Top 10 Profitable And Promising Business Ideas of 2018-2019 years

Hello! Today we are publishing another selection of profitable and promising business ideas for 2018. We have divided them into the amount of initial investments to make it easier for you to choose a profitable business idea, based on your finances. At the end of the article, we also gave links to other collections of ideas.
Profitable business ideas with investments
Promising business ideas

Below is a selection of 10 profitable business ideas with small investments from 2k to 9k $

Business idea #1-paintball club Opening

The essence of this business idea is to open a modern paintball club for outdoor enthusiasts. This sport is gaining popularity among people of all ages who want to get new impressions, emotional relaxation. Active paintball is based on the construction of strategies, the desire to touch the military disciplines.

Realization of an idea:
The amount of money invested depends on the choice of closed and open area, the number of personnel and the following necessary steps:
  • rent of premises for the winter season;
  • the purchase of safety equipment and small;
  • the organization of locker rooms, Parking;
  • purchase of additional targets, inflatable obstacles for the game.
Experienced organizers offer to start with a minimum set of 10 sets of equipment, uniforms for players, refueling station equipment of small arms.

You can get income by adjusting the price policy of the cost of one game. For example, putting a price of$ 10 per person per session 2-3 hours, you can make a profit of at least 50%. The only difficulty-it will take time for a full refund of the invested funds. Some savings can be obtained by inviting the owners of beer outlets to cooperate, buying part of the used equipment, doing self-promotion in social networks.

Business idea #2 - business on water attractions

The essence of the idea: the idea of the business is to organize a place of entertainment near the pond with the help of inflatable attractions. This is a seasonal profitable activity that does not require special training and education. The main problem is the choice of the optimal location of the equipment, which has good permeability and will give a constant load. The attraction is designed for people of all ages, children.

Realization of an idea:
The bulk of the expenditure was incurred on pre-opening and procurement of all software required to operate:
  • purchase of the inflatable attraction, accessories to it;
  • payment for accommodation rental;
  • staff salaries;
  • transportation costs.
By placing such a slide or trampoline in a good busy place, you can get a monthly income in the amount of $ 5k. With a total monthly cost of $ 3k, the profit can be 5-6k$. The problem is the seasonal income generation, which is limited to the summer months. Among the positive features of this idea can be noted the possibility of renting the attraction, easy storage in the off-season.

Business idea #3-Opening of a shop selling loose tea

The essence of this business idea is to organize a stationary trading place for the sale of loose tea of different varieties. This is a promising sector of work due to a large target audience and constant demand for products. Offering a wide range of well-known and unusual to taste varieties at affordable prices, you can buy a solid range of regular customers, get a steady income.

The popularization of tea in Europe is now at its peak. Many stars of show business also promote this natural drink. Many shops host tea ceremonies and tastings of new and unusual varieties. And some stores besides selling tea in bulk offer gourmet gift baskets that "Bang" apart in anticipation of the holidays.

Realization of an idea:
To have such a point is recommended in places of high cross-country: hypermarket, entertainment center, supermarket. The main cost items for this type of activity:
  • purchase of inventory for the first period;
  • rent of retail space;
  • purchase of equipment, shop Windows;
  • purchase of packing materials.
The most significant expenditure is for the purchase of a working product was delivered to the implementation of a premium of 100%. The total amount of sales with a good location can reach $ 10k. After calculating the cost price, deduction of rent and salary of employees remains a profit of $ 6k. An increase in income can give the offer of a passing product, some types of spices, coffee or accessories for tea.

Business idea #4-cooking school Opening

The amount of investments-7k $.
The essence of this project — the opening of a modern school in which anyone can learn how to cook certain dishes, get acquainted with the world famous recipes. This kind of useful leisure becomes especially popular among people of different ages, Housewives and those who want to join the high cuisine of office workers. It is logical to open such business in big cities, offering thematic courses.

Realization of an idea:
The opening of the school is a costly project at the first stage, which requires significant financial investments. Most of the investment falls on the rental of premises, which can be a cafe, dining room or a large hall with communications. In addition, it is required:
  • modern professional equipment;
  • several sets of dishes and accessories for cooking;
  • remuneration for a qualified chef with regalia.
For the convenience of customers, you can offer one-time programs, weekly or monthly courses, field classes. The average check with one-day training is 200$-500$. Every day you can work with groups of 10 people. Minus all the overhead costs of utilities every day the school can bring from $ 5,000, fully covering the costs for two to three months.

Business idea #5 — Open a massage parlor

Estimated investment-2k$.
The basis of the project is the opening of a specialized salon for the provision of preventive and therapeutic massage services for clients. This procedure is very popular among visitors of all ages, professions that are serious about their health. Many beauty salons have a good profit from the courses of sculptural massage for weight loss.

Realization of an idea:
Such a project is distinguished by a lot of competition, so the first place is the choice of a place to work, the qualification of future employees. Items of expenditure will be:
  • purchase of special tables and equipment;
  • purchase of towels, clothes, and accessories for work;
  • repair of premises for compliance with sanitary standards;
  • payment to staff.
At the initial stage, you need advertising, promotion of the salon with the help of leaflets, social networks. The average price for the popular back massage starts at$30. Serving daily minimum 6-8 customers, we can talk about the turnover of $ 300. The price includes overhead and administrative expenses in the amount of 50%, so the monthly profit can be 2000-5000$, which gives access to self-sufficiency in half a year.
Detailed instructions on how to open a massage parlor.

