The Ripple enters the market of international money transfers

Western Union plans to integrate with the Ripple this year.

Three of the five largest companies in the world money transfer plan to use it when using Ripple to transfer money online in 2018. This was announced January 5, the official account of Ripple on Twitter in response to criticism of the journalist The New York Times ' Nathaniel Popper.

The authoritative newspaper columnist Nathaniel Popper questioned the cryptocurrency Ripple and asked a question, what banks use their technology. Also, the journalist said he asked the company, and he called only Cuallix and Mexican money transfer service.
The founder of Techcrunch (the Largest IT blog. – Approx. ed.) Michael Arrington advised Nathaniel Popper to talk to companies such as Moneygram, Western Union, Mckinsey, as well as with large companies on remittances in Asia.

Representatives of the Ripple of otchislili to comment, saying that the company "cannot comment on rumors or speculation." Western Union also declined to comment for editorial review, and Businessinsider. The publication, citing its own sources claims that Western Union may take the technology XRP (Ripple. – Approx. ed.) in 2018. Money transfer service considers the Ripple technology as a potential competitor in the future and knows that the other giants can get ahead.
Western Union provides money transfer and payment across the world. Founded in 1851. Is one of the leaders in the market of international money transfers.

A thousand times faster than bitcoin
Co-founder of Ripple brad Garlinghouse in a recent interview, extolled the virtues of cryptocurrency, noting: "the Reason for the uniqueness of XRP is that it is held for three seconds, so I don't take risks in terms of instability, when bitcoin takes hours. We about a thousand times faster than bitcoin, and a thousand times cheaper for the transaction. Many of those speculative changes that have occurred with XRP lately, is people who understand that bitcoin will not be a panacea for all problems, as we once believed".

New billionaires
Before all the founders of the cryptocurrency Ripple became billionaires thanks to the exponential growth rate of the cryptocurrency, according to CCN.

The status of Chris Larsen, who owns of 5.19 billion XRP, hypothetically is 55.8 billion. New billionaire vosmoye took place between the founder of Google Larry page and Carlos slim.
According to preliminary estimates, brad Garlinghouse owns 6.3% of the tokens of the company and a fortune of more than $ 10 billion.

Recall that the Ripple rate began to rise sharply 12 Dec 2017 20 cents. Then the banks of Japan and South Korea began testing the technology XRP, and the rate of bitcoin has reached $ 0.5. At the moment, the course, according to coinmarketcap, is 3.08 USD. In addition, the cryptocurrency is on the third place by market capitalization, which amounts to 102 billion.
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