5 Examples Of Successful Franchise Business

TOP 5 franchises for those wishing to become franchisees
Before you decide to enter into a franchise agreement, you need to look at real examples of such business. It is worth paying attention to the companies included in the TOP 5 most popular brands that offer such a contract.

1-place. "McDonalds"

This company is known, without exaggeration, all over the world. The owners of this company came up with the idea of franchising, deciding to beat the competition and spread its network of catering outside of America.

However, thinking about buying a franchise of this company, you need to prepare for the investment of considerable funds at the initial stage. To start this business, it is necessary not only to purchase a franchise for 45 000 dollars, but also to have an initial capital of at least 950 000 dollars. Not every aspiring businessman can afford it.

Most often, franchises are bought by wealthy businessmen as an investment.

2 place. A popular chain of supermarkets "CrossroadsВ»

These supermarkets implemented food for those who prefer high quality, fresh ingredients and good service. But for this franchise to bring its buyer a stable good income, the supermarket should be located in a busy and densely populated place of the city, have Parking and convenient access roads.

In addition, the franchisor makes high demands on the area of the premises in which the supermarket will be located, to conduct internal communications, lighting and even to the design of showcases.

The 3rd place. Restaurant "Subway"

This is an ideal option for beginning entrepreneurs, because the cost of the initial fee for the franchise agreement is $ 7,500. In addition, the franchisor is happy to provide its partners with various bonuses and benefits, reduces the lump-sum fee and provides comprehensive support in solving legal and marketing issues.

It is for these reasons that the chain of these restaurants is constantly growing in Russia. To date, there are approximately 700 such restaurants in different regions of the country.

4 place. "Coffee with you"

Cafes "Coffee to go" deservedly occupy fourth place in the ranking. Since the cost of the franchise is only from 100 to 400 thousand rubles. Many people who want to open their own business on the basis of a franchise agreement, opt for this brand.

In addition, this is a very popular direction, because there are more and more lovers of quality and delicious coffee, as well as those who spend most of the day on the run and can not stop at a cafe to drink coffee.

5 place. "Orange elephant"

In fifth place in the TOP 5 franchise chain of stores with goods for children's creativity "Orange elephant". The dynamics of development of these stores is impressive, in addition, this network is not yet promoted as much as possible and is not present in all cities. This means that franchisees have a greater chance of success with relatively little competition.

At the same time, the network not only sells, but also manufactures goods for children's creativity presented in its stores. Today the network has franchisees in America, Turkey, Israel, Iceland and many other countries.

Thus, each novice merchant can choose the franchise that suits him – both in terms of the specifics of the activity, and the cost and requirements for the initial capital.
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