Business ideas with small investments: TOP 5 options in Germany(Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund)

Only lazy people do not dream about opening their own business. But what if there is no start-up capital or suitable idea?

We hasten to assure you-this is not a problem. Even if you are a student and you have no savings, or you have saved up some money, but do not know how to properly dispose of them, do not worry and do not give up the dream.

In this article we will discuss what personal qualities should be taken into account when looking for a direction for business, and what can be the idea of a business with a small investment.

What is a business with small investments and how to find an idea?

The development of advanced technologies and the modern pace of life have radically changed our understanding of the business world. If earlier businessmen were said to be brilliant people who represented a separate caste in society, now the situation has changed radically.

Now the needs of modern humanity contribute to the emergence of fundamentally new business ideas that are designed to make life as easy as possible, save time and money.

And most importantly, new business ideas mainly require very minimal investment that allows you to start a business for each of us.

Today, the number of businessmen is growing rapidly among students, civil servants, Housewives and even pensioners. Ask why? Because business is an opportunity to earn well, to do what you love and not to depend on anyone.

So I assume business ideas with little investment?

If we are talking about entrepreneurship without large investments, we assume two key points:

The absence or very small amount of capital investment to start their own business.
Ease of business organization and the lack of a large staff.
In other words, a small business assumes that you do not have to spend money on expensive equipment or purchase goods, and do not need the help of many people to organize the business.

Business with small investments means a small amount of start-up capital - up to 100 thousand euros

But in what area this business would be relevant?

Yes, almost any. The fact that today is much more important is not the amount of investment, and the benefits that can bring a business idea to mankind. Look around - your neighbors and people around you have a lot of small household problems. And every problem is a reason to start a business.

For example, many families with small children live in your house. For some reason, these children do not attend kindergarten, and their parents sometimes do not know how to go to work or shopping, because they have no one to leave the child. Here's an idea — you can organize a private kindergarten with an hourly fee.

The secret is that all worthwhile business ideas lie on the surface, we just look at them from the wrong angle.

Taking into account the fact that, without large investments, business in the sphere of large-scale production will not open, small business is mainly concentrated in the service sector.

This is evidenced by statistics - the area of services provided by small businesses in Germany ranks second after trade, which, incidentally, is also considered a good option for opening a business with small investments.

But still, it will take a little more money to open a store. However, there is such an option as to open an online store selling goods from China.

And yet, how to choose an idea for a business with little investment if you are new to the field?

To begin, think about what kind of business you like most.

To do this, analyze the following:

Your education – in what area you are a certified specialist, and what knowledge you have.
Your talents-what skills and abilities you have (perseverance, patience, oratory).
Your interests-what do you like to do in your free time, what activities make you want to develop and improve.
Having reviewed all of the above in the complex, you will surely identify the direction to which you would like to devote your time, because to start a business, especially with small investments, you must certainly in the area that is close to you. Otherwise, you may quickly lose interest in doing business and all your efforts will be in vain.

Suppose you have chosen a business area or even an idea. How to make sure that this idea will bring profit and become a successful business?

To understand this, you should answer the following questions:

Is this business idea relevant today?
Is it feasible in your case, that is, will you have enough money and skills to implement it?
Is this idea in demand in your region, will there be a demand for it?
If you were able to positively answer all these questions, then you definitely need to move on to the implementation of the idea.

What stages will you face in the process of creating a business with minor investments?
Regardless of what business idea you choose as the beginning of your entrepreneurial career, you will have to face some standard stages of business formation.

In General, there are 5 stages:

Selection and analysis of business ideas.

This is actually what we have already talked about. From this moment, as a rule, the organization of business begins – with the exact definition of the area in which you want to work.

Monitoring of the market.

Following the choice of an ideological niche, you should definitely analyze the market you want to enter as an entrepreneur. Market monitoring will allow you to more accurately form your idea and understand who is your target audience.

Therefore, market analysis includes the following steps:

Analysis of the solvency of the population.
Analysis of your chosen field.
Analysis of the competitiveness of your future enterprise in the market.
Preparation of a business plan.

