money on Instagram: 9 profitable ideas
How to set a price for an advertising post

To be honest, the cost of advertising account owner determines himself: depending on how he personally evaluates their services. But in General, the price is formed based on the number of subscribers. Usually the formula looks like this: 10 subscribers = 1 Euro for advertising. That is, if you have 3 thousand subscribers, the advertising post will cost 300 euros, and if 30 thousand-then 3000 euros

And here is founder John Rampton considers the price according to another formula: 0,25-0,5 dollar for "like" and 1 dollar for the comment. You need to multiply this by the average number of likes and comments – that's get the price of the advertising post.

Please note that in the first case, the price depends on the audience, and in the other – on the activity that this audience shows.

How much can you earn on advertising?

The amount of your income will depend on many factors, so we will not promise any certain amounts. However, note that a blog with an audience of 30 thousand people can earn 20-25 thousand euros per month

Idea 3-selling photos

One family always took a camera on vacation, made a lot of photos on the theme "family on vacation", and then sold them on the stocks like Shuttersrock. Say, earned on this decently and beat off a good percentage of the cost of rest.

Here's a real story about how you can earn money on photos. Today, there are many services that reduce the mass content producer and buyer. You simply register through your instagram account on The service, mark which photos you want to sell and get profit.

Today, this way of earning in Instagram is one of the most popular. How it works?
Ready-made ideas for your business

You are looking for a client through the exchange or by yourself.
Agree on the price of advertising.
Make high-quality photos at the request of the client and give him the footage.
Receive money.
Let's consider the process of selling instagram photos in more detail.

1. The Foap service calls itself"the next wave of stock photos." How it works: you register on the site, create a profile and portfolio of your best images that you would like to sell. For each photo sold you earn $ 5. The plus is that you can sell the same image an unlimited number of times.

2.  500px is a community of photographers with 80 million photos. It is an excellent platform for displaying and obtaining licenses for your photos.

A few nuances that will allow you to sell more on this site:

use 4-5 keywords for each photo. This will help your work to find a buyer;

look for and shoot what no one is photographing;

share exclusive pictures from the sites so you could appoint for the work of higher prices.

3.  Twenty20 is a marketplace for selling your Instagram photos. Sign up online or download their iPhone app. Any photo you put up is for sale. But the rights to the photo are reserved for you, so you can sell it several times.

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4.  Snapwire service recommends you to upload as many high quality photos as possible. You should use keywords to your photos to make them easy to find. If you constantly upload your photos, you get points. Thus, you increase the opportunity to earn more money. Be sure to check out the section "last purchased". This will allow us to understand what is in demand now.

And in the end, some useful tips for those who decided to make money on selling photos. First, take natural, not staged photos. Brands are hunting for live footage. Once the canadian pharmaceutical company paid 6 thousand dollars for 52 photos of playing friends. Second, do not use a square format. Although initially Instagram came out of the square, the type of Polaroid, frames, but the portrait format 4: 5 looks more professional. 
Calculate earnings in this case is quite difficult-it all depends on what service you choose and how many photos you sell. The cost of 1 photo is 5-15 dollars. Dare!

Idea 4-account Promotion (marketing consultant)

Account promotion is another super popular way to earn good money on Instagram. Now many companies, leading their profiles in this social network, need specialists in promotion. What's the job all about?

company profile design;

create content and content plan that will gather audience and lead customers;


Partnering with other bloggers;

advertising promotion of your account in a variety of ways;

setting up targeted advertising;

increased activity (likes, comments, replies).

There is nothing complicated in this work. If desired, all the skills you can learn in a month or two. Special courses will help to speed up the learning process. The cost is from 6 to 14 thousand euros

How much can you earn? Here are the approximate market prices for some Instagram marketing services:

Ready-made ideas for your business

Account from scratch (creation, promotion) - 10,000 euros;
Monthly maintenance of Instagram - from 3500 rubles;
Design registration of the account - from 1500 rubles;
Targeted advertising (setup and maintenance) – from 7000 euros

To make a price list and decide what services you can offer to the client.

How to find customers? Monitor ads on Instagram and jobs on specialized sites. Today there are a lot of job offers.

How to make money on Instagram: 9 profitable ideas
How to build a sustainable consulting business?

If you are looking for a long-term perspective, use the following tips:

Pinpoint your target audience. To attract customers you need to build a competent relationship with bloggers in your niche.

Create a portfolio with good reviews. Start with free help.

Track time spent on different tasks using different applications and set up processes when you work with new clients.

Give people free information, and then your subscribers will become your customers.

Idea 5-account Administration

The idea is close to the previous one, but it involves the work of creating content. If the promotion specialist works with marketing tools, the account administrator is responsible for the entire account.

Administrator tasks on Instagram:

regular creation of posts;

photo/video editing;

statistics analysis;

communication with subscribers;

the generation of new ideas;

creating a content plan;

search and cooperation with advertisers.

The main task of the administrator is to maintain the quality of content.

You can find a similar job on the freelance exchanges. You can also personally write your proposal to the blogger in the mail.

The average cost of maintaining an account in Instagram 5-20 thousand euros. If you manage to find several companies that will be your regular customers, you can earn up to 60 thousand euros.

Idea 6-Sell your experience

If you have some knowledge and skills and want to share them, you can create a digital product. There is only one problem: to promote your product, you need to create an audience from scratch that will trust you and is ready to buy your services. For example, you are a copywriter with experience and want to share your experience with novice copywriters. Or a marketer who wants to teach beginners. Or stylist that offers its clients original course.

Suppose you already have an active audience. And if not – go back to the beginning of the article and read about the promotion and tips on account management. Now let's talk about how to create the same product.

