Top 10 best business ideas in a small European city

You live in a small town and want to open a business? 10 business ideas in a small town are collected here for you! Take it!

For small towns firmly entrenched the glory of depressing, unpromising.

Those who stayed after school or came back home after graduation, are considered as losers who were unable to hold on in the metropolis.

But this approach is absolutely wrong!

You can find a profitable and interesting occupation in any locality.

Today I would like to offer you business ideas in a small town.

Can there be a promising business idea in a small town?

Maybe! If you use these business ideas for a small town.

Small is considered to be a city that is home to 50 000 people, but most people are of the opinion that the locality in which they live 50 000− 150 000 man, too, should be attributed to small towns.

Such cities in each of the countries is enough, only in Europe there are about a thousand. In Ukraine, the number of small towns and villages is more than 80% of the total number of settlements of the state.

That is, in micro-cities there are many people and not all of them have given up on their careers and are ready to settle for a minimum handout from the state.

But what do they? To leave?

After all, it is difficult to find a high-paying job in small towns!

And if you do not want to leave? If you love your little homeland and are ready to invest in its development, what to do then?

My answer: to open a business that will appeal to the inhabitants of your village and help you earn. Business ideas that can be implemented in a small town, there are plenty.

Features of business in a small town
"Your future is created by what you do today, not by what you will do tomorrow.»
Robert Kiyosaki

Sharks of business believe that regardless of the volume and theme of your future business, from the area in which you are going to open it, from the amount of estimated capital investments, you can not run a startup without studying the theoretical basis and without making a business plan.

If you live in a small town and want to open a sole proprietorship here, then you should get acquainted with the peculiarities of business in a small village to choose the most promising business idea:

Residents of small provincial villages are very conservative in their views and wary of everything new.
Looking for business ideas in a small town, consider this.
Do not open something too exotic (sex shop, designer clothing store, restaurant pan-Asian cuisine).
When opening a new business, think about whether you can find specialists that will work for you, or you will have to look for them in the neighboring regional center, which will significantly increase the wage Fund of your enterprise.
If you have a good reputation in your city, it will make it much easier for you to start a startup.
But do not forget that the business should be conducted honestly, otherwise word of mouth instantly leave you without customers and profits.
Advantages and disadvantages of business in a small town

Before deciding to open a business, you should weigh all the pros and cons, as well as analyze the advantages, disadvantages and difficulties that you may face when opening a business in a small city.

Advantages of business in a small town:

Cheap labor.
You can hire employees and pay them two to three times less than in a large city.
Low rent.
Real estate in small towns are cheap, so they buy or rent won't make a hole in your budget.
The minimum amount of capital investment.
You can save not only on salaries or rent, but also on advertising, room decor (the more modest, the better).
Disadvantages of business in a small town:

Low purchasing power of the residents of your city.
In this regard, it will be necessary to establish a reasonable pricing policy.
Modest capitallabor and profit.
Although there are exceptions to this rule.
For example, if you open a factory in a small village that will produce large quantities of products that you will supply to all supermarkets in the country, your income will be very impressive.
Tough competition.
It is quite difficult to find an unoccupied niche, especially in common areas of business.
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Traditional business ideas in a small town

As I said, residents of small settlements are conservatives by nature, so it is best to work here traditional business ideas, unless, of course, you manage to find an unoccupied niche:

In small towns it is better to open Department stores where you can buy and food, and some important things: caps for seaming, disposable cellophane bags, etc.
Will be a success and construction and hardware store or second-hand.
Cafe, bar, restaurant.
Choosing one of the options, focus on your starting capital.
If you have enough money and there are no normal restaurants in your town, feel free to open this type of catering establishments.
Recently, my friend Anya returned from the christening of the child of her student friend.
After graduation, she returned to a small town to work as a teacher at a local school. She got married there and had a baby.
So, Anna told me that in a city of just 18,000 people, successfully operates 3 restaurant. In that place, where they were celebrating a christening, celebrated 2 birthday.

Yes, grandfathers still repair the old zhigulenki and Muscovites, but those who are younger, prefer to trust repair of a car to professionals.
Veterinary clinic.
You can successfully treat not only dogs and cats, but also farm animals, which are kept in private sectors residents of small towns.
Private pond.
You can rent a local pond, run the fish there, and then for the money to let the locals and tourists go fishing.
Private kindergarten.
With public gardens in small towns is the same trouble as in large, so without customers you will not stay.
Business related to agriculture.
Here the choice is big:
rent district fields and grow crops that can be sold;
breeding animals: rabbits, poultry, pigs, cattle;
open a dairy farm;
break the orchard;
produce canned vegetables or meat, etc.
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Turn your head on and create!

Original business ideas in a small town

If none of the proposed ideas is not interesting to you, then you might want to pass on more interesting and challenging business ways.

For example, to do:

Green tourism.
Residents of megacities do not have enough simple pleasures: fresh air, silence, familiar from childhood food, swimming in the hole, picking mushrooms and berries and other things.
All this you can provide them for money.
What's a bad business idea for a small town?
If your small town has several private enterprises, you can do their accounting, because small businesses can not afford to keep an accountant on the rate.
Help for money.
Just look at how many single women live in your small town, and couples who are willing to pay money, if only they did part of the work: chopped wood, cleaned the yard, weeds or harvested, etc.
You can implement another idea: to provide specialized services, but it will have to hire an electrician, plumber, Builder, etc.
As you can see, business ideas in a small town abound.

It would only be a desire to take up the case!
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