Business idea #6 - an organization of scientific and educational shows for children

Initial costs - $ 5k.
The meaning of this interesting idea in the organization of thematic presentations, celebrations and staging rooms at events for children of all ages, adolescents. This is a new kind of mass entertainment, which consists in enchanting shows based on simple chemical and physical experiments, in which small customers can participate. This service is of interest as an alternative to the usual puppet theater or performance of clowns.

Realization of an idea:
Such a spectacular project does not require special financial costs for the independent development of all organizational aspects. The cost plan consists of several items:
  • office rent;
  • purchase of reagents for experiments;
  • the cost of inventory, sewing costumes;
  • advertising, the content of the site.
Conducting mysterious experiments with lightning, explosions, production of cotton candy costs customers an average of $ 100. It is easy to calculate that when showing 20 such shows per month, the threshold of self-sufficiency will be overcome in 2 months. Given the considerable cost and price of trains for experiments, the real income can be said in 4-6 months. Of great importance is the constant advertising, which is not worth saving.

Business idea #7 — Business on the fish

Approximate investment-5k $.
The essence of the idea is to provide an exotic peeling service with fish. This interesting procedure has long been known as inexpensive beauty salons, where it is popular for the pleasure and originality. This kind of chip, many customers already prefer the usual. Living in the warm countries miniature fish perfectly clean unnecessary skin, bring a sense of relaxation.

Realization of an idea:
The unusual business project does not require large financial costs. The best option would be a sublease agreement with a beauty salon, swimming pool, sauna or the organization of such a place of work of the master at home. For one client enough space 3-4 square meters. The main costs:
  • buying a set of fish;
  • roomy aquarium of a certain shape;
  • a complete set of equipment to create ideal conditions;
  • comfortable chair for customers.
An unusual idea requires mandatory advertising. The minimum price for processing the feet of RUF fish begins with $ 30. When providing additional services (pedicure, massage), it can be significantly increased. With an average load and one aquarium invested amount can be recouped in less than a year.

Business idea #8-production of seals And stamps the cost of investments-from 5K $.В 

Production of stamps and seals for enterprises, organizations is a profitable business that is independent of the season and has a constant demand. Taking into account the growth of small business, the number of clients will constantly increase during re-registration and name change. Additional income is the production of seals for archives and libraries.

Implementation of the idea:
to work in the first stage, you can do a standard set of sketches, and one trained person copes with technical work. The main costs associated with the opening of such a workshop depend on the range of services, the choice of manufacturing technology: rent of premises for work; purchase of computer equipment, special equipment; purchase of consumables; payment of taxes and wages. Despite the demand for such services, most projects do not pay off before 8 months, even when located in large cities, and the threshold of self-sufficiency begins in six months. Given the increasing competition in this market, to increase profits should constantly introduce new manufacturing methods, modern technological materials, and components.

Business idea #9-Sale of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, VAPE

Amount of initial investments-4k $.
The basis of the business idea is to organize a point of sale of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, VAPE, necessary compounds and mixtures for refueling. This is an actual type of business activity, absolutely legal and legal, which is able to bring the owner an average income. The target audience — people of all ages who want to replace these cigarettes, entertainment venues, and trendy hookah. The relevance of this idea is also obvious, especially against the background of the introduction of the law on the prohibition of Smoking in public places. Electronic cigarettes do not let smoke, they produce steam. In addition, fancy gadgets — it's a great topic for discussion among connoisseurs of VAPE culture. Implementation of the idea: the Best option for opening such a store will be the use of a franchise, which will solve the problem of the supply of goods and support for the first time. At the opening stage, the main costs fall on the following items: rent of premises for a retail outlet; purchase of the first batches of products; a minimum set of equipment and furniture. The cheapest electronic cigarettes have a price of $15. Therefore, when selling products on the day of 1000, we can talk about the transition to full self-sufficiency in two months of stable sales. Under conditions of great competition in this sector, it is necessary to conduct active advertising, constant promotions, discounts to attract customers.

Business idea 10-Sale of packaged honey Approximate investment-3k $.В 

The General essence of the proposed business idea is to organize the process of buying fresh honey on farm apiaries, it's packaging, and implementation through outlets. The relevance is due to the constant increase in demand for quality and natural products among the residents of the metropolis, which is almost not found in modern supermarkets. Implementation of the idea: to implement the project, it is necessary to find several apiary farms that will provide raw materials, as well as: rent a room for work; buy packing equipment; find a supplier of new packaging; to design and order printing of the labels. An additional item of expenditure will be the maintenance of the car, the staff. The main options of the market: retail chain stores, wholesale buyers, own outlet. Approximate calculation of profit can be done at the rate of one kilogram of sweet product: buying it at a price of $10 per kilogram, you can pack it in a container of 200 grams. The implementation of each jar at a price of $5 allows you to increase profits to $5. Subtracting from this amount the cost of honey, containers, overhead and organizational costs, you can get a significant income of $4-5 per kilogram. Good savings are obtained by involving family members, your own car or premises. Among the shortcomings of this project — its seasonality, which will not allow making a profit year-round.
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