How to come up with an original product?
One way is to explore the books in your niche that are sold on Amazon or Udemy (focus on bestsellers). Another way is to research the audience that has formed in your account. You can ask them what they are willing to buy.Learn the problems of your audience during communication.

How much is it?

The cost of the courses can vary from 1 to 10 thousand euros, It all depends on your audience, the content of the courses, the format of interaction, etc.Selling your experience in Instagram, you can earn 20-100 thousand euros per month. It all depends on how high-quality product you offer, whether you guess with the needs of the audience and how you advertise it.

Mistakes that can be avoided

There are 3 main reasons why you won't be able to start selling courses:

you have no ideas;

you're not sure you're good enough.;

you run the product, but then you find that no one wants to buy it.

How to deal with this? Carefully study the market and consumer needs. Visit a similar course to look at the whole "kitchen" from the inside. Ask yourself the question "What unique information do I have?"- the answer to this question will be the basis for the idea. Before you start selling courses, it is recommended to test them in advance – sell someone a cut version for a minimum price, get feedback and draw conclusions.

How to make money on Instagram: 9 profitable ideas
Idea 7 - printing photos from Instagram

All people are used to store their photos on electronic media. However, it is difficult to give up the romance of printed photos. Therefore, services for printing photos from Instagram feel great on the market: in demand, get a steady income.

Printing photos from Instagram is, on the one hand, an innovative business idea, and on the other – it brings us back to the past, the time when photo printing was relevant and in demand.

Print photos from Instagram by the piece people can in special machines. Such devices are found in every shopping center.

Another format of this business is the creation of albums from photos posted on Instagram. The user receives a ready-made photobook-in hardcover, with collages of photos that are selected in advance, in the individual design.

Production of hardcover photo albums with individual design brings good profit.

In order to provide such a service, you will need to create your own website. There will be available photobook designer, allowing the customer to choose the design, number of pages, placement of photos. Thanks to this service, you can literally print your Instagram – with likes, dates, signatures. Website development will cost you about 30 thousand euros. The same amount will be spent on active promotion on the Internet. Also, do not forget to create your account in Instagram, with which you will advertise your services and look for interested buyers.

The second important point in this business is the search for a printing house where photo books will be printed. To do this, check out the printing houses in your city, make a technical task, find out the prices. You need to choose not just the cheapest printing services. Pay attention to the quality of printing, paper, colors... the quality of execution depends on the success of your business. Before you sign a contract with the printing house, run a test print to make sure the quality.

The cost of the finished photobook is about € 1300 In the first month you can get 15-30 orders and expect revenue in the amount of 40 thousand euros, the Average cost of the photobook in 5 turns is 230 Euro This means that the net profit per sale will be equal to 1070 euros Then at 30 orders per month net income will be about 30 thousand euros

Idea 8-Partner programs

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn money on Instagram is to sell other people's goods or services through affiliate programs. How it works?

Algorithm of work on site:

Choosing a partner product or service
In some cases, you will have to get approval for your Instagram account as an advertising platform.
Getting affiliate link
Placement of an advertising post with an affiliate link in your account
If the user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product or service, you will receive a reward.
Today there are many affiliate programs. On the Internet you can easily find a list of the best partners. On these sites lists of affiliate programs are presented:; Tlight; Adcombo; CPA. On average, the Commission from the sale of one product through the CPA-network is 200-600 euros on affiliate programs you can earn about 20 thousand euros per month. By the way, you can earn on affiliate program on the purchase. How? Find a product, are registered in the program, take the link and buy through it. This scheme works in online stores and products participating in CPA networks.

Finally, a few tips on doing business on affiliate programs:

Here are some tips for posting ads:

Promote only one product. You will ask people to click on the link in the biography, where you can specify only one link.

Do not use the product image. People care about results. Show them the product you advertise in action and how it can positively impact their lives.

Shorten your link. Long affiliate links look unattractive. For convenience, use the bit which will bring the links to normal view.

Use only relevant hashtags.

Choose for partner sales those products that are already well sold and receive rave customer reviews.

How to make money on Instagram: 9 profitable ideas
Idea 9-completing tasks

This method can hardly be called earnings-rather, part-time. It does not bring much profit, but it takes a little time and brings income.

How to make Instagram likes?

Sign up for a special service

Get a job, for example, to like certain pages. With the help of special services you can earn in Instagram on 3 simple actions: likes, comments, subscriptions. For these actions, people are willing to pay from 1 to 5 euros

Complete the task and get rewarded.

Here are some of these sites:

Site 1-here you can get 1 ruble just for the fact that you like the photo or subscribe. The minimum withdrawal amount is only 25 euros.

Site 2-on average, one action here costs 3-5 euros. If you work hard, you can get 500 euros per day.

Site 3-payment for actions - from 50 kopecks to 5 euros (for more serious tasks, like leaving a comment).

Site 4-for 1 like you can get from 0.65 euros.

The amount of money earned depends on the generosity of the customer. Average prices are:

- for like: 0.6-2 Euro;

- for subscription and repost: 1-5 euros;

- per comment: 3-15 euros.

This method can earn 100-500 euros a day. And for the month the amount will be 2-10 thousand euros But it is worth considering that the tasks do not spread very much. Therefore, it is advisable to register on several such resources to increase daily earnings.


Instagram today is not just a social network for communication, but a real trading platform where you can deploy a real business. In fact, the ideas for earnings in Instagram is much more than eight. We can provide services for photo processing, to be the organizer of the Giveaway, to do analysis profiles, to release more presets for processing images to provide design services for the registration of an account, to write texts to order, etc. So it's important to find the niche in which you will be easy and fun to work with. In this case, success is guaranteed.

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