Top 30 best profitable mini business plans for making money

Business idea № 1-opening of the wedding salon
The initial cost is $ 300,000.

Beautiful and pleasant business project is ideal for women with good taste. The basis is the opening of a shop-salon for rental or sale of wedding dresses and accessories. This service has a constant demand and allows you to get a good income.

Realization of idea

After registration of all necessary permits it is necessary to:

choose a room in a shopping complex or in a busy area;
purchase a lot of goods for rental and sale;
organize ads in different ways;
purchase the necessary trade and exhibition equipment, furniture for visitors.
As an additional service, you can offer rental of evening dresses for women or girls, which are suitable for graduation or special events. The profitability of such a beautiful business is high. Trade margin for individual models can exceed 200% for outfits and up to 500% for small accessories. Advertising services on social networks, the Internet or local channels is important. The term of return on investment depends on the turnover and season. Minimum monthly income starts at $ 100,000 and increases during weddings and school graduations.

Business idea № 2 - opening of design Studio
The initial investment amount is $ 300,000.

What kind of business does a girl with good taste do? Very simple! Monetize your talent, open a design Studio: design of rooms and apartments, home and office space, local areas and wedding Banquet halls. Services of interior designers and suburban areas are becoming increasingly popular among the middle class. The project involves the opening of a company offering services for the decoration and decoration of premises of any type, the territories of country cottages and cottages.

Realization of idea

Without investment we can not do! To begin you will need a small comfortable room for the work of designers and communicating with clients. The ideal location will be a small office in the business center, located in a fairly busy part of the city. To ensure the creative process and the opening of the Studio owner will need:

purchase technical equipment and necessary software for project development;
purchase furniture for employees and visitors;
hire competent designers, the skill of which depends on the success of the business.
Such design studios are recommended to open, if the owner is an experienced designer. This will allow you to properly conduct the first projects, get good feedback. Advertising and cooperation with construction companies is of great importance. Development of a standard project starts from 2000 dollars per meter. This makes it a cost-effective, even when administered 5-10 orders per month.

Business idea № 3-Opening of women's clothing store showroom
The preliminary investment is $ 200,000.

This type of business is ideal for girls with a pronounced fine taste and ability to choose original things. The project is the opening of an online store or a permanent outlet with beautiful and fashionable things. Presented in several copies, stylish dresses or jeans will be in demand among the fashionistas of the city.

Realization of idea

With limited initial capital, you can limit yourself to an online store and offer a fitting to customers at home. After receiving the first stable profit, a good option would be to rent a room or an area for a full-fledged store with fitting rooms and stands. Features of conducting of such a business depend on the financial possibilities:

clothes can be purchased on well-known sites for sale;
Chinese shops with inexpensive quality collections can become a good supplier;
constantly work on advertising the store, attract customers promotions and discounts to create a base of regular customers.
The profitability of the project depends entirely on the level of sales. The margin for different products may well reach 200%, which will help to fully cover all investments in just three months.

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Business idea № 4 — Open lingerie store
The initial amount of expenses-300 000 dollars.

An excellent option of elegant "female" business-sale of beautiful underwear. The General essence of this project – is the design and opening of a specialized store-boutique, offering a large selection of underwear products for different tastes and wealth. Demand for this category is characterized by a noticeable constancy, is not subject to seasonality, and the project itself can bring good profits.

Realization of idea

The room for the store is better to pick up on the busy streets and shopping hypermarkets. To open, you must:

decorate the room with furniture, mirrors and showcases, buy equipment and furniture;
hire experienced staff, preferably female (for the comfort of most clients);
buy a diverse range of goods, focusing on different price levels;
to conduct an active advertising campaign to attract the first buyers.
With the right choice of place to trade Laundry store will begin to make a profit quickly enough. Many owners successfully work with a margin of 100 to 300% on individual models. Statistics show average monthly turnover of over $ 300,000.

