Fast food Burger franchise: business idea and plan, business model, advantages of working in Germany (Berlin + Munich)

Franchise Burger: the history and description + advantages of cooperation with Burger + requirements overview + step-by-step plan for the implementation of the business idea + how much is this deductible?

Given the pace of modern life, it is not surprising that eateries and fast food restaurants are very popular nowadays. In such institutions, you can eat tasty and hearty meal at an affordable price.
In view of this, opening your own fast food can bring its owner a good income. But the competition in this market is high, besides to organize a fast food cafe without experience in this area is not easy.

To minimize the risks in such a case, it is rational to acquire a franchise of a popular institution, that is, the right to work and provide services under the name of a well-known company.

One of the most successful organizations in this area is the fast food Burger chain. What is the Burger franchise and how profitable will be its acquisition in Germany, we will tell you right now.

Burger franchise: description of the network + some facts from history

The first restaurant from the Burger chain saw the world more than half a century ago – back in 1954. It happened in Miami, and originally the place was called Insta Burger King. Over time, the company's founders – David Edgerton and James Malamor renamed the network, calling it a Burger.

The idea of creating this type of establishments came from the owners of the company after visiting the McDonald's restaurant, where they learned a lot of useful information about the process of creation and functioning of fast food restaurants.

The moment of opening of the first institution was chosen very well – during this period there was an end to the post-war depression, and the demand for catering establishments among the population increased. The concept of the restaurant had a lot in common with McDonald's, but at the same time significantly different.

The network developed rapidly, and in 1959 the owners of the popular Burger decided to create restaurants not on their own, and selling the right to it to other people. So they became participants in this format of doing business, which is now known throughout the world – franchising.

Today Burger-a popular network, which is represented in 76 countries around the world. The total number of fast food restaurants is about 12 thousand.

Germany was no exception in this regard. A few years ago, Germany's first Burger was opened in Munich, and now the number of restaurants in the country exceeds 300 units.

So what is this network?

Burger-a network of fast food, where visitors can relax and have a snack. Burger menu is quite diverse, which distinguishes the network from the like.

The Burger menu is represented by the following list of dishes:

Vegetable appetizers and salads.
Burgers with different types of meat.
Roast and baked potatoes.
Non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages.
The most popular, of course, are burgers – they are prepared from different meat with different additional ingredients. It is also possible to manufacture this product on an individual order.

As for the pricing policy, it is quite democratic. Prices in the Burger chain are always the same regardless of the location of the restaurant. It is a rarity for such business sphere. The average check for Germany is about 300 euros

"Black star Burger" franchise: terms of cooperation

All the above characteristics indicate one thing-the Burger franchise will help to build a promising and profitable business in Germany. You can verify this by analyzing and other benefits of cooperation on franchising with the company.

Why pay attention to the Burger franchise?

Despite the fact that today the number of fast food establishments has increased rapidly, and in every city there is a high competition between restaurants, Burger franchise has undeniable advantages.

They are tangible in relation to the concept of the restaurant, and in relation to the conditions of purchase of the franchise.

The main advantages of the acquisition of this franchise include the following factors:

The rapid development of the network.

As the practice of previous years, the Burger chain is gaining popularity from year to year. Starting their business with the creation of a small restaurant, the founders of the network were able to popularize their institution around the world.

Today, the Burger is second only to the McDonald's network in its popularity.

A large number of their own"chips".

Positioning itself as one of the institutions of fast food, Burger has a lot of its own secrets of cooking and organization of production.

The most famous differences include:

a special recipe for burgers – cutlet for each of them is not just heated, and is heat treated on the grill;
always fresh dishes - some of the cutlets, for example, fish, are never stored frozen, and are prepared immediately before serving the guest;
a variety of dishes - from a variety of popular fast food establishments only in the Burger you can taste delicious onion rings deep-fried.
Favorable conditions for cooperation.

At first glance, the idea to purchase a franchise network may seem a difficult task, as the company to its franchisees puts forward a large number of requirements and conditions.

But, on the other hand, these requirements are more sparing than the conditions put forward by such large networks as McDonald's. In addition, at all stages of business creation franchisees will receive the necessary support, which facilitates the process of opening your own institution.

The affordable cost of the franchise.

To open a Burger shop, a novice entrepreneur will need about 30 million euros of Course, this is a considerable amount. But the popularity of the network makes it clear that such financial investments are virtually risk-free, so this investment can be called profitable.

Fast payback.

On average, each of the Burger establishments pays off within a year and a half or two, which is a very optimistic forecast for the catering sector.

Taking into account the strengths of the franchise, consider in detail the conditions that will become one of the businessmen under the name of the popular brand.

What are the requirements of expected future franchisees wishing to purchase a franchise of Burger?

In order to purchase a franchise Burger, you must meet certain requirements and fulfill all the conditions that the company dictates to future franchisees.

All requirements can be divided into two groups-the conditions to be met by the franchisee, and the requirements for the fast food restaurant. Let's analyze both categories in more detail.

a) Requirements to the future owner of the franchise.
In order to become a franchisee of the Burger, you need to meet the following requirements:

Full solvency, that is, the entrepreneur must be able to immediately and fully pay the cost of the franchise, as well as to invest in the organization of business.
The presence of experience in the field of catering sufficient to independently build and successfully develop a business in this industry.
The availability of recommendations from experts on adequate training to work with fast-food establishments.
The ability and desire to open not less than 5 institutions in the network.
b) requirements to the room and equipment of the Burger.
For the successful opening of the first own fast food franchise must also take into account all the requirements for the format of the institution.

