Top 14 Best Business Ideas With Big Investments And Super Profits

Business idea #1 - opening a cafe on wheels

The essence of this project is the opening of a fully equipped mobile cafe in an equipped trailer, offering visitors fresh fast food and drinks. The choice of product options (pies, Shawarma, pancakes, hot sandwiches) should be done after a thorough analysis of the market for such services in the city. Such a project will be relevant only with the proper selection of the location for implementation.

Realization of idea:
To open the optimal cost and convenience option will be the purchase of equipped and converted trailer, which has access to minimal utilities, ovens, showcases. In addition, it requires certain costs:
  • purchase of quality semi-finished products;
  • the wages of the seller;
  • payment for the lease of land.
Such points are cost-effective to open near areas with high traffic: stations, markets, bus shelters and clinics. With an average check of $ 30 and a minimum number of customers of 200 people a day, you can talk about a good daily turnover of $ 6,000. This will pay back the project in 4-5 months, especially with the constant development of the range and high quality service.
A detailed business plan for a cafe on wheels.

Business idea #2-mini coffee shop Opening

The essence of the business idea — the arrangement of a small coffee shop for the preparation of several varieties and types of coffee, its implementation to consumers in a convenient container. Such practical mini-coffee shops are very popular among fans of flavored drinks of all ages. The relevance of this type of business is possible when choosing the optimal location, organization of quality and fast service.

Realization of idea:
For a successful project, a mobile coffee shop of small size without tables for visitors or the conclusion of a franchise agreement with a promoted and established brand will be an excellent option. The second option makes it easier to search:
  • suppliers of raw materials for work, packaging materials;
  • employee training;
  • registration of necessary documents;
  • purchase of equipment for the preparation and sale of the drink.
In most cases, it is impossible to achieve high profits without offering visitors additional services: snacks, confectionery, original fillers and additives. Excellent profitability is considered to be the level of 40%, which will pay back the project in 4 months, but requires maintaining a high rate of work.

  • The coffee shop's sub-business plan.
  • Instructions on how to open a coffee shop.
  • Promising and successful business ideas with investments from 500 000 to 1 000 dollars
  • Successful business ideas
Below is a selection of 11 promising and successful business ideas investments from 500 thousand dollars to 1 000 000 dollars. Although investments and up to a million, it is still considered a small business.

Business idea #3 - opening of the school of foreign languages

The essence of the idea-the opening of a specialized school for the deep study of foreign languages, the development of complex or individual training programs. Such a project can bring good profit and does not require large financial costs. The demand for such knowledge is constantly growing, making this business relevant.

Realization of idea:
The opening of the training courses begins with the receipt of a compulsory license and the search for premises. It should be located near transport stops, have several isolated rooms, facilities for students and staff. To ensure the learning process is required:
  • purchase of comfortable furniture;
  • development and production of working materials;
  • advertising to attract customers;
  • selection of worthy personnel.
The profitability of such a language business project is quite high. If the average cost of one school hour in a group ranges from 300 to 1000 dollars, the occupation of a group of 5 people will bring 1500-5000 dollars. In great demand is the individual preparation of the student, which costs at least $ 600 per hour. Daily courses can bring from $ 9,000, helping to fully recoup the cost of school for 2-3 months.

Business idea #4-maternity clothing Store

The essence of the project is the opening of a comfortable store offering clothes and accessories for pregnant women. In such a special period there is a need for a comfortable and high-quality wardrobe, various additions to it. Many women do not save on health, choosing the best products for themselves. The idea should be implemented in cities with a large population, where there are potential buyers with average incomes.

Realization of idea:
Such shop is better to have in the Central district of the city near stops of transport. You can rent a ready-made trading place in the famous supermarket. A good effect will give the neighboring departments of toys or children's products. To do this, you will need to equip a convenient fitting room for expectant mothers, buy a small set of equipment, racks and mirrors.

To obtain a stable profit should focus on pregnant women with different financial capabilities. The size of the trade margin can range from 30 to 100% depending on the size of the product and its initial cost. The most favorable months are March and August, when it's time to update your wardrobe.