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Business idea № 5 - opening of a bed linen shop
Initial investments - $ 800 000.

The relevance of this business idea is the popularity of the product and the constant demand for it among buyers of different price categories. At the heart – opening of small cozy shop on retail of various types of bed linen and any bedding. In addition to sets, the range should include bedspreads, blankets and pillows, sets of home clothes.

Realization of idea

The opening of such a store should begin with the selection of premises in places with good cross-potential buyers. Most of the costs will be spent on such items:

purchase of goods from direct suppliers (will help to form a low selling price);
purchase of several types of commercial equipment and furniture;
the store is at the initial stage, spectacular external design;
possible costs for the organization of trade through the Internet.
On average, the trade margin for many products will vary from 100% and above. The first months of activity of the store will bring low and unstable income. Analysis of such bedding stores shows an average turnover of 200-240 thousand dollars per month. Fully recoup your project will not earlier than six months.

Business idea No. 6 — Opening a beauty supply store
The amount of investment in the project - 1 000 000 dollars.

Shop cosmetics and perfumes-a great option for a business project for women. The essence of such a financially profitable idea is to create a specialized store that offers a large range of cosmetic products. Despite the high degree of competition, the project can be very profitable and successful. The demand for this product even in the crisis remains high, so the market of cosmetics shows a steady increase.

The main task is the selection of premises, which should be located in a busy and passable place. Perfect.:

area in shopping Mall or grocery supermarket;
place near bus station, market or bus stops;
the Central district of the city.
The greatest cost will require the rental of premises and the purchase of various showcases and racks. Cooperation with representatives of well-known brands will allow you to get free fully decorated branded Windows. A mute amount will be required for wages to sellers and the purchase of goods.

Even at high speeds the store will be able to reach self-sufficiency not earlier than in a year. With monthly purchases in the amount of 1.3-1.5 million dollars, the profit after deduction of expenses can be only 150-200 thousand dollars.

Business idea № 7 - shop for pregnant women and newborns
The minimum investment is $ 1,000,000.

With the constant growth of the birth rate, the demand for goods for pregnant women and newborn babies is only growing. The business project is to open a specialized point of sale with clothes and accessories for expectant mothers. The delicate situation involuntarily forces them to change clothes, to get things for newborn children.

Realization of idea

Such a shop should be opened in a busy area or shopping center. It is the most rational for the outlet to choose the first floor to make a visit for expectant mothers as comfortable and simple as possible. In addition to the lease and registration of the area, the owner must resolve the issues:

purchase of high-quality and inexpensive things, toys and accessories;
purchase of commercial equipment;
opening the website of the online store;
the cost of active is.
Such bulky goods as cots or strollers can be brought under the order. With a turnover of $ 1 million per month, a considerable amount of direct and indirect costs will be required. Therefore, a business woman should expect a net income of not more than 200 000 dollars. The threshold of self-sufficiency will be overcome not earlier than in 5 months of stable sales.

Business idea № 8 - shop of goods for children
The initial investment is $ 1,000,000.

The demand for any goods for children does not fall even in crisis conditions. Therefore, the opening of a store of various products for kids can be a great investment. The business project consists in the equipment of the trade pavilion, which specializes exclusively in the sale of goods for children. The range can include clothing and footwear, gentle care products, feeding accessories or toys.

Realization of idea
Many parents deliberately buy expensive and high-quality products for their children. The level of turnover is affected by the correct location of the store:

in a large shopping or grocery center;
near children's polyclinic, preschool institution;
on a busy city street.
In the first months of work you should not expect more than 6% profitability. You can increase your income by offering products through the Internet, conducting profitable promotions or introducing a system of discounts for active buyers. The trade margin can vary from 20 to 100% depending on the product group. With active trading and proper marketing, the monthly turnover of the point exceeds $ 500,000. After full deduction of all expenses and taxes, the store can bring $ 1.6 million annually.