It is important that your restaurant, opened on the acquired franchise, meet all the standards of the franchisee, provide quality products and services – like other institutions of the network.

Therefore, the building of the restaurant and the organization of work in it put forward the following requirements:

1.    The area for the restaurant and he must be on the first line in a passable place. If the restaurant is planned in a building where there are other places, the Burger should be placed only on the first floor.2.    The premises of the restaurant and the surrounding area must be owned by the business owner or be decorated in a long-term lease.3.    The area and size of the room must meet certain standards: ceiling height – not less than 3 meters, the height of the facade-not less than 6 meters, the restaurant area – from 300 m2, the area of the surrounding area or food court-from 80 m2.4.    The premises for the restaurant should have water and electricity systems,Sewerage. A prerequisite is also the presence of air conditioning and exhaust.5.    In the state of fast food can not be less than 8 people. All of them should have appropriate training.Compliance with the requirements for the future owners of the franchise, as well as to their fast food establishments, is strictly monitored and regulated by the franchisor. If any of the items will be violated, the acquisition of the franchise will not take place.

Such conditions of the franchise are explained by the fact that the Burger positions itself as a network of high level of service. The need to comply with this on the part of the franchisee is inevitable.

But it should be understood that buying a franchise, the franchisee not only gets the right to use the trademark and falls under the need to comply with strict conditions. In return, he also receives a lot of guarantees, which the franchisor undertakes to perform.

The founders of the network, for their part, undertake:

Provide support to franchisees at all stages of business formation.
Free of charge to train staff and fully engage in its preparation.
Discover the secrets of production and provide a complete recipe for all the dishes on the menu.
Provide promotional materials and assist in the organization of marketing policy.
Advise franchisees on the business at any time and in any matter.
Thus, the Burger not only makes demands, but also provides guarantees that will greatly help the future entrepreneur on his way to success.

If you think you can meet all of these requirements, it's time to learn how to become one of the franchisees of the fast food Burger chain.

3 main stages on the way to the opening of the restaurant franchise Burger

If you are interested in the information about the franchise, there are 3 stages ahead on the way to establishing your own business and opening a well-known Burger.

Phase 1. Assessment of their own capabilities.
When you first think about whether to buy a franchise, you need to immediately think about how this business will be profitable and competitive in your region. Another important question is whether you have sufficient capital investment.

To give an answer, you have to estimate how many and what fast food establishments you have in the city, and whether it will be relevant to open another Burger.

Then carefully study the requirements of the network to the franchisee and make a business plan, which will be able to provide the Director of the franchise to become your franchise.

During this period, it is also recommended to get recommendations from experts and register as an entrepreneur, if you have not done so before. You can choose one of two ways of state registration – registration of individual entrepreneur or LLC.

Briefly about the differences and conditions of registration of IP and LLC can be found in the scheme below:

Phase 2. Conclusion of an agreement with the franchisor company.
In order to become one of the owners of the franchise, you will need to contact the franchising Department and contact the Director of franchising. This can be done by writing to the email address or by calling.

To find contact information on the company's official website under "Franchising" —

Just follow the link and scroll to the end. At the bottom you will see all the necessary contact details, and can immediately leave your message.

Phase 3. Implementation of the business project.

If you have already overcome the first two stages and made a deal with the franchisor regarding the acquisition of the franchise, you can safely begin to implement the business plan.

At this point you will need to:

To prepare the room for the future restaurant – to make repairs, to buy furniture and equipment.
Find and train staff – this will certainly help the franchisor company.
To establish the working process and to organize advertising institutions in your city.
In the course of business organization, the franchisor will advise you on all issues, as well as help with the selection of equipment and personnel.

Finally, we will discuss another important detail of the acquisition of the franchise - the size of the initial investment and the cost of the franchise.

Burger. What happens in the restaurant kitchen?

Cooking fast food.

Franchise Burger: the price of acquisition of the rights of the franchisee
The cost of any franchise to start your own business consists of several values, which together determine the amount of capital investment.

With the help of the table we will analyze how many and what investments will be required to determine the total value of the franchise:

The cost Characteristics of the investments
The total cost of the franchise: from 30 million euros
1.    A Lump-sum payment is a one-time payment that allows you to purchase a franchise. It is charged to the franchisee once at the opening of the first Burger. 
There is no charge for the second and subsequent restaurants.
1.9 million euros
2.    Royalties are Monthly deductions to the franchisor company for the right to use the trademark of the network.    5% of monthly revenue3. Capital investment for building a business Means funds that will be spent on the organization of the restaurant, purchase of equipment, etc. 21.6 million euros
So, what is the amount you will need for the entrepreneur to open the first feed point, if you bought a franchise Burger? The price of the issue - from 30 million euros.

The second and subsequent institutions will cost the franchisee cheaper, because you do not need to pay a lump-sum fee. It is also possible to reduce the amount of royalties or monthly deductions to the franchisor.

As for the payback, it is expected within the first 2 years of work. Such an optimistic forecast can be made on the basis of the high popularity of fast food chain and how the work of restaurants.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that the Burger franchise is a good way to invest your money in the business, if you are afraid to be unclaimed in the market and not cope with competitors.

To start a business you will need an impressive capital, but investments will justify themselves and will allow to reach a stable income for several years.

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