Business idea #5-production of self-leveling floors

The essence of the business project-the opening of the company, providing comprehensive services for the production of self –leveling floor of different configurations for private and corporate clients. The service is increasingly popular in the construction and design of many design projects. In this sector of the market there is some competition, so it is better to start a business under a franchise agreement with a well-known company.

Realization of idea:
The main technical works for the production and installation of self-leveling floors are carried out at the customer's site, so it is not necessary to equip a special workshop. It is better to rent an office near a stop or metro station, focusing on the comfort of potential customers. In addition, certain costs will require:
  • training of workers on specialized courses, their retraining;
  • purchase of necessary equipment and tools;
  • advertising services in the region.
The profitability of the project for the production of self-leveling floors is 40-50%, which helps to have a monthly net profit of 120 000-150 000 dollars. If the project is managed independently without the purchase of a franchise, it can cover investments in 4-6 months.

Business idea #6 — shop for tuning cars

The essence of the business project-the opening of a specialized center that provides services for external and internal tuning of cars of all brands. Many motorists resort to re-equipment of the car, wishing to make it more powerful or to give identity. Such workshops are popular among motorists with average incomes.

Realization of idea:
To implement the idea you need to rent a large room, which will be adapted for the repair of machines. In addition to the hall with pits, it is necessary to have a demonstration room to work with clients and rest the staff. A successful workshop should provide a wide range of services:
  • airbrush (drawing pictures);
  • interior design, upholstery replacement;
  • exterior tuning, change of external parts;
  • technical improvements of the units.
The cost of services of such workshops is sometimes comparable to the price of an inexpensive car, but the demand for them is consistently high. The minimum cost of airbrushing starts from $ 6,000 per 1 sq. m., and the complete equipment of the jeep can reach the amount of 700 000 dollars. A good Studio with a comprehensive approach to work brings the owner more than $ 1,000,000 annually, quickly reimbursing the invested capital.

Business idea #7 - opening of ultrasound diagnostics office

The essence of the business project is the opening of an equipped private office with modern ultrasound equipment to provide diagnostic services to the population. Without this type of examination it is impossible to get quality treatment. The relevance of this idea is due to the large queues in urban hospitals and the lack of good equipment in them.

Realization of idea:
Such a project should be carried out by an experienced diagnostician who can engage a partner to ensure the continuous reception of patients. To provide diagnostic services, a special medical license is required. The main item of expenditure is the acquisition of a modern ultrasound machine with many functions. This is not worth saving to be able to carry out complex and expensive research. The portable device for work in house conditions will add the clients who are in dire need of similar services.

Despite the high cost of high-quality ultrasound machine, the daily turnover of the Cabinet reaches 15 000-20 000 dollars. With a monthly income of $ 450,000, the invested amount will pay off in just 2-3 months of stable work.

Business idea #8-opening of hookah bar

The essence of the idea is the opening of an entertainment institution that specializes in Smoking hookahs. This popular form of recreation is relevant among young and middle-aged people. Such places can exist as part of a modern restaurant or be a separate hookah. The second option has a more economical budget and is a non-standard way of spending leisure time in a cozy atmosphere.

Realization of idea:
The optimal location is a hookah bar in the Central part of the city near the famous restaurants or cafes. Visitors to these places will be happy to move after dinner to the hookah, where you can try light drinks, snacks and smoke a fragrant hookah. Increasingly popular are joint projects with owners of expensive clubs or restaurants that provide a platform for their institutions to work in the sublease.

To get started, it is enough to buy a set of four hookahs and the necessary accessories. The main emphasis should be on the style, design and advertising hookah to ensure a constant flow of customers. This will help to make the institution a year later.

Business idea #9-opening of a pastry shop

The essence of the project-the opening of an equipped store for the sale of confectionery. Such a small shop will offer its customers interesting pastries, chocolate surprises or other kinds of sweets (jam, honey, ice cream). The relevance of the business project is due to the stable demand for such products among consumers with different incomes.