Business idea № 9-tea and coffee Shop
Initial investments – $ 500 000.

The implementation of the project is the opening of a small shop or outlet for the sale of tea and coffee in a wide range. This product does not need advertising. Different species and varieties will enjoy a good demand among the customers with any income. This is a reasonable investment that will quickly bring income.

Realization of idea

Positive aspects of such a business project can be called:

the need for a small area to work, the minimum cost of rent;
high demand for goods regardless of seasonality;
no need to buy or rent special equipment;
easy to comply with storage conditions.
The main costs at the first stage will require the design of the store and the purchase of the goods. The project itself is easier to implement in a busy place: near the subway, bus stops or grocery supermarket. Additional income will bring the sale of gift sets or sweets.

Monthly turnover of a small tea shop can reach 200 000 dollars of profit from sales. If you take into account all the fixed costs and the purchase of a new product, the net income can be up to 100 000 dollars. The calculation shows that the project can be recouped not earlier than 12 months of stable operation.

Business idea # 10-provision of tutoring services via Skype
The initial investment in the project is $ 100,000.

Interesting and inexpensive business-the project involves the provision to clients of services of the tutor through the Internet. The development of technology allows you to teach any discipline or give advice online without leaving home. This is the option for a living, well suited to many women. In particular, it can be qualified as a home business for women. After all, $ 100,000 investment is a start that will help you start a business on a large scale and quickly start making a profit. And in General, my friend started this business at home with absolutely no investment and is now succeeding in this and even hired a few assistants to his staff.

Realization of idea

The most popular services of an experienced psychologist, language teacher or tutor of some school subjects. They can be one-time or permanent. Time and cost of the service the teacher plans on their own. For the organization of the workplace will require:

purchase of special equipment for consultations (camera, microphone);
installing online communication programs for work (Skype);
opening an account or e-wallet to pay for services.
Their services should be offered to advertising Internet portals and exchanges, a well-known ad sites. A good effect can give even posting leaflets near schools and schools. The cost of the service can be calculated on time (minutes or hours) or for one consultation. The price for language classes starts at $ 200, so one day of work can bring more than $ 1000 of additional income.

Business idea # 11 — store Opening for needlework
The amount of the initial capital of $ 300,000.

Passion for hand-made provoked a sharp increase in demand for materials for needlework. A good business idea can be the opening of a point of sale for the sale of goods for various types of needlework. Competition in this sector is quite low. A well-designed store with affordable prices will have a circle of regular customers and consistently bring a decent profit.

Realization of idea

At the first stage, you can open a small point on the area rented in the shopping center. The entire amount of initial investments will be spent on such items:

purchase a set of commercial furniture for display of goods;
purchase of the first batches of materials for needlework;
advertising about the location of the store.
Ideally, if the owner of the needlework store itself is engaged in sales and purchase of goods. This will help to significantly reduce the cost of labor seller-seller. Additional passive income can give the sale of finished products taken for sale from the masters for a certain percentage. The profitability of the project depends entirely on the turnover and can show a level of profitability of 30%. It is possible to fully recoup investments after 6 months of active and stable sales.

Business idea № 12-provision of Babysitting services, opening of the Agency
The initial capital is 100 000 dollars.

The growing demand for the services of qualified nannies makes the business in this area very popular and relevant. The business idea can be developed in two main areas: the provision of private services or the organization of the Agency for the selection of nannies. The latter option requires a small investment, but a very high degree of responsibility from the head. In a small town will be more cost-effective private Babysitting service, which works directly with parents.

Realization of idea

The main costs when opening an Agency-rent office space. For convenience, you can pay attention to the apartments on the ground floor, cheap business centers. There will be meetings with potential employees and customers, stored some documentation.

Great value for profitability is recruitment. You should carefully check the documentation of the future nanny, if necessary, to test and collect additional information from previous employers. This will help to avoid unpleasant situations and increase the level of the Agency, which will have a positive impact on income. Such a project can pay off in just a month and become a successful investment.

