Top 15 Best Business Ideas With Minimal Investment

Business idea #1-Landscaping and decoration of the territory

At the heart of the business idea-the organization of the full process of beautification of the territory with the laying of tiles, asphalting of individual sites, installation of fences and the breakdown of flower beds. This service is in demand among the owners of private houses, shops, recreation centers and industrial enterprises that want to beautifully decorate the track, Parking area or Refine the appearance of the surrounding area.

Realization of an idea:
Construction materials are purchased by the customer of the project, so the main financial items of the entrepreneur:
  • purchase of the tool necessary for work;
  • payment of wages to employees;
  • maintenance of office space and warehouse for inventory storage;
  • transport service.
The cost of services should be calculated on the basis of estimates, which should take into account taxes, all the time spent, depreciation and amortization of construction equipment. The calculation is made for the convenience of the client per square meter. The amount of profit is also included in the estimated cost and is not less than 20%.

A certain disadvantage of this project is the complete lack of orders in the winter. This period should be devoted to customer search, advertising and the study of new technologies.

Business idea #2-making photo books

The interesting and pleasant business of making photo books is available for people who want to do creative work. The new service is in demand among young parents, couples and wedding photographers. It consists in making a personal scrapbook format of the books of photographs of the customer.

Realization of an idea:
To implement the project does not require a huge room, and the main costs consist of several points:
  • purchase of the necessary printing machine;
  • purchase of equipment for manual processing of albums;
  • the courses cover design and photo collages;
  • advertising services;
  • purchase of consumables.
This project is perfect for implementation in a small town, thanks to the ability to work with orders via the Internet. Having determined the cost of one printed page, it is easy to assume a profit. For example, stating the price of the sheet and cover in hardcover at$ 5 and$ 10 rubles, respectively, you can determine the price of one photobook at$15. If the cost was$ 10, then each simple order will bring an income of$15. To attract customers and increase the price should add the original cover, photo processing.

Business idea #3-shop selling sports nutrition

This project is a purchase from suppliers of sports nutrition, its implementation through its own store with a margin. The relevance of the business is due to the increasing interest in a healthy lifestyle, the culture of a beautiful physique and a certain fashion for relief muscles. Sports nutrition is in demand among young people who want to stick to a certain diet.

Realization of an idea:
The opening of such a store will be profitable in the city with a large number of gyms, health centers, and sections. Good passing places can be retail space in hypermarkets, sublease in a large store or cooperation with the Department of sporting goods. For full work will need:
  • small room;
  • purchase of a trial batch of goods;
  • commercial equipment and racks;
  • advertising.
The average trade margin for such goods is 50%. With a monthly turnover of $ 10,000, after deducting the cost of the seller's salary, transportation, and advertising costs, there is a net income of $ 1,000. Taking over the functions of the seller, engaged in delivery, the project owner can significantly reduce these cost items.

Profitable and relevant business ideas with investments 10-15k
Profitable business ideas

Business idea #4-production of stretch ceilings

The essence of the idea is to organize the full production process of manufacturing stretch ceilings of any size and type on request. The relevance of the opening of such an enterprise is due to the growing interest in this type of decoration. Homeowners and designers choose stretch ceilings due to the practicality and availability of this element of decor. Impractical and short-lived whitewashing is a thing of the past, but modern technology is only gaining momentum, every year only increase demand.

Realization of an idea:
To implement the idea, you should choose the optimal size of the production room, purchase the necessary equipment. Additional investments will require:
  • purchase of quality raw materials (films);
  • staff salaries;
  • the cost of advertising, the content of the site.

To save money at the beginning of the work it is necessary to stop on cooperation with wholesale buyers, construction and design companies to abandon the maintenance of a team of installation workers.

According to the results of the work of the majority of enterprises producing stretch ceilings, we can talk about profitability at the level of 31%, self-sufficiency of the project in six months, provided the average capacity utilization.

Business idea #5 Opening to the point of sale pizza

The essence of the idea is the opening and equipment of a small stationary point for baking and realization of Kono-pizza. This is a relatively new type of fast food, which is gaining popularity due to the perfect combination of consumers ' favorite taste and convenient form of product supply. The relevance of the project is supported by the novelty of the product and the lack of great competition.

Realization of an idea:
Such a point should be opened in places with a large concentration of potential customers: bus stops, stadiums, and recreation parks, railway stations. The main part of the investments will be required for the purchase of the necessary equipment and the stall:
  • heat showcases for pizza;
  • oven;
  • special press.
With a proper study of the target audience and determining the place of trade, the monthly sales volume of Kono-pizza can be at least 3000 pieces. Having laid the income at the level of 30% in the cost of the finished product$ 2, you can fully recoup the opening of the project for the first 4 months of stable operation. Savings can be achieved in the first stage, replacing the stationary kiosk more mobile counter, offering its delicious products on city and children's holidays.