Any business that in the future should make a profit, you need to think carefully and calculate.

In order not to get into debt and not to lose business in the end, you should first paint in detail:

What kind of goods or services are you going to provide on the market?
How much money will be needed to implement a business idea?
If your savings are not enough, where can you get the missing amount?
How long will it take you to start a business and what is the approximate payback?
How will you promote your product and attract consumers?
Registration of business activities.

As a law-abiding citizen, you in the case of business organization with small investments will have to go through the procedure of state registration of your activities.

Since we are talking about the field of small business, you will approach the registration of individual entrepreneurs (sole proprietor). This method is easier than registering a legal entity, and is cheaper-only 800 euros

When choosing a tax system, pay attention to two of them: USN (Simplified tax system) and UTII (Single tax on Imputed Income).

Organizational part.

Only when you carefully consider your business idea, make a business plan and register as an individual entrepreneur, you can move on to the most interesting part of creating a business – organizational.

At this stage, you will realize what you have planned: to buy goods or equipment, to hire employees, to advertise the business and much more.

And now, when we have discussed all the most important theoretical aspects of business with small investments, we will move on to the practical part – a review of promising business ideas.

Business ideas with small investments: 5 profitable options
To help you decide on a business idea, we have chosen 5 interesting areas that may appeal to both women and men.

Business idea #1. Tutorship.
Initial investment: from 2000 Euro
Payback period of business: from the first month.

Tutoring is not a new, but still relevant and popular area for business organization with small investments.

The demand for the services of Tutors in Germany is consistently high, because almost every year the government makes adjustments to the curriculum of schoolchildren and students, which forces parents to look for teachers in different areas in order to pull up their child on some subject.

In addition, many young professionals in order to get a job, are forced to learn foreign languages, which also adds to the demand for business in this area.

To start a business does not require a lot of investment, but there are features: to something to teach children, you need something to understand, and ideally-to be a teacher or teacher.

Although this issue is controversial, because today such an idea of business can be considered not only from the usual angle.

Great demand in our time are various seminars and trainings, which certainly do not teach English and biology. You can teach braiding or ways to earn money online. In short, any area in which you can call yourself a specialist, can bring you a solid income.

As for the classical tutoring, here the most popular are the following items:
Simply put, these are the subjects that are needed for admission to Universities and exams. But it is worth noting that the demand for such Sciences is quite seasonal, as schoolchildren and students rarely attend Tutors in the summer.

Special attention should be tutoring in the field of foreign languages. Demand for such services is high throughout the year and is popular with school-age children, students and adults.

To organize a business tutoring does not require a lot of costs.

All minor investments will be represented by just a few points:

Item of expenditure Amount (Euro)
Total: 2 300 Euro
1. Registration of SP.    Eight hundred2.    Purchase of educational materials (books, notebooks, posters).    1 500You can conduct classes at home or at home with your students. The main thing that at your disposal was a separate room where no one will prevent you from doing.

Later, you can expand your business by renting an office or a class. Perhaps even the creation of a private small school, but this will require large investments and appropriate business registration.

And while you are only gaining customers, you can include in your list of services consulting on the Internet using Skype.

In the initial stages, it is important to work on your reputation, which in the future will work for you, as the main tool of advertising in this area is "word of mouth".

Do not install a large fee for the lessons – in the range of 200-400 euros So you will be able to quickly develop a client base.

Business idea #2. Organization of festive events.
Initial investment: from 80 thousand euros
Payback: from 6 months.

Due to the fact that the pace of modern life has increased, many people find it difficult to organize their own celebration. And besides, many small businesses from time to time arrange corporate events, which led to the emergence of demand for agencies for the holidays.

But to organize a business in this area, opening your own event-Agency, you will need an impressive amount of start-up capital. We suggest you start small by using a small investment.

You can organize:

Children's holiday.
How to open entertainment centers for children: step by step

Theme party.
To save on renting an office, first start without it. Orders for celebrations will take on the phone, and meet with potential customers can be in a neutral area, for example, in a cafe.

In order to organize a holiday, you will need staff who will be able to lead the celebration (leading or toastmaster), as well as musicians and other artists.