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Business idea № 13 - opening of a cleaning company
Minimum investment - 1 000 000 dollars.

Professional cleaning services have recently appeared on the market, but immediately became relevant. The new business project involves the opening of a company that professionally provides various types of cleaning and cleaning of furniture on the basis of the contract. Marketing analysis shows that the project will be more profitable when implemented in a large city.

Realization of idea

To open a clearing company, you should solve several main tasks:

rent a room that should combine the functions of the office and storage space for equipment;
buy specialized equipment for different types of cleaning and dry cleaning;
hire and train staff;
to solve the problem of transportation to the place of the order.
Of great importance is advertising, which may require the placement of ads and the creation of a single-page site. The number of services provided depends on the technical capabilities of the company, but affects the volume of orders. The profitability of many successful clearing companies ranges from 22%, which helps to recoup investments relatively quickly and get a good stable profit.

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Business idea № 14-opening of dance school
The initial investment is $ 400,000.

Dancing is an increasingly popular option for a healthy and active lifestyle. The business idea is to open a school for adults with different dance styles. The most relevant is the combination of weight loss programs and modern dances that are popular with clients of all ages.

Realization of idea

The main problem when opening-search for a spacious and comfortable room. To reduce the cost of rent, you can pay attention to the densely populated residential areas. The best option may be the Palace of culture. Small investments will require:

re-equipment and decoration of the hall, changing rooms and showers;
purchase of equipment (if necessary) and sound equipment;
search for qualified dance teachers;
active advertising at the initial stage.
To quickly recoup the investment, you can additionally provide individual lessons, dance performances for weddings or holidays. With the average price of the common lesson $ 300 individual $ 500-600, the monthly turnover of around $ 250,000. To fully justify the cost really just the year of the dance school.

Business idea № 15-hairdresser, makeup artist Services
Initial investments -100 000 dollars.

The beauty industry is booming. Professionals working in this industry can have a high income. The business idea of providing services for eyelash extensions, nails or permanent makeup becomes relevant. A good specialist will be in demand in a city with any number of population. The most optimal is the combination of several professions (eyebrow and makeup artist).

Realization of idea

You can implement your project in several ways, the choice of which depends on the amount of initial investments:

work at home or departure to the client;
rent a workplace in the existing beauty salon;
opening your own office.
The latter option is the most expensive, but it helps to create your own brand. At the initial stage it is necessary to take into account some expenses: courses of professional skill, purchase of the tool, rent and repair of the room, acquisition of materials.

With the price of eyelash extensions of $ 900, the master has a net income of $ 400. The daily amount of profit can reach $ 2000 and show high profitability of the business idea after the first weeks of work.

Business idea № 16-organization of courses (hairdresser, manicure or make-up)
The initial investment capital of $ 300,000.

The task of this business project is to open private training courses for professional hairdressers, manicure or makeup artists. Employees of these specialties are in demand, and the demand for such services is steadily increasing. Many women are getting new popular professions in private courses, changing the usual activities.

Realization of idea

The implementation of such a "training" business project will require large investments only at the initial stage. The main amount of costs will go to the article:

rent a room of at least 50 m2, which should be close to convenient transport, metro or in a busy area of the city;
purchase tools and supplies for groups;
advertising a new school.
Additional benefits can be gained from the original master classes for professionals, demonstration of new techniques and training. It is possible to offer more expensive individual training. With an average course cost of $ 25,000, a group of 10 people brings in $ 250,000 each month. Active promotion of courses, a set of several groups will help to recoup such a project with private courses in just a couple of months.

Business idea № 17 - opening of a mini-confectionery at home
The initial investment is $ 30,000.

