Dropshipping-what it is, advantages, how to earn maximum

According to Statista.com. in 2017, the global eCommerce market was $1.5 trillion. dollars'. And the third part of this amount falls on China. And the entire Asian eCommerce market occupies more than 50% of the total volume. Almost 90% of all parcels received in 2017 to Russia came from China. The global e-Commerce market is growing at an impressive pace. But for the Russian e – Commerce market in 2018, experts made an optimistic forecast-18% annual growth is expected.

It is not surprising that more and more businessmen pay attention to this segment, and novice entrepreneurs prefer to take their first steps in online business. Launching an online business has a number of advantages:

You save a lot on renting an office.
You can do without storage facilities.
Communication with partners working in the field of eCommerce is more efficient, and document flow is digital.
Consider the easiest way to start your business selling goods online –to engage in online retail sales under the dropshipping scheme.


What is dropshipping?
Advantages of dropshipping
Where to start?
How to earn?
How to earn maximum?
What will be my income?
Expand your horizons
What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business scheme in which the seller (dropshipper) creates a showcase for online trading and accepts orders from buyers. After payment of the order dropshipper buys the goods from the supplier or manufacturer at a price lower than stated for the buyer. The difference in value is the income of the dropshipper. Sending the goods to the customer in this case is made by the store.

Advantages of dropshipping
The big plus of this business model is that you do not need to produce anything yourself. You do not need to buy the goods in advance, keep huge warehouses. You pay for the goods to suppliers after the receipt of money from the final buyer.

However, the responsibility for the delivery time of the goods and its quality is now you, not the store. Therefore, you should carefully choose the partners with whom you are going to cooperate. And also indicate on the site a reasonable delivery time.

Where to start?
If you think that dropshipping is your way, you can try your hand by starting to sell goods from the famous Chinese trading platform Aliexpress, which will offer you simple and clear conditions. There are many prerequisites for this choice. Judge:

Aliexpress is the most popular trading platform among Russians.
The processes of delivery of goods from Aliexpress in Russia brought to automatism.
There are many guides and useful tools to work with AliExpress.
On Aliexpress millions of different products for every taste and budget.
Thousands of new products are constantly being added.
A wide range of shops for work.
Sellers on AliExpress are initially aimed at small wholesale buyers – almost all stores have wholesale prices and discounts.
Even if the prices are not stated on the website, you can contact the seller directly. When buying several units of goods or regular orders, almost all shops are ready to meet and make discounts.

How to earn?
Of course, the buyer can make purchases directly from Aliexpress. But you have several advantages: the price that you set, service, warranty and"delicious serving". In addition, to start working on the model "dropshipping" you do not even need to develop a showcase or shop. Simply create a page in the social network (Instagram, VK), where you will post interesting products and offer them for sale. The final supplier of the goods for the buyer will be you.

How to earn maximum?
We saved the most interesting for last. How to protect yourself from dishonest sellers and make the most? Some useful tips for dropshipper working with Ali:

Before you order a product, compare prices and shops. The price of the same product on Aliexpress in different stores may vary significantly. As well as the delivery time.
Pay attention to discounts and sales. They can be global, such as 11.11 or Black Friday, and valid only in this store. Even if today the goods are sold without a discount, the situation can change dramatically in a day or two. Monitor the price of goods on Aliexpress will help you special applications to track price changes.
Buy all goods with cashback. So you can save up to 10% of the cost of goods. Cashback services will return you a part of the purchase price. The most convenient option for shopping at Ali now, keshbek service megabonus's. If you make a purchase from a new account on Aliexpress, the percentage of return from the purchase will be from 6.55% to 9.83%. The specific percentage depends on your level in the Megabonus loyalty program. The percentage of cashback for the second and subsequent purchases-3,27% -4,91%. Agree, for your business it is a good help at the start.
At the same keshbek service there are tools that you can significantly make life easier: check the seller, shipment tracking and displaying the amount of kesbeke on the website Aliexpress. There is no need to use additional software to Refine and verify these data.

The function "check the seller" analyzes the stores on 6 criteria: time in the market, the quality of communication with customers, matching the description of the goods, the speed of dispatch, the number of sales and store rating on AliExpress. The collected information is displayed in the block, which is displayed in the product card when the Megabonus extension is installed. For greater clarity, "seller Reliability" is shown as a percentage on a scale of 0 to 100% — simple and clear – and in a few seconds allows you to decide whether to work with this supplier. Pay attention to the overall rating figure and the line "our recommendations" to decide whether the purchase in this store is safe.

The "parcel tracking" function helps to track the parcel directly in the extension without going to third-party sites. Work reliably. To save your nerve cells, we advise you to choose sellers and delivery methods that allow you to track the parcel along the entire route.

Displays the amount of kesbeke directly on the item card will help you to make the decision on whether advertising of a particular product. And the Sale Alert tool will notify you about the price reduction for the product. Very convenient and profitable!

Do not forget to use coupons and coins on AliExpress.
What will be my income?
The level of your income depends solely on your activity and perseverance, as well as the level of markup that you are going to put on the goods. And work through cashback service will significantly expand your opportunities in pricing.

Expand your horizons

You can start building your business not only with AliExpress. You can take note of products from other popular online stores: Banggood, eBay, JD, iHerb and others. And do not forget that for shopping in these stores, too, you can get cashback and save up to 40% of the purchase price.
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