Since we have limited, insignificant capital, we advise not to hire many people at once.

At first, you can hire a Manager who will help you with organization issues, as well as a leader who will become the face of your Agency. You can search for other necessary employees for each individual event.

This, on the one hand, is not very profitable, because you have to pay them a percentage of the amount earned, but on the other hand – it is ideal for a novice entrepreneur using a small investment.

As for the equipment, to start buy at least a laptop, and in the future will buy additional items as necessary. Look for musicians with your instrument, and light equipment hire.

The same applies to the scenery and costumes. Some simple decorations you can do yourself, and the rest rent.

The main thing for such an Agency is a wide target audience and advertising.

To attract attention and to Express themselves, a prerequisite to creating your own website: with pricing, list of services, etc. Work better left to a professional. To save some money, find the latter on freelancers ' sites.

Total, your small investments in this business idea will be limited to 5 points:

Item of expenditure Amount (Euro)
Total: 80 800 Euro
1. Registration of SP.    800 euros2.    Buying a laptop.    20 0003.    Salary.    40 0004.    Create a website.    10 0005.    Other expenses (transport, rent, etc.) 10 000Also, do not forget to create bright business cards for your company, which you will distribute in crowded places, wedding salons, restaurants. Not plus will to place several advertising posts on forums or message boards.

Based on their calculation, that for the first time you will carry out 2 events each month at a cost of 20 thousand euros, will be able to recoup their investments within 6-12 months and spend further profits on business development.

Business idea #3. Baking to order.
Initial investment: from 50 thousand euros
Payback: from 6 months.

Cooking pastries and Lunches to order at home is a good option for Housewives, mothers on maternity leave or cooking lovers. The advantages of this business idea are that you need a small investment: the purchase of raw materials, business registration and advertising. At the same time, the demand for home products is very high, especially among young parents.

Many mothers do not have too much time to prepare homemade cake for the birthday of the child, and buy it in the store reluctance, because in the factory products full of dyes.

Home baking is highly valued not only by young parents, but also by all people.

You can bake a lot:

Of course, to work in this area need some knowledge and skills. If you do not have them, but want to get them, you can sign up for courses, the cost of which varies depending on the duration and complexity, but on average is about 5 thousand euros for 2-4 weeks.

To become a successful businessman in this area, you will also need to consider the sales channels of your products. To do this, it does not hurt to create your own website that can be used to attract the attention of potential consumers.

To save money, you can create it yourself using free platforms:
Also order a bright business cards and distribute them in local cafes, restaurants, near playgrounds and shops.

Later, when you have a few customers and your business will go up the hill, you can open your own small pastry shop.

To start a business, you will need the following small investments:

Item of expenditure Amount (Euro)
Total: 50 800 Euro
1.    Registration of SP.    800 euros2.    Purchase of raw materials for baking.    20 thousand euros3.    Print business cards.    10 thousand euros4.    Attending cooking courses (if necessary).    5 thousand euros5. Additional costs, if necessary
(tool and small equipment).    15 thousand eurosBusiness idea # 4. Cleaning company.
Initial investment: from 85 thousand euros
Payback: from 6 to 12 months.

Business in the field of cleaning services today-this is another promising area of business, which will be able to organize and novice businessman.

Due to the fact that most people are very noticeable lack of time to solve various domestic issues, cleaning agencies are very popular. Moreover, the trends of recent years make it clear that such an idea of business with small investments will be in demand both in a large metropolis and in a small town.

Organize this kind of company can be in different ways:

Open a small company to provide a narrow range of services, such as carpet cleaning or window cleaning.
Create an Agency with a wide range of services: regular and General cleaning, dry cleaning.
The way of organization of work in the company can also be different: you can work on individual orders, which will come from the residents of the city, that is, your work will be of a one-time nature. Or you can sign a contract with a large company or a shopping center to provide services on a permanent basis.

Taking into account the fact that you will start a business with a small investment, we advise you to look at the first option.

So, what do you need?