The ability of the hostess to create sweet masterpieces for households can be turned into a profitable business project. It represents the opening of home-a mini patisserie in making exclusive cakes, cookies or cupcakes with an exclusive decoration. Great demand for custom cakes with a photo of jelly, fairy-tale characters of mastic. Despite the competition, the master with the ability to combine taste and beauty will have a lot of expensive orders. This is a great home-based business for women, which is gaining momentum both in large cities and in the province.

Realization of idea

The organization of the project at home requires certain investments:

purchase of equipment and accessories for work;
purchase of special food components;
attending courses to improve skills;
create an online store or group to receive orders and showcase decorating options.
The cost of a beautiful and delicious cake weighing 2 kg starts from 900-1000 dollars. The price depends on the ingredients and the complexity of the decor. A proven confectioner with a proven customer base performs at least 20 orders per week and can receive more than 10 thousand dollars of net income for the same period.

Business idea № 18 - opening of a Studio for tailoring and repair of clothes
Initial investments – 420 000 dollars.

Original models of clothes are always in demand among ladies with non-standard forms. The basis of the business idea is the opening of a Studio that provides services for tailoring and repair of different types of clothing. Most of the income falls on the alterations and minor repairs, fit models on the figure.

Realization of idea

To implement the selected business project, the owner will need:

register the company and get the documents;
rent a room for Studio;
purchase necessary sewing equipment for many operations;
choose qualified personnel;
organize an active advertising campaign in different ways.
The premises should be selected in a busy part of the city to ensure the influx of customers from shopping centers, fashion stores. Suitable non-residential premises on the ground floor, which overlooks the street with good traffic.

The payback of the Studio depends entirely on the volume of orders and the average amount in the check. If most of the work falls on minor repairs, the profitability is not more than 12-15%. With an increase in orders for tailoring, the payback may be less than a year.

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Business idea № 19-opening of a nail salon
The initial investment is $ 500,000.

The opening of the salon for the provision of manicure and pedicure services can be a profitable and interesting business project. This type of activity is in high demand due to the emergence of new technologies of decoration and nail care. The opening of such a salon with affordable prices can bring a good income to its owner.

Realization of idea

Good location for a nail salon-the Central part of the city. You can rent a room in a multi-storey building (converted apartments on the first floors), in shopping centers or office complexes. In addition to solving the issue with the area for the salon is necessary:

carry out repairs and decoration to create an atmosphere in the cabin;
choose qualified staff or offer a professional master sublease of the workplace;
purchase furniture for clients and procedures;
think over and organize an active advertising campaign.
Profitability completely depends on level of professionalism of masters of salon, the prices of their services and volume of the performed services. Many of these projects show a return on investment within the first year of operation with the active and is carrying out various campaigns for our clients.

Business idea № 20 — Open office waxing
Initial investment in the project-200 000 dollars.

Depilation refers to cosmetic procedures for hair removal, so the opening of the office does not require medical education and licensing. The business idea is the organization of the workplace for the provision of hair removal services in different ways. The most popular sugaring based on safe sugar paste.

Realization of idea

The main point when creating an office is the choice of premises for work. Suitable rented apartment in a multi-storey building or a room in an existing beauty salon. In any case, you should consider a convenient location for customers relative to transport. Other items of expenditure are:

repair and decoration of the office;
purchase of special furniture or its production to order;
purchase of consumable cosmetic materials;
advertising in several ways;
professional development at master classes.
The business will begin to pay off in a few months of active advertising and work. The average amount of income of an experienced master reaches 30 000 dollars every month.

Business idea # 21-SPA opening
What business to open a woman

Initial investment-from 1 000 000 dollars.

Professional body and skin care is very popular. The opening of the salon, which provides such services by real experts, can be a very profitable business project. Competition among SPAS is low, and the demand is constantly growing. Different types of massages, treatments with oils and wraps like women of different ages.