Realization of idea:
Open a pastry shop is better in a residential area near public transport, exit from the subway or children's institutions. This will help to ensure the flow of regular customers at any time of the day. The principal amount of the initial investment you will need:
  • to rent a room;
  • equipping it with necessary furniture and equipment;
  • purchase of food stocks for trade.
Additional income can give the opening of a mini-cafeteria for 2-3 tables, which will allow visitors to drink coffee and soft drinks. The trade assortment can be supplemented with several types of tea or coffee in gift packages. With an average passability of 150-200 people a day with a minimum check for $ 50, such a business project can pay for itself in a few months.

Business idea #11-sushi bar Opening

The essence of the business project-the opening of a small cafe, which specializes in serving Japanese cold dishes. The popularity of sushi menu among people of different ages and wealth every year shows a steady growth. Such an original institution with a non-standard range can quickly acquire regular customers.

Realization of idea:
The project can be implemented independently or with the involvement of a franchise from a well-known company. In the second case, most organizational and legal issues will be resolved without difficulty. With the sole opening of the sushi bar, the entrepreneur will need:
  • comfortable room with a small kitchen;
  • the acquisition by the stylish furniture and decor items;
  • training of cooks and their professional development.
Sushi menu is characterized by a large number of cold snacks, which require special kitchen equipment and storage conditions. Savings can be achieved at the conclusion of a contract with seafood suppliers, often offering free branded refrigerators or thermoses. With an average trade margin of 100 to 300% and a profitability of 50-60%, the sushi bar will fully pay for investments in 5-6 months.

Business idea #12-rent and installation of billboards

The essence of the project –installation and subsequent maintenance of special billboards (billboards) for renting them out. This idea is relevant for implementation in cities of any type. Information placement services are in demand among many enterprises, trade organizations and individuals.the Latter are increasingly resorting to such a method of processing their congratulations or messages.

Realization of idea:
To organize a business project to work with billboards, you will need to solve several production issues:
  • to make banners independently or to order a design from the specialized organizations;
  • obtain permission to place them in certain places from the local authorities in compliance with all legislation;
  • rent office space in a convenient area for customers;
  • hire qualified personnel capable of controlling the quality of information on the Board.
This affects the total initial cost. Profitability depends entirely on the location of the Billboard. The rental price can start from $ 10,000 per week. Profit and payback period of the project is calculated on the basis of the number of billboards that are at the disposal of the company.

Business idea #13 — Opening a pancake house

The essence of the business project is the opening of a small fast food enterprise with a specialization in the manufacture of pancakes as a main dish in the menu. A hearty and inexpensive snack in the Russian tradition can be a good substitute for the usual fast food. Hot pancakes are served in portions with delicious additions, original fillings and drinks. This market is at the stage of growth, so this idea can become profitable and relevant.

Realization of idea:
The most optimal format for a pancake can be the organization of a small diner in the area rented in a shopping center with a stable flow of customers. In this case, you have to make a choice:
  • open the pancake house yourself;
  • to attract a franchise of a popular brand.
Both options have certain subtleties and positive sides. In any chosen form, the main costs will be: the purchase of equipment for the kitchen and the trade process, the design of the dining area, the remuneration of personnel. With good passability and an average check of $ 200-300 per visitor, daily revenue can start from $ 6,000. The payback period of such a project is in the range of one to two years.

Business idea #14-karaoke bar Opening

The essence of the business project-the opening of an entertainment institution with professional equipment for the performance of karaoke visitors. A fashionable way of spending leisure time in the company of friends is popular. In the market of such entertainment services there is a stable, though small growth. Especially interested in the opening of such places of recreation regional entrepreneurs, where karaoke bars are an interesting and fresh kind of family entertainment.

Realization of idea:
The most optimal format will be a small cafe for 10-12 tables, which will offer visitors karaoke services, good food and affordable prices. The main part of the costs at the opening stage is the purchase of quality equipment and installation, taking into account all the requirements of acoustics. The original design of the hall and improvised stage will help to create an interesting image.

This idea is easier to implement in cities with a large population. This will help to ensure the daily flow of visitors. The average check with the ordered dishes can be 1500-1800 dollars. During the evening karaoke bar brings the owner from 50 000 dollars. Given the large investments at the initial stage, karaoke institution will pay for itself within 2.5-3 years.
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