First, if you're starting a business, you need an office. But, given that our investment is limited, the first time you can work without it. Especially as you will agree with customers by phone.

Secondly, you will need employees who will carry out orders, that is, clean up. To begin, hire at least three employees, and the duties of Manager and accountant take over.

And the last is a tool by means of which cleaning will be made. Here is much to save is not necessary, as this may affect the quality of service.

Let us now calculate the size of the initial small investment.

Organizational expenses:

Item of expenditure Amount (Euro)
Total: 40 800 Euro
1. Registration of SP.    800 euros2.    Salary to employees (at the rate of three employees).    30 0003.    Advertising.    10 000Purchase costs of equipment and materials:

Cost item Coli-
the amount Amount Sample
Total: 47 700 Euro    1. Vacuum cleaner 1 20 thousand Euro rashody-na-pylesos
2. Flat MOP 3 1,5 thousand Euro rashody-na-ploskij-mop
3. Cleaning trolley 3 6, 5 thousand euros rashody-na-telezhku-dlja-uborki
4. Cleaning products 1 2, 5 thousand euros rashody-na-sredstva-dlja-uborki
5. Napkins 3 400 Euro rashody-na-salfetki
In addition to investing in basic equipment for cleaning and paying employees, you also need to provide some funds for the organization of an advertising campaign, without which it will be difficult to work in this area.
To attract customers, you can:

Distribute leaflets and business cards.
Post ads on forums and boards.
Advertise in local Newspapers.

When you calculate that after 1-2 months, your customer flow will be constantly high, and the cost of cleaning 1 sq.m. will cost within 30 euros, your business idea can pay off within 6-12 months.

10 business ideas with minimal investment.

What business to open? Ideas with attachments
up to 100,000 euros.

Business idea #5. Manufacture of furniture from pallets.
Initial investment: from 50 thousand euros
Payback: from 9 months.

Mini-production, as a sphere of business ideas with small investments, is rapidly gaining momentum among consumers and among entrepreneurs.

And there are several reasons:

A large number of products on the market are not always to the taste of demanding consumers who want to buy something unique.
The organization of small production is possible even in your own garage, which significantly reduces the cost of renting premises.
Thus, small businesses that produce unusual products, and especially furniture, are now highly valued. And if we are talking about the manufacture of furniture from eco materials, the demand for products is doubled.

As a business idea in the field of environmentally friendly materials is a mini production of furniture structures from pallets-large wooden pallets, which are designed to carry heavy loads. Such wooden frames are often thrown away or sold very cheaply, despite their good condition and versatility.

From pallets today it is possible to make the most various types of furniture:

And all of them will be very unusual, but strong and reliable. Such furniture will fit well into a modern interior and will please its owners for many years.

A special advantage of such furniture is its low cost for the manufacturer. At investment of the smallest investments on acquisition of the equipment and the small list of materials, it is possible to make furniture which cost makes from 300 euros and the sale price can be both twice, and three times higher.

The only drawback is the high level of competition. Furniture today is made a lot, so you need to take care of advertising in advance.

To attract the audience's attention to yourself:

Promote your product on social networks, forums, blogs.
Let us announcement in magazines and Newspapers.
Cooperate with furniture stores-agree on the percentage of sales of each of your furniture items.
What equipment do you need?

Name of the equipment Quantity Cost (€) Sample
Total: 43 500 Euro    1.    A train car.    1 2 500 shlif-mashina2. Spray gun.    1 2 500 kraskopult3. Compressor.    1 23 500 rashody-na-compressor4.    Consumables (pallets, paints, varnishes).    - 15 000 dopolnitelnye-rashodnya-materialyOther costs should be added to the cost of equipment:

IP registration-800 Euro
Advertising-10 thousand euros
Counting all together, we get the total amount of minor investments, which is approximately 54 300 euros

In this article, we conducted a detailed review of the concept of business ideas with small investments. Also, as an example, we have provided you with 5 interesting ideas that, despite the small start-up capital, can bring a good profit.

Such business ideas are suitable not only for novice entrepreneurs who are just looking for their way in the business world, but also for people who want to build large successful enterprises in the future.

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