Business plan of the hostel&hotel with detailed calculations

An important component of the business plan – is the search area for the hostel. You can rent an apartment or any other room suitable for living.

You do not need to obtain any licenses. But be sure to have on hand a lease or sale of square meters.

In the business plan of the hostel sanctify the moment, whether you need to make repairs in the room. If so, you will have to buy only high-quality finishing materials that do not cause allergies.

Leave the receipts from the hardware store. During the inspection, they can require evidence that the repair in the hostel were made by all standards, and no deviations from standards.

Check and can come suddenly, so be ready to meet them at any time. The hostel should always be cleaned, bed linen is changed after each visitor. The only way you can get a certificate that your hostel meets all standards. Even a visitor can request such a document.

Do not forget about the fire system of the hostel, it will also be checked, but only employees of the fire inspection. Install automatic smoke detectors, alarms and make an evacuation plan. This will save both your life and the lives of your guests.

When calculating the costs in the business plan, we do not take into account the inspection and fire inspection. As a rule, get all the necessary permits for the hostel to work, if everything is in order, you should free of charge.

We want to focus on what is important when choosing a room for a hostel in terms of legislation:

1.    If you accept guests who are citizens of another country, you will have to keep migration records.2.    Rent a room for a hostel is prohibited in the basement or on the so-called ground floor of a high-rise building.3.    If suddenly you plan to make repairs, which will entail the redevelopment of the entire apartment, it is necessary to start to write an appeal on this occasion to the city housing Inspectorate.The ideal option is to rent an apartment, which has already been transferred to the status of commercial real estate. Suitable location for the hostel-1st floor, two-bedroom apartment with repair, installed bathroom, Internet in the city center.

The approximate cost for our business plan of the hostel to pay the monthly rent is 20 000 euros. The price depends directly on the region, the location of the house, the presence or absence of repairs in the future hostel, etc.

Business plan of the hostel-detailed organization of work
In our business plan, we will start from the fact that the hostel is a rented or bought two – bedroom apartment.

Which rooms need to have a hostel with all the regulations and standards:

The corridor where the reception will be located.
The hostel must have a working bathroom, where there will be a shower, toilet and washbasin. Availability of accessories for water procedures is an optional condition of work, because it is not a hotel.
The main thing that was liquid soap and toilet paper. It is also desirable to buy bath towels and face.

The kitchen in the hostel is common, you will have to buy basic equipment-a refrigerator, a microwave, a set of pots, cups, plates, appliances and a kettle. Do not forget that you will also have to add to the calculations of the business plan of the hostel the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, iron, washing machine and other cleaning equipment.
You can at its discretion to make the hostel a common room to relax, or to redevelop and add a room to sleep. Thus, you will increase the number of possible guests.
At a minimum, the hostel must have 2 rooms-separate for women and men. For 1 person allocated an area of not less than 5 m2. Calculate what will be the quadrature of your rooms, and after purchase bedding based on the maximum number of visitors to the hostel.
To know exactly for your business plan, how much to buy in the hostel beds, bedside tables and bed linen, calculate the quadrature. In two-bedroom apartments the total area of two bedrooms is 50 m2. That is, you can accommodate no more than 10-12 people at the same time.

In practice, the owners of hostels increase the number of guests, although it is prohibited by the rules. When checking you may be fined for violation of the rules.

Staff search for the hostel
Include in your calculations in the business plan staff salaries. Since the hostel is open around the clock, the workers will go out in 2 shifts.

Who will need a full-time staff to work in the hostel? You can not do without the help of maids, they must be at least 2 people. They can work only during the day, because at night no one will clean the room. Administrators, too, should be 2, here they will go to work in shifts.

An accountant for the hostel can be hired part-time or work with him remotely.

no.    Staff member Number Payment Euro / month.Total: 165 000 Euro / month
1.    Administrator.    2 90 0002.    Maid.    2 60 0003.    Accountant (remote employment).    1 15 000Marketing plan to promote business in the hostel

To hostel customers and have permanent orders, you need to work hard. No less important part of your business plan is advertising and marketing strategy.