Business idea #6-selling milk through milk machines

The essence of the project-the purchase of high-quality fresh milk from the manufacturer, its implementation to consumers through a special milk. This type of sale of a useful product enjoys stable popularity in the countries of Europe, the USA and represents the equipped devices which are dosed releasing milk in container of the client without the slightest intervention of the seller. The relevance of the business is due to the minimum competition in this sector, the desire of consumers to obtain high-quality healthy products.

Realization of the idea:
For the realization of the need to buy a compact camera — makamat. In addition, you should:
  • rent a small area to install it;
  • sign a contract with a milk producer who works with similar installations;
  • to ensure a steady supply of raw materials.
The level of income depends on the daily turnover of milk. High performance can be achieved by installing a milk machine in places with a large flow of customers: the halls of clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, shopping centers. It is important to ensure strict quality control and freshness of the product to create a flow of regular customers. The problem is the lack of trust in such installations on the part of consumers, the complexity of working with him in the elderly.

Business idea #7-makeup school Opening

The essence of the idea is to create conditions for teaching everyone the basics of cosmetic services through specially designed courses. The relevance of this project underlines the ever increasing demand for the work of masters of the beauty industry, tattooing with henna, make-up artists and provision among customers, salon owners.

Realization of an idea:
The opening of the makeup school requires relatively low financial investments, but can bring a good income with the correct set of goals:
attracting famous masters as teachers;
conducting master classes with interesting guests;
development of training programs taking into account the latest achievements and technologies.
The basic expenses go to rent and the equipment of the room for the class, the salaries of the masters, the purchase of supplies for school. With an average cost of the course of $ 200 for a few days, a one-day master class of$ 100 to pay for such courses can be a few months. The main task is to create a positive image, work on the quality of the training material and the constant introduction of new relevant disciplines.

Business idea 8-co-working center Opening

The essence of this business project-the opening of a specially equipped place for negotiations, business meetings, mini-offices, creating conditions for visitors. Such centers are widely spread in many large cities of developed countries, helping to save on office rent for beginning entrepreneurs, lawyers, freelancers. The relevance of this project is the minimum worthy of competition in the market.

Realization of an idea:
To open the need to find the largest and most spacious room, next to which there is a transport interchange, Parking. To organize a coworking center you need:
  • buy a variety of furniture for leisure, work;
  • purchase office equipment;
  • to ensure the highest possible quality of communication, the Internet.
Such a center will not bring a quick return on investment. It will require constant advertising of services, attracting customers through discounts and a gradual increase in prices. Income can be obtained from the provision of premises for large organizational events. Coworking is a business project rather for the future, which may soon begin to bring a decent profit.

Business idea #9-opening of the climbing wall

The essence of the idea is the organization of a special attraction in a closed room, simulating the ascent to the rocks, providing sports and entertainment services to everyone on its basis. Modern modular complexes make it possible to place such a climbing wall in small rooms. The relevance of this attraction is due to the increased interest of young people in this sport, the desire to get new emotions, relieve psychological stress.

Realization of an idea:
The main expenses for the organization and implementation of such a project:
  • rent a suitable height and size of the room;
  • purchase and installation of special mobile modules;
  • the wages of coaches with the appropriate skills of mountaineering.
Having located such a climbing wall in large shopping centers, recreation parks, near places of entertainment for young people, you can quickly get the first profit. With an average cost of $ 15 an hour of classes and 50% of the load of the attraction, you can earn up to $ 25k per month. This is possible after a high-quality advertising campaign, creating conditions for simultaneous training of several clients, off-site shifts in summer recreation areas.

Business idea #10 Open a massage parlor

The essence of the idea-the opening of a specially equipped salon to provide various types of massage services: health, beauty or modeling. Given the growing interest in observing trends of a healthy lifestyle, a great demand for a good massage therapist, such a salon can bring a steady income in any season.

Realization of an idea:
To implement such a project, it is necessary to invest the main amount of money in the rental of premises in the area with good transport interchange for the convenience of customers, as well:
  • buy special tables and massage chairs;
  • buy furniture and decorate the waiting room;
  • equip in the room separate rooms, rooms for staff.
A large item of expenditure can be the wages of masters, their regular retraining to improve their skills, the purchase of cosmetics. But the salon can bring a great income, given the minimum cost of a simple massage of$ 10, anti-cellulite - $15. Providing 50% load of 5 jobs, the daily profit can range from$ 100 to$ 500 or up to$ 20k per month, which will help to quickly recoup investments.

