Bussiness plan - How to open a Burger Bar?

If you are thinking about starting a small business, there are many options available. Retail can be fun and profitable, but nothing is as fast-paced as the food industry. Now, when you have decided to open a restaurant, you need to decide on the style of its cuisine.

And if you're like us, the solution is simple-burgers. Why is it hamburgers? Let us explain the reason and how to open a Burger.


1 Reasons to open a Burger restaurant
2 what you need to open
2.1 Properties
2.2 Equipment for Burger
2.3 Permissive documentation
2.4 Marketing your business
Reasons for opening a Burger restaurant
1. Favorite American food, which every year is becoming more popular in other countries

Since its inception, hamburgers have been considered American food, except for a short period of time in the 1900s, when Epton Sinclair revealed unsafe and unsanitary conditions in the meat industry. However, people were not against hamburgers, and opposed methods of processing of meat. Like baseball, Americans will always love hamburgers, and what they always love and have to taste in most other countries. This indicates a stable consumer market.

2. Hamburgers are easy to make

There is no need to do anything special in Burger restaurants except for really good burgers and fries. Fortunately, hamburgers are relatively easy to make, and their preparation does not take much time. All you need is fresh meat, fresh rolls and fresh ingredients, and you can make a fantastic Burger in minutes. Sushi bars, Italian and French restaurants need a few minutes to prepare and serve meals. In the Burger restaurant you can make hamburgers and serve many more customers during this time.

3. Large selection of hamburgers

Burger restaurants today-this is not the restaurants that were before. Gone are the days of a simple cheeseburger with salad, tomato and ketchup. Now we are an era of hamburgers with an endless selection for every taste. The work of the Burger restaurant now does not say that your food is ordinary and simple, now many Burger restaurants offer special sauces, fillings for gourmets and unexpected combinations. Hamburgers may seem simple, but it's definitely not. And this is not just an unusual combination of cutlets with potatoes laid on top, fried eggs, pineapple and so on.

4. Hamburgers are not just for meat lovers

If you are concerned that the market will be limited only to meat lovers, then safely discard doubts. Already in almost every menu you can find really fantastic vegetarian cutlets (just take a look at ours!), it certainly will please any vegetarian. And even if you are a meat lover, you will still be pleasantly surprised by the filling of a vegetarian hamburger.

Hamburgers are not just limited to beef. Today you can find burgers stuffed with lamb, pork and even Buffalo. If you don't eat red meat, you can try a juicy chicken Burger; if you're a pescetarian, you can try a salmon Burger. Regardless of dietary restrictions, you can find your perfect Burger. Our menu includes 11 burgers, ranging from traditional beef burgers and ending with sharp sausages marguz, which makes it possible to visit our restaurant for everyone.

Hamburgers are an American classic that everyone likes. There are so many different types of meat buns and truly fantastic vegetarian burgers on the market today, and they play a really important role.

If you want to open a Burger shop from scratch, it does not always make sense, as sometimes it is better to buy a ready franchise.

What you need to open
So, what do you need to open a Burger joint?

One of the main aspects of any restaurant is its location. The space that you buy, rent or build can affect everything — from the recognition of the eatery by people, and ending with the physical capacity and service capabilities. Here are some questions you might be interested in:

The brick or the truck? The growth in food truck production has allowed food service operators to go beyond the ordinary brick-and-cement stores. Start-up costs for the van are lower, however, obtaining the necessary license to work can cause difficulties in some areas of the country. Brick-cement room is more expensive, but it is easier to get a license. A small area of the van - this is another point, taking into account the reduction of launch costs.

Rent or buy? This issue largely depends on the available capital, because renting a building or van will require much less investment than buying them. But when renting a room, property or van, you will have restrictions on the possibility of changing it. Buying a van or building gives you more flexibility to change, however, if the business fails, the instability of the real estate market can affect your losses. If the real estate market has a positive trend, the sale of real estate can compensate for part of your costs.

Where are the people? Regarding the potential location of your premises. How many people live or work in your immediate vicinity? Is the room from the busy street clearly visible? How is traffic moving? Do you have enough Parking space? And if the public can't find it, even the perfect room won't give you much.

How much space do you need? It is important to consider the space in the kitchen and in the dining area. You have to be sure that you will be able to place and maintain a sufficient number of customers, having the necessary income, and that in the kitchen there is space for the necessary professional equipment that you will need for cooking to the extent necessary. According to Total Food Service, most restaurants need 40% of the total area of the premises for the kitchen and warehouse, and the remaining 60% are used for recreation and customer service.

Equipment for Burger
Investing in the right commercial kitchen equipment is one of the main stages of opening a Burger. The equipment of your kitchen will determine its working process and production capacity, and some types of equipment will even affect the taste of food. Below are just some of the equipment and accessories that you may need when comparing the options.

Commercial refrigeration equipment can be in the form of refrigerators with drawers, counter models and refrigerators. Commercial freezers are available in the same format, but there are models with a rising lid. The type of refrigeration equipment needed is determined depending on the space and the amount of food to be stored. You can also invest in a table for burgers that holds the stuffing and other ingredients in a cool condition until then, until they are needed, he will also release surface for making sandwiches.

Commercial grills can be on coals, with a frying surface and street. Grills on coals and with a frying surface can be electric or gas, and the outdoor grill is heated with charcoal or gas. Suitable for your Burger grill can give the desired flavor to your burgers.

Vegetable slicer will help to make cutting fresh fillers for burgers more effective, for example, cutting tomatoes and onions. The French fries slicer is a more specialized slicer that will allow you to serve freshly cut fries of the required size and shape.

For a Burger, you need to find the right commercial deep fryer to make perfectly crispy French fries and other dishes. Table and floor models are available that can run on electricity or gas.

Commercial dishwasher quickly and easily washes and disinfects, and ensures compliance with all sanitary standards relating to washing dishes. It disinfects dishes with chemicals or boiling water. There are the high door of the dishwasher for high-volume, dishwashing machines for restricted space.

Press for burgers will help you quickly and easily prepare burgers. There are models for different sizes of hamburgers and models with adjustment.

Choose your restaurant furniture carefully to balance comfort and aesthetics. Tables for the restaurant are sold in one piece or with a separate table top and base, which will create the perfect location. Pick up ordinary and bar stools so that customers have a choice according to their preferences. Also stock up on high chairs for young visitors.

As in any catering you need basic permissions from the fire Inspectorate, sanitary and epidemiological service and the license for trade in alcohol. The rest of the documentation may relate to alterations and construction.

Marketing your business
Marketing is one of the most important aspects of opening a Burger. If you decide to open a franchise location, the company will help with marketing, as well as provide advertising packages and support. However, if you open your own concept, you will need to create your own slogan. Creating a brand will help customers remember you, so it is important to keep a single view of the restaurant and any promotional materials.
The Internet is a strong marketing tool and many people search for restaurants online, so it cannot be ignored. Optimized for local search website and social media activity can easily increase sales. When you open for the first time, you can create a local press release, launch a grandiose special offer to attract potential customers, and even invite local food bloggers for a free food tasting in exchange for a review. Naturally, you need the first customers to attract more and more new ones. Launch a text or email newsletter and create loyalty programs with coupons and promotions to encourage customers to come back again.

Do not forget about such additional services as food delivery at home. Perhaps you will also like the concept of the restaurant to take away.
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