Realization of idea

Before opening, it is necessary to carefully study the regional legislation, to obtain a license for some types of procedures, if necessary. A large amount of initial investment will be spent by the owner on:

purchase of equipment and tools, order of professional furniture for work;
carrying out high-quality repairs and interior decoration;
training of employees in new methods of work;
active advertising campaign.
The most inexpensive option will be a room in the Central areas of the city, which will be located near the fitness center or in large shopping malls. Given the high cost of the first stage, the SPA will fully pay off no earlier than 12-18 months. To attract customers and enhance your income possible holding of shares and the sale of exclusive cosmetics.

Business idea № 22-opening of a hairdressing salon
The initial investment in the project is $ 300,000.

Hairdresser can be a profitable and interesting business project, which will be relevant even in a small town. Given the high percentage of competition, you should focus on the popular treatments and hair coloring, select qualified masters. A skilled hairdresser is able to attract many customers through reviews and make the salon popular.

Realization of idea

The main task is to find the hall, which should have all the communications and a good location. Can come non-converted apartment. Ideally, if the" neighbors " will be famous shops or supermarkets, sports club for women. After registration of salon and purchase of necessary furniture, it is necessary to decide on the personnel. The most popular options are now:

full registration in staff and payment 50/50 (piece payment);
delivery of the workplace to the hairdresser under the sublease agreement.
In the latter case, the amount becomes fixed regardless of revenue. Analysis of such salons shows payback no earlier than a year with an active advertising campaign. The average monthly profit of the Barber shop for 5-6 jobs may well be from 150 000 dollars.

Business idea № 23-opening of the Solarium
Initial investment in the project is $ 500,000.

Among the business ideas related to the industry of beauty and body care, you can distinguish artificial tan. The basis of this project is the equipment of a small salon, the specialization of which will be the provision of Solarium services. The best place to open will be large cities with a small number of warm and Sunny days.

Realization of idea
A special difficulty is the selection of premises for work. A good and profitable option is cooperation with beauty salons, sports clubs or shopping malls. It is necessary to focus on young women who will be the main clients of the new Solarium.

To get started, you should buy equipment and furniture for staff, vertical and horizontal Solarium, create a comfortable environment with the help of decoration. Additional income can give the sale of cosmetics for body care, which is relevant after a pleasant procedure.

With active advertising and reasonable prices, the project will be able to bring a good income in a few weeks of work. Promotions and discounts for regular customers will only increase the flow of customers. But a full return on investment should not be expected quickly: the optimal period is 10-12 months.

Business idea № 24 — Open a massage parlor
Investments at the opening stage – 400 000 dollars.

Services of an experienced massage therapist are always in demand. In addition to therapeutic massage, more and more clients resort to its cosmetic options. This is an ideal way to relax and improve the contours of the body. The opening of the salon can be a great business and investment of free funds.

Realization of idea

It is better to organize the work of a massage room on the basis of a sports hall or a beauty salon. It is necessary to choose a small but warm room, which is located near the bus shelters. To open the project for 2 jobs will be required:

purchase special tables, couches and furniture for customers;
organize a convenient place of work for the administrator;
buy consumable cosmetics, towels and linen;
develop an advertising campaign.
Most massage parlors in large cities show a stable profitability of 20-30%. The average term of full return on investment depends on many factors and can reach from 4 to 12 months.  For a month of work with a load of 70% one salon may well bring net income in the amount of 80 000 dollars.

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Business idea № 25-opening of a beauty salon
The initial investment is $ 500,000.

High and stable demand for almost all services in the beauty industry. Opening a new salon with a large number of servants and modern equipment can be a very profitable business project. The most popular are beauty salons, offering customers comprehensive care and services of different masters.

Realization of idea

The choice of premises is an important component of the new project. It should have all the necessary communications and be located in a busy place near transport stops. You can pay attention to non-residential apartments on the first floor or the area in the office centers. The main costs will be divided into several items:

repair and decoration of premises;
purchase or manufacture of special furniture for craftsmen and visitors;
purchase of various equipment, cosmetics and accessories;
the development of a "bright" advertising campaign, the creation of the website.
The success of the salon depends on the skill of its staff. After the first few months of work to zero, a "beautiful" business project can consistently bring the owner from $ 100,000 per month.