Business idea #11-fitness club Opening

The essence of the project is the opening of an equipped sports hall, the involvement of professional coaches, the provision of related services. This type of business is relevant in connection with the increase in demand and the promotion of an active lifestyle, a beautifully toned body. A modern fitness club, the target audience of which is middle-class visitors, will enjoy a stable interest from customers of different age categories.

Realization of an idea:
To open a small fitness club, you will need an equipped room in a densely populated area, near a bus stop. Most of the financial investments will be spent on:
  • purchase of high-quality professional simulators;
  • fitness club equipment for training;
  • conversion of changing rooms, showers, rest areas for staff and customers.
The average cost of one hour of classes in such an institution starts from$3. If you achieve an average number of visitors from 50 people a day, we can talk about the minimum monthly profit of$10k. With this work, it will begin to pay off in about the second year of its work. You can get additional profit from subletting a place for massage or beauty treatment.

Business idea #12-donut Production

The essence of the idea-the organization of a small stationary point for baking donuts with different fillings, their implementation to consumers. Modern fast food market with high competition requires new players to be extraordinary. Therefore, the production of this type of product can be a good investment.

Realization of an idea:
Open a small cafe or a fast food tent should be close to places of large concentrations of consumers: large shopping centers, parks, near the buildings of Universities or train station. To implement the project you will need:
  • purchase of commercial and production equipment;
  • purchase of furniture for visitors;
  • making an attractive place of sale;
  • staff salaries.
In the case of the process in terms of streets, replacement of the room will be a dedicated van, a tent. The device can produce from 250 to 600 delicious products per hour. Correctly combining the place of trade, a large selection of fillings, quality service can achieve high profits, laying on some types of donuts trading margin of 100%.

Business idea #13-design Studio Opening

The essence of this project is the opening of a small office or Studio that provides services for the development of interior design projects that accompany them at the implementation stage. Such services are increasingly popular against the background of increasing interest in individuality, originality of repair in residential and commercial premises, the growth of welfare of some part of the population.

Realization of an idea:
The main item of expenditure is a well-equipped and properly located office. The best place will be a business center, non-residential premises in the Central area with convenient transportation. To organize the process will need:
  • office equipment, personal computers of high power;
  • license program;
  • furniture for staff, meeting rooms with customers.
In most cases, the salary of employees depends on the number and total amount of orders, and the owner is an experienced designer who is able to conduct serious projects at the initial stage. The initial cost of developing an individual design ranges from$ 30 per 1 m2. Therefore, the profitability of such a Studio depends only on the talent of employees and a good advertising component.

Business idea #14 Opening of the jewelry shop

The project is based on the idea of equipment of a modern jewelry workshop, which provides services for cleaning, repair of expensive jewelry, production of exclusive and original products. This business project will be relevant due to low competition and consistently high demand for products made of precious metals.

Realization of an idea:
The place to open should be chosen carefully, located near jewelry stores or renting a few meters in the salons of jewelry. This will help to solve the problem of security and the constant flow of customers who want to fit the size of a ring or bracelet after purchase.

The main costs of the implementation of the idea are:
  • purchase of modern equipment and tools for repair;
  • design space, shop Windows and the waiting area for the customers;
  • advertising costs, sign;
  • payment for services to a qualified employee.
Most of the services offered for the repair of jewelry are inexpensive, so you can have a high income only working for a good reputation, fulfilling orders efficiently and on time. This will help to attract customers for more expensive exclusive orders, which can make a significant part of the profit and help the project to pay off in a minimum period of time.

Business idea #15 parachuting

The essence of the idea is the opening of a compact dropzone for the organization of a full cycle of skydiving, including training of beginners and training of professional teams. The growing interest in adrenaline sports and active recreation makes this kind of business quite relevant. In the market for such services, there is little competition, which allows you to quickly take a free niche.

Realization of an idea:
Opening the project will require large investments due to the peculiarities of the organization:
  • rent of the runway, the conclusion of the contract with the organization performing flights and having the corresponding license;
  • purchase of special equipment and uniforms;
  • instructor team salary;
  • the cost of ensuring a comfortable stay of customers.
The minimum level of profitability of such dropzones is not less than 10% and reaches 60% in well-known and stable workers. Additional income can be obtained from the provision of comprehensive training services for professional teams, excursions, an arrangement of a small camping or organization of fast food in the jumping area. The disadvantage is the seasonality of this business project and the search for real professionals to work as instructors.
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