We offer to consider all possible options how to attract customers to the hostel and tell everyone about your business:

The most basic thing that you will need from advertising services – is the creation of a sign or a pillar that will stand at the door of the apartment. It will be a landmark, how to find you visitors.
Print business cards, you can distribute flyers in public places, namely, railway stations, supermarkets, sports schools, tourist agencies, etc. As a rule, there are many newcomers who needed housing.
Completely free, but the current method is the placement of ads on social networks. You can create your own group and add members there. Put pictures of the hostel, a price list, so that people can assess the conditions of residence and compare their financial ability to spend the night in the hostel.
Make promotions and bonuses. For example, for corporate clients who book a place in the hostel for several employees of their organization, you can reduce the price.
Buy a domain and work on promoting your own website. So you can take orders online. If there is no money to buy the site, then place an ad for a small fee on specialized sites for booking rooms in hotels of different levels. One of such – Trivago (
In fact, there are many ways to tell about your business. The main thing is to make a quality marketing plan of the hostel, based on the target audience, demand in your city, competitive advantages and your budget.

no.    Advertising Price (Euro)Total: 13 500 Euro
1.    Leaflets (1 thousand pieces) 2 0002.    Sign 10 0003.    Business cards (100 PCs.) 1 0004.    Placing ads on the site (1 month).    Five hundredBusiness plan for the property. How to open a hostel?

How much money do you need for the existence of the hostel?

The result of the business plan-income and expenses for the opening of the hostel

To begin with, it is necessary to sum up how much it will cost to open a hostel. Based on the calculations of the business plan, this amount will be about half a million euros.

no.    Item of expenditure Amount (Euro)Total: 538 200 euros
1.    Opening of SP 1 0002.    Apartment rent + payment of utilities 35 0003.    Purchase of furniture, appliances and household supplies 323 7004.    The salaries of 165 0005.    The is 13 500The total amount is quite large, but the initial investment should pay off fairly quickly.

How to calculate profit according to our business plan:

We will take money for 12 hours of accommodation.
Our apartment is designed for a maximum of 12 people.
For one place a person has to pay about 800 euros. The price will depend on what conditions for living you have provided people.
With daily occupancy of the hostel in 10 people for 1 month of work you will receive an income of 240 000 euros.
According to our business plan, the monthly costs, which are considered constant – a rental housing, utilities (electricity, water, gas + Internet) and advertising. As a result, the net profit will be 36 500 euros. From there you will pay a tax of 5,475 euros.

Please note that the calculations on the business plan of the hostel approximate. In business, everything is individual.

To save on the purchase of furniture and equipment, buy things used. Ideal if you have your own apartment renovated and furnished. Then the cost of opening a hostel will be minimal, and the payback will come in 2-3 months. Otherwise, the term will increase to 12-14 months.

The business plan of the hostel showed that the full payback will come in about a year and a half. Business is profitable, but there are risks. For example, you can open by all the rules, use a marketing strategy, but many customers will not appear.

The hostel is also seasonal. Also note that in the provinces there are practically no mini-hotels, because there is no demand for such services.

To improve the living conditions of visitors, and thereby increase the flow of customers, we suggest you come up with a strategic plan to improve your hostel.

For example, offer customers the preparation of Breakfast for money. If the city has attractions, make the tour. Buy Souvenirs or order magnets as a gift to guests with their contact details. There are a lot of such nuances, and you can take them all into account only in the process of doing business.

Business plan of the hostel: how to make your business in the tax service + where better to rent a room for a hostel + how much will it cost to arrange a mini-hotel + recruitment + how to come up with a marketing strategy + when the business idea with the hostel will pay off.

What is hostel? This is a small hotel that has a European method of placing furniture in the bedroom. In addition to the bed and, at most, a wardrobe, in the hostel room you will not see anything.

Such housing is rented for a short time and for a small fee. This is a great option if a person needs to spend the night somewhere in a strange city, and spend a huge amount of money on the hotel just does not make sense.

Open a hostel today is the time, because in Russia there are not so many, about 5-7 thousand. Your mini-hotel will be in great demand if the city is a resort or has attractions.

Our business plan of the hostel with approximate calculations and a step-by-step description of the creation of your business will help you to make a successful start.

How to legally arrange a hostel?

The first step in the organization of business-the choice of legal form. For a mini-hotel with a capacity of 20-30 people enough to register as an individual entrepreneur.

Hotel business: how to start a business?

To obtain the status of individual entrepreneur, you must write an application at the registration office. It is necessary to specify the activity code according to the pan-European classifier.

Be sure the statement you need to specify what kind of taxation you are willing to accept. Most individual entrepreneurs choose for business USN (simplified system). You will pay to the Treasury 6% of income or 15% of the difference between expenses and income.

In addition to the application, you must provide a passport.

Business registration procedure lasts 5 days. After you receive the certificate of registration of SP.

Think about how you will accept payments from customers – in cash or with a card. It is better to choose both options. For their implementation after the registration of the business you will have to open a Bank account and buy a cash register (it must be registered with the tax office). These additional costs will amount to approximately 2,000 euros.

Looking for a room for your hostel

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