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Business idea № 26-Flower shop
The initial investment is $ 200,000.

Stable demand for fresh flowers and houseplants makes business projects for their implementation quite profitable. The opening of a shop offering a wide range of flowers in bouquets or pots can be successful. Such a store can become an ideal project for an active business woman and does not require huge initial investments.

Realization of idea

Pick up the room is necessary in a busy area, near offices, wedding Palace or a major traffic intersection. It should have all the conditions for storage and placement of "tender" goods. To have a large flow of customers, you can include in the range:

fresh cut or potted flowers;
various accessories, pots for home or outdoor plants;
seeds and seedlings;
services for packaging of gifts and bouquets.
The main costs will fall on the lease of the store, repair and purchase of the first batches of goods. The standard margin for different types of plants and flowers reaches 200%, and brings a good profit. The project will easily pay off after the first active sales. Do not forget about advertising, discounts for regular customers and interesting promotions that will bring popularity to the store.

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Business idea № 27 - opening of a creative Studio for children
Initial investment – $ 200,000.

Creative Studio for children is a great business idea for mothers on maternity leave. Many shopping centers increase the flow of customers and profits by placing modern creative centers for children on their territory. The creation of such a business project can bring a good income and pay off quickly. It assumes the equipment of the safe room for creative and active occupations of children of different age.

Realization of idea

The best option would be to place a creative Studio in large shopping malls or Central area. The proximity of a stop or metro station is also important for parents. Before making the necessary documents it is necessary to solve an important organizational issue: to work under the franchise agreement or to open the project independently.

The organization of the creative process requires a certain investment:

repair and decoration of the room in accordance with safety standards;
purchase of necessary tools and materials for different types of work;
salary for experienced and qualified teachers.
Is an active and interesting exterior design will draw young visitors. The first months of the creative Studio will work without profit, but quickly return the money invested in it.

Now you know how to do business decree. But that's not all!

Business idea № 28 - opening of speech therapy Studio for children
Initial investment – $ 200,000.

The services of various children's development studios are relevant and in demand. To stand out from the like, you can work in one specific direction or with a certain technique. Given the popularity and the need for speech therapy services, a good business project will be a specialized speech therapy Studio. It can combine entertaining and educational activities. This is a good business idea exclusively for women.

Realization of idea

The opening of such a Studio does not require special licenses and constant investments of funds. The main costs are necessary at the initial stage:

rent and repair of premises for class;
purchase of furniture for training halls and game sets;
making a waiting area for parents;
purchase of necessary educational and creative materials;
remuneration of teachers.
Active advertising on the Internet and posting ads near children's educational institutions will attract the first customers. With an average cost of one hour class in the $ 100-150 such a Studio can bring a day from $ 6,000. Income can be increased through individual classes, more groups and the creation of areas with different innovative techniques.

Business idea № 29 - opening of the hand-made project
Initial investment – $ 100,000.

The demand for hand-made products and clothing remains consistently high. For women who have a certain talent, a good option can be a business project for the production and implementation of things hand-made. In addition to knitting and embroidery, are very popular cards and sewing toys, jewelry and jewelry.

Realization of idea

A modern hand-made project can be implemented in two different ways:

to produce and sell only their own products and the products (via online store or paying for the implementation of);
open a specialized store selling products of different creative directions from several masters (macrame, knitting, quilling or felting).
In the first case, you can limit yourself to an inexpensive site. Additional income and reduced costs will give cooperation with other masters. The profitability of the project will depend entirely on the prices for handmade products. Most often, the margin is 100-150%. It should take into account the material and indirect costs, taxes and payment of advertising store or site wizard.

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Business idea # 30-women